A Growing Darkness achievement in Marvel's Midnight Suns

A Growing Darkness

Reach maximum Dark Balance.

A Growing Darkness-12.4
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How to unlock the A Growing Darkness achievement

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    21 Dec 2022 17 Dec 2022 17 Dec 2022
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    I would recommend that during your regular playthrough you focus on picking light options in dialogue and using light cards in your deck. IMO the dark cards are better, and it will be easier to farm the dark points you will need at the end of the game.

    Difficulty does not affect anything meaningful in this game, so feel free to play on story for slightly easier battles.

    Throughout the game there will be dialogue choices that have either a white or black circle near them, picking a choice with the white circle will give you 1 point of light and picking the dark circle will give you 1 point of dark. Pick one of them and stick with it the entire game, if you go back and forth it will make the grind at the end more annoying.

    Another way to earn light and dark points is by playing cards of that type. At the bottom of some of the hunters cards there will be a white or black circle (you can also click more info and it will state at the top whether it is light or dark). Using 4 of these cards in one battle will give you 1 point towards light/dark, with a maximum of 2 points per battle.

    Upon reaching 200 points of light/dark, you should start picking the other option. By the time I was at the end of the game, I had the light achievement and had JUST made it back to neutral. If you are still like 50ish points away from neutral, it would probably be faster to start new game+, which will reset your light/dark balance, but you will not carry over a lot of things like cards unlocked, but you will be able to pick all the dialogue choices again.

    If you are close to neutral, or have even made progress to the opposite affinity, you will want to do the T.H.R.E.A.T. room with hunter every day. You can easily play 8 cards in turn 1, and you can have a card that gives you conceal to end your turn so you dont have to bother killing everything. Just make sure you play 8 of the matching affinity cards in each battle. I did dark as my second affinity and the ability Last Sight has conceal on KO, which was nice.

    I usually picked a "defeat nest mother" mission for the daily mission, as i could win on turn 1 most of the time, but i always tried to play at least 4 affinity cards for the extra point. Also, make sure you check any heros that have a map marker on them, as you may get conversations for extra affinity points as well. This is really the only grindy achievement in the game, and its not too bad once you understand how playing cards earn you affinity points.

    The hunter deck I used was:
    Last Sight
    Wild Strike x2
    Mindbender x2, exhaust helps the T.H.R.E.A.T. room be a little faster
    All Out x2

    Getting ability mods like Extra Heroism Generated, Quick, Reduced Heroism Cost, Draw Hunter Ability, and Extra Damage to Full Health Target (any of these with +100% offense can be nice) can help speed up battles in general.
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    SchaafyI think its just buggy no matter what right now, a few people have said the final achievement isn't unlocking for them, and mine looks like it will be glitched as well, it shows 96% with just one more achievement to get. When I get around to finishing the dark grind, I'll confirm this theory though since I'm doing it on the same save as every other achievement.

    EDIT: Can confirm, even doing everything on one save file my Big Game Hunter failed to unlock. Just gotta wait on a fix I suppose.
    Posted by Schaafy On 21 Dec 22 at 17:27
    MulticronXIf you popped an achievement and accidentally loaded an earlier save, this will also void the all achievements achievement.
    Posted by MulticronX On 23 Dec 22 at 22:33
    Schaafydefinitely didnt and that shouldnt matter, as if the achievement is properly programmed it should be reading how many achievements you have on your profile, not from a save file. It still baffles me how often they fail to program the "plat" achievement though.
    Posted by Schaafy On 24 Dec 22 at 01:22
    MikeProcuratorYou would think after 10 years they could figure it out, I get Xbox doesn’t want to copy the platinum trophy thing, but at this point they should, so devs can Implement it correctly
    Posted by MikeProcurator On 01 Jan at 04:17
    TheMarkJohnsonFor anyone grinding this out like I am without NG+: you can also soak at the grotto during a New Moon for an extra dark point, or soak during a Full Moon for an extra light point. The moon cycle is four nights, so you can get a free point once every four missions.
    Posted by TheMarkJohnson On 13 Jan at 14:47
    InconSteveableIf you're grinding in the THREAT room, you can just play eight dark cards then pause and choose "Return to Abbey." You still get credit for the card plays.
    Posted by InconSteveable On 23 Jan at 23:23
    MulticronXInconsteveable, if you do this can you immediately repeat or no?
    Posted by MulticronX On 26 Jan at 19:54
    InconSteveableNo, it's still one per day.
    Posted by InconSteveable On 27 Jan at 03:56
    BARTLEBEEI just completed this PRIOR to talking to Caretaker for the final mission. HOWEVER, before you depart for the final mission, you are given the opportunity to talk to all heroes. I was given the opportunity to earn +7 light/dark points amongst all dialogue, so theoretically, you only need to grind to 193/200 points, then you can mop up the rest through this dialogue, heading into the final mission. Might save you 15-30 minutes or so in grinding.
    Posted by BARTLEBEE On 27 Jan at 17:03
    BARTLEBEEI also recommend for anyone JUST starting the game (and looking at these morality achievements), to mix one THREAT mission in between each other mission, throughout your playthrough, to cut down on the end-game grinding. You may not be able to from the get go, as you won't have (m)any light or dark cards, but once you do, start grinding THREAT asap.
    Posted by BARTLEBEE On 27 Jan at 17:05
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