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Pandora-dog Millionaire

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  • MstrofdashadowsMstrofdashadows168,001
    22 Oct 2009 22 Oct 2009 09 Dec 2010
    82 0 7
    This achievement is accumulative you do not need to have $1,000,000 with you. To find out how much you have earned you can press back, go to quest tab and press Y till you see challenges. It is within that list called "the rich get richer" (going off of memory).

    The fastest way to get money is to always check mailboxes, cartons, anything with a green light on it. also enemies drop a lot of money. to simplify picking up items hold X to pick up all items with in range.
    Now that the game has been out for more than a year there are much easier ways to get this achievement for example most new weapons are worth 9,999,999. Join anyones game and a 1,000,000+ weapon should drop soon enough, join a friend, have someone duplicate their weapons for you.
  • Darksky602Darksky602115,391
    26 Oct 2009 31 Oct 2009
    45 0 8
    For those who have had this achievement glitched...

    My pandora dog millionare glitched and I was ticked until I just went splitscreen with a second controller and gamer profile. Transferred 1 million in items to it and saved. Then created a new character under the gamertag I wanted the achievement for and splitscreen again and transferred the 1 million in items to that new clean character. Played off xboxlive by myself and sold the 20 extra junk items I had for a million and the achievement went off. Took about 10-15 mins. Better than another play through....
  • B8TINGUB8TINGU531,872
    22 Nov 2009 22 Nov 2009
    38 1 0
    This game, as everyone knows by now is very glitchy. If you do not get this your first play thru try another play thru. I found that I had over 3 million dollars cumulativly and had not got the achievement, but the moment I got 1 million dollars on hand the achievement poped. Pretty much a luck of the draw achievement just as many of the others. I think if you have not gotten this with all the stated solutions here, (which are all good) your just going to have to keep re-playing the game until you get it. So I hope for your sake you really like this game!
  • 37 2 6
    Like a few achievements in this game, "Pandora-dog Millionaire" is no different and is glitched. If you've played through once and already don't have the achievement, cut your losses and create a Hunter if you've not already.

    When leveling the character, place points into your Hawk's skills...Notably Swipe, Ransack, and Bird of Prey. Everything else is up to you, but I'd suggest your other skill points be placed into skills allowing you to throw your hawk more frequently.

    Lastly, I highly suggest finding a class mod with + to the skills "Team Scavenge", "Swipe", "Ransack", and "Out for Blood". It'll make mobs drop even more items, and make killing said mobs much simpler. Giving your hawk a high-level artifact when available is also recommended (Corrosion(Acid Wing) or Explosive(Explosive Wing) are my suggestions).

    If you continue to use your hawk in this manner, maximizing the number of drops per mob, you'll accumulate the million dollars needed in very little time. Likely time to completion, level 30.

    Also, joining groups online of 3 other players will increase the value of item drops. You'll get a smaller chunk of cash, but it may be worthwhile to try this since guns' values dwarf dropped cash amounts. While in groups, have any Sirens equip cool-down reducing class mods.

    Just keep at it, and hopefully Valve will fix the glitch, or this time around you'll luck out with an un-glitched achievement.

    ***Note*** This method is far-faster than searching lock boxes for cash. It almost makes the "normal" method seem like a waste of time as each mob will be easily dropping 4-5 piles of cash and notable amounts of ammunition.
  • frogforcefrogforce34,150
    30 Oct 2009 01 Nov 2009
    33 0 0
    This achievment is pretty easy unless you've been unlucky enough to have it glitched, just keep playing though the game and try and play all the side quests, you will pick up money alot from enemies but if you can try and pick up valuable weapons even if you don't want to use them, you can sell them when you retern to a vendor. I got this acheivment on my first playthrough just before the rack hive, playing in co-op probably aslo helps.
  • L33tSpriggsL33tSpriggs41,537
    01 Nov 2009 02 Nov 2009
    33 1 1
    Another alternative way to get the achievement is when you get to new haven. In New haven there are around 5 Wepon crates that respawn whn you save and reload. Simply go to each weapon crate, sell the weapons, save, load your game, rinse and repeat. After a while, depending on how much money you have already you will get it.
    A list of all the New Haven weapon crates can be found here:
  • ThePr0digalS0nThePr0digalS0n183,432
    01 Oct 2010 19 Apr 2010
    28 0 0
    There is easy to get if you already have a friend that has beaten the game with the General Knoxx DLC. If they have their guns will be major bad@$$ and what you have to do is you host a private game, your friend comes in and drops all his weapons and then you kick him, and then re-invite him. When he comes back he will still have his weapons and you can sell the ones he drop, just keep doing this until you get the achievement.

    If you dont have such a friend it will just take time im sorry, you will just have to wait.
  • xGunna 94xxGunna 94x336,821
    05 Jan 2010 05 Jul 2010
    27 0 0
    The best place to find money is to go to old haven. These monsters drop lots of good things that you should sell at the shops.(There is one near the waypoint) If you still have not done it after you finish the game, which is unlikely, Then load up the second playthrough and go to old haven. now each of the guns they drop is around 100,000+
  • Neko PounceNeko Pounce136,555
    24 Oct 2009 24 Oct 2009
    28 12 0
    Another way is if your a beserker there is a skill wich gives you a chances that you get a money bonus when in beserk mode.
  • I Highway II Highway I296,973
    23 Feb 2012 07 Mar 2012
    12 0 0
    To do this fast just own the Knoxx dlc then verse the crawmerax with 3 other people online most likely they'll have some good guns so killing him will be easy just stay at the elevator and Dont go up until you know Hes dead then go up and take any gun that has 1000000 and sell it then the achievement is yours ( join in at a lower lvl for easier experience)
  • StarSnapshotStarSnapshot160,561
    31 Dec 2010 15 Apr 2011
    15 4 0
    This achievement isn't all that difficult. There is an achievement in the Secret Armory DLC that requres you to have 8 million;

    You can still spend all your cash, it is accumulative. Just play through the game, collecting and selling weapons as you please.

    If you don't recieve it in P1, then playthrough 2 will definetly supply enough high-end guns for it.

    Also, do the claptrap side quests. More space - More guns to sell.
  • PuritanSoulPuritanSoul692,933
    17 Sep 2013 19 Sep 2013
    9 1 0
    Assuming you are going for the achievements to complete all missions in the Arid Badlands and New Haven, this will give you a good start towards this achievement via the cash on completion of each mission.

    Thereafter the way I got this was to find all the claptraps to increase your backpack size and then pick up and sell all weapons and shields you get from dead enemies.

    The best place I found to accumulate this was in Old Haven. Most of the shock troops drop shields and weapons, and you can easily rack up 100,000 credits in about 30 mins.
  • CandidFever3CandidFever3301,525
    27 Aug 2016 09 Oct 2016
    8 1 0
    This achievement is accumulative. To check it, press cn_back, go to the quest tab, and scroll down the The Rich the Richer. Always check any boxes with green lights for money. Over the course of the game you'll also get some money from completing quests and looting enemies and bosses. You'll acquire a lot of extra weapons, shields and other gear if you pick up everything you find throughout the game. You can sell these at a gun store for lots of money, which also counts towards the Fence achievement. At the later parts of the game, you can get a lot of credits by selling things, as most of your items will be high quality ones. If you play the game normally and do all of this, you should have around 800,000 dollars after you defeat the Destroyer. If you talk to Tannis and complete the quest, she gives you a very large amount of money automatically. This is how I got the achievement.
    16 Jan 2010 09 Jun 2018
    4 1 0
    This is fully cumulative, counting all money you have ever had, so don't worry about saving. If you sell all green or better items you can unlock this fast. The end-game bosses also drop a ton of cash, so farm them if you are short.
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