Careful, He Bites achievement in Borderlands

Careful, He Bites

Kill 15 enemies with the Hunter's action skill

Careful, He Bites0
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This achievement may unlock after the requirements are met or not at all.

How to unlock the Careful, He Bites achievement

  • EvilNinjaZombieEvilNinjaZombie168,375
    21 Oct 2009 22 Oct 2009 13 Nov 2009
    74 1 9
    You have to be the sniper to get this achievement.

    When you press LB, he will throw Bloodwing (a little angry bird) to attack.I was about level 10 when I got this.

    All you got to do is throw him at the Skag pups at the beginning of the game 15 times and it should pop up.

    Edit: I've been told that this achievement is bugged.You may have to start a new character to get it. Credit to Sly SGM for the heads up on that.

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    Lloyd Bangsthis didnt happen to me when i played this on the release :)
    Posted by Lloyd Bangs on 12 Aug 11 at 16:01
    auvryndrarThis achievement isn't bugged any more. As well, if you don't want to wait, you can quit and re-enter to avoid the minute wait for the ability cooldown as you come back in with your ability refreshed.
    Posted by auvryndrar on 24 Oct 11 at 19:41
    NoobgamerValboit doesnt seem to be bugged.
    you get it at level 5 not 10.
    i pointed at the skag made sure i could see the name and healtbar and pressed lb was far enough away for the others not to see me, so just waited for it to cool down. and after 15 i got it
    Posted by NoobgamerValbo on 28 Oct 13 at 21:17
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  • KaorenKaoren90,590
    19 Nov 2009 19 Nov 2009 23 Nov 2009
    48 0 1
    If this achievement doesn't unlock, do not start a new character. I've done it 5 or 6 times and still it didn't unlock.

    Instead, join an online game hosted by a hunter who has already unlocked this achievement. This doesn't work if you're invited by a friend, you must find someone by yourself who has created an online game. Check their gamercard using Y in the lobby, you'll see the host's class and wether he has the achievement or not.

    Then kill an enemy with Sanguine. Enjoy your achievement.

    While it seems very weird, this technique worked for me, and many more people.
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    WicelowWorked for me. Thanks a lot !!
    Posted by Wicelow on 07 Dec 09 at 17:45
  • PiddleskinsPiddleskins42,235
    07 Dec 2009 10 Dec 2009
    45 1 0
    If you are starting a new character especially to get this achievement and want to get it as fast as possible, make sure you open all the cash boxes & smash open the piles of dirt etc. You get an experience bonus for opening 50 which will get you to level 5 A LOT quicker.

    Then just hang around the first area & kill stuff!
  • totem72totem7271,027
    27 Nov 2010 12 Dec 2010
    53 13 12
    Dans la version française du jeu, le succès est bloqué, pour y remédier, changez dans les paramètres de la console, la langue, mettez la en anglais et ensuite tuez vos 15 ennemis, après avoir obtenu le succès, remettez votre console en Français.
  • YemethYemeth256,088
    23 Aug 2011 23 Aug 2011
    33 0 0
    An alternate way to do this for any of the characters' achievements exists if you feel it is better for you.

    Take your high level 1st playthrough character, preferably no less than level 30, towards the end of the game's progress.

    Choose Xbox Live from the main menu to search for co-op games. Make sure your high level character is selected. Now search for Custom Games. Find a game that looks like the players currently in it are in some action.

    As soon as the game loads and you are waiting in the lobby, make sure you do NOT ready up yet. Go to Select Character, now choose the new character you need the achievement for and ready up to spawn in the game.

    The way the game upscales xp will be so that a 1 or 2 kills your team mates do will knock you up quite a few levels in really quick. You will reach level 5 through the work of your team mates and unlock your ability.

    Now take that newly ranked up character and start a single player game.

    Kill all the bandits through the way to Zed's Clinic with your ability.

    You should get this achievement once you start killing the 4 or so bandits that ambush you when claptrap gets shot through the gate and needs repairing.
  • ShaunMichaels83ShaunMichaels8384,310 84,310 GamerScore
    25 Jan 2010 27 Jan 2010
    30 7 0
    I was able to get this achievement by making a whole new character file, getting him to level 5 and using the Sanguine after meleeing Skags to very little health. Achievement popped up no problem.
  • AmendocremAmendocrem29,483
    22 Apr 2011 23 Apr 2011
    22 12 0

    first of all,start a local split-screen game with your main character and plug the 2nd controller with the character that you want the achievement.
    Then travel to eridian promontory,leave the 2nd controller somewhere and kill some guardians until your character level up to 5,probably some 3 or 4 guardians will make the 2nd character level up until get the action skill.
    After that,travel to firestone,shoot some skags,but DO NOT kill them,leave a few amount of HP left and then keep hitting LB until the achievement pop.
    18 Jan 2010 09 Jun 2018
    9 1 0
    Pick the hunter class, and reach level five to unlock your action skill. The hunter's action skill launches a bird at enemies. The bird deals significant, but not overwhelming damage, and has a cool down of about a minute. Find 15 weak or injured enemies, and hit them with your bird to unlock the achievement.
  • YeahimadoptedYeahimadopted27,947
    08 Nov 2009
    4 4 0
    There is a glitch for this achievement were if your playing as the sniper you once you get bloodwing if you look down and hit LB over and over he keeps on coming and then he can go attack people and you can just use it right infront of a bunch of Skag pups and kill them all

    This worked for me and my cousin on November 7th
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