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How to unlock the Blight-Queller achievement

  • Danny Dubs 86Danny Dubs 861,210,490
    15 Nov 2009 15 Nov 2009
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    As the others have mentioned, this is a cumulative achievement, meaning that the game counts all your darkspawn kills across all your playthroughs. More importantly, though, it also keeps track of all your darkspawn kills that were not saved - if you kill 10 darkspawn and die, needing to reload an earlier save, the game will keep track of those kills. In fact, I managed to get this achievement in a single playthrough when my 'Heroic Accomplishments' menu claimed that I had only killed about 850 darkspawn.

    The trick, then, is to have a save file right before a big group of darkspawn. During the Final Battle, there are several places with 30-50 darkspawn. If you set the difficulty to 'Casual,' these guys can be taken down in a matter of minutes, netting a decent number of kills in a short period of time.

    So, the best way to nab this achievement is probably to play the game normally up until you get the Final Battle quest and then create a new save file at the beginning of one of the areas with a bunch of waves of darkspawn. I think the Alienage is the best, although Defend the Gates and the Palace District would probably work, too. Then, just kill all the darkspawn and reload until the achievement pops.

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    Lyco499Something is off for me. I've played after the Landsmeet 5 times. Once because I played through the game back on the 360 and lost my save, and 4 times because I replayed and then save-scummed to get the achievement for experiencing all the different endings. I'm playing Awakening right now and my Heroin Achievements shows 1045 Darkspawn Kills. No Achievement.
    Posted by Lyco499 on 21 Jun 17 at 22:48
    NicoleRenee00Pretty late to the party, but I figured I would comment on this bug that everyone is having. Bioware has spoken out about it already.

    You DO NOT have to clear your cash, delete DLC, or anything else for that matter to get this achievement. This achievement is actually working how it's suppose to.

    Originally, the achievement worked so that all Darkspawn kills counted to your total. That is no longer the case when the game had a new patch. Now, your kills will only count if you took down the enemy yourself, not your party members.

    This means that the count total in your menu will always be incorrect and total more than you actually have.

    You must get all the kills as the controlled character in order for them to count towards the achievement. This means you can still switch party members to get the kill, but any Darkspawn that they kill without you being in control will not count.

    Besides that, everything else works fine. The achievement still counts across playthroughs and saves. Just be aware that you must be the one to kill them.

    A good tip for this is to turn on "hold position" in the tactics menu, so that your party members won't attack the kills you need. Most every method up here works, so feel free to try the Alienage and other locations. Hope this helps!
    Posted by NicoleRenee00 on 02 Jul 18 at 18:04
    Lord Nazulestill works thanks
    Posted by Lord Nazule on 09 Jun 19 at 01:01
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  • PtPt452,729
    26 Feb 2011 26 Feb 2011 06 Mar 2017
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    Many have already found solutions for achievement, but details themselves seem to be all over the place. I will confrim my method of earning this achievement, including savegame strategy, as I do NOT think it is bugged.

    I have the latest patch (as of the writing of this guide) and alll DLC installed. I did not uninstall the patch, clear cache, or transfer my saves to another Xbox 360 as some other sources have suggested.

    As many others have pointed out, I can confirm my opinion that this counts for MAIN character kills only, while the main character is under your direct control. I do not believe that it counts other characters' kills while under your direct control. I also believe that this counts only for ONE playthrough, and not across all playthroughs. Simply put, your character must kill 1,000 darkspawn, by him/herself, in one playhthrough beginning to end.

    My process and Savegame strategy:
    Begin the final fight for Denerim after the march from Redcliffe. Eliminate Darkspawn at the gates and choose your party. I chose Allistair, Oghren, and Morrigan. I headed first to the Elven Alienage and immediately saved my game (overwriting a savegame previously used by this character.) Begin dialog with the elf, and nearly immediately it will auto-save. I held my party back while I went to work on the darkspwan with my main character.

    There are sources that indicate that the quest line, started from the elf before the auto-save, must be completed before darkspawn are counted. I do not know if this is true as I did not test it specifically, but I completed the elf quest by speaking to Shianni at the tree after all darkspawn in the alienage were eliminated. After speaking to Shianni, I saved my game by overwriting a previous save, keeping the original Alienage save intact.

    After saving the game, I loaded the AUTOSAVE to continue the Alienage from the beginning since there is no autosave after the darkspawn are eliminated from this area, nor is an autosave kicked off after speaking to Shianni. After eliminating darkspawn, the general, and speaking to Shianni a second time (a second full playthrough of the Elven Alienage from loading the autosave,) I saved the game again by overwriting a different, previous savegame.

    By this time, there are four saves that I am keeping track of. As far as I can tell, the actuall savegame number doesn't hold any special meaning, so I'll use it to illustrate. Assume that all 20 slots are in use from previous saves throughout the game:
    Elven Alienage (10) -- the end of 2nd playthrough of Alienage
    Elven Alienage (9) -- the end of 1st playthrough of Alienage
    Auto Save (1) -- the autosave from the beginning of Alienage
    Elven Alienage (8) -- the beginning of the 1st Alienage

    I simply alternated saves between (9) and (10) above at the end of each run.
    Save 8 was never truly needed again, but I kept in in case I needed to go back just before the autosave was kicked off, or if I progressed too far on the bridge to kill darkspawn which would start the cutscene and kick off a new autosave.

    Blight-queller unlocked as I killed the last darkspawn in the Alienage after about a dozen runs.

    **other notes:
    When first attempting this method, I chose Allistair, Morrigan, and Wynne as my party. Each Alienage run would crash after about two minutes of play. Some sources have observed this and indicated that too many darkspawn were spawning in the area, causing the game and the Xbox 360 to crash. I did observe the crashing, but may have identified the source: Wynne casting haste as a tactic.

    Throughout the game, I had Wynne casting haste as a 'self > any' tactic throughout much of the game and didn't see a crash. It began happening regularly at the Alienage, and I noticed on two occasions Wynne, on screen, in the exact same spellcasting pose as the game froze and the Xbox 360 become unresponsive. I narrowed it down to this tactic. I then reloaded the game at the March to Denerim, chose my party omitting her, and continued as indicated in the guide above.

    Edit, 9/5/13: According to PuckJunkie in the comments below, there may have been a patch that removes the requirement that the MAIN character must make the kills. Other members in your party *while under your control* may also count kills toward the total. Secondary confirmation is appreciated, and I can update this solution guide if made - I have not tested it personally.

    Edit, 3/6/17 (Six years later!!): Thanks to GrimmLAN13 for confirming that this solution still works in the back compat version on Xbox One!!
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    PtNice! Glad to see that it's still working, eight years later!!
    Posted by Pt on 11 Feb 19 at 17:57
    Crushem400Finally! After starting this game 10 YEARS ago...I've finally taken the time to complete it! Thanks for the help on this last achievement!
    Posted by Crushem400 on 04 Dec 19 at 06:51
    PtWow, nice! Congrats!
    Posted by Pt on 04 Dec 19 at 15:51
  • skymadeofglassskymadeofglass173,132
    08 Oct 2010 08 Oct 2010 02 Mar 2011
    33 5 9
    Kill 1000 darkspawn for this achievement. While this is supposed to be a cumulative achievement across all playthroughs, it can be buggy so it's unclear what is exactly needed for it to unlock and whether all playthroughs actually count.

    If you're having trouble and own the Awakening expansion, one solution is to make your companions hold at the start of the the quest to save the Keep [You can't do this if you decide to save Amarantine] and go to the front gate alone. As long as you are alone in this area infinite darkspawn will spawn here. Therefore it's just a case of killing until the achievement pops.

    There are other suggestions such as playing offline and making sure you do not have the latest updates, but I used the Keep solution so it's the only one I can vouch for.
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    Solobrus2201/02-2015 still works with all updates. i didn't get the infinite amount of enemies.. but i loaded save before the battle.. did the vigil-keep battle solo, then loaded the save again.
    Important: If you're doing it in the DLC.. it ONLY count the kills in that DLC, not the kills from the main game.
    Posted by Solobrus22 on 02 Jan 15 at 22:42
    Winters z99Thanks man, It still works. I haven't got infinite enemies. One advice, don't kill the ogre in armor ! As long as he is alive, darkspawn will always coming.
    Posted by Winters z99 on 17 Feb 15 at 01:45
    Crusader4ReasonI got the achievement (both darkspawn kill achievements, actually) using this method. I too, couldn't get an infinite spawn, but I did stretch out the spawns as long as I could with my Mage by avoiding every priority target that appears at each objective point except the one for killing The Childers at the East Wall, since there's seeming very brief spawning there compared to the gates and the finale up at the keep with the Armored Ogre. The achievement popped both after only two reloads after the initial time I cleared the entire attack on the Vigil, just 14 kills into a third run-through.

    I just thought I'd post my experience. The kills were definitely not cumulative across my different characters as I made it all the way through all the DLCs involving my first character doing everything possible without even getting Master Warden for 500 kills. On a second character, I went to every area a second time, and I still didn't pop the Master Warden yet again playing Origins, and I was a Mage, so I did most of the killing in that game. I also have a third character 2/3rds through the game again and he hasn't gotten the achievements either.

    I didn't keep track of how many darkspawn kills my character had before I got to the climax, but I did farm 170 with my main character in random encounters for money and it still took another 253 darkspawn kills on the game party counter before I even got the Master Warden for 500 darkspawn kills. My guess based off that data is that it reset my character's kill counter when she made it to Awakening since I didn't hold back my teammates until the farm for 170 and the push to 1000, so they must've limited my total to 77 kills in Awakening.

    And I did not do all 1000 kills in one sitting.

    After trying the Awakening method, I'd say the Alienage method is better--both times I was at the Alienage, the kills seem to come much faster than in this solution, but I'm still only giving an upvote to this solution since I can't vouch for certain that the Alienage method would've worked for me.

    My thanks for this solution though--this is the best situation to farm darkspawn kills in Awakening, and I'm happy to finally have gotten both achievements this way.

    I hope this helps anyone else who didn't get the achievement in Origins and Awakening cumulatively across characters.
    Posted by Crusader4Reason on 16 Mar 15 at 17:18
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