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DeSoto Dominator

Win every upgrade for your car, and claim the Uber Mystery Upgrade.

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How to unlock the DeSoto Dominator achievement

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    18 Oct 2009 10 Jan 2012
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    To get every upgrade for the DeSoto you need to complete driving minigames that appear in Episodes 1, 2, 3, and 5. The minigame is started by talking to the C.O.P.S. in the garage, which is the furthest right building on Straight Street.

    To claim the upgrades you need to complete each minigame in three rounds of increasing difficulty and also drive over or shoot some special items that appear in the stages. Here is a checklist and short description of what you will need to do:

    - redjarman has a good tip in the comments. After you get each decal, be sure to save the game manually - do not rely on the autosave. When you have all the decals in a Chapter be sure to manually save again.

    Episode 1:
    - Drive over 40 Torture Me Elmers in 60 seconds
    - Drive over 50 Torture Me Elmers in 60 seconds
    - Drive over 60 Torture Me Elmers in 60 seconds
    - Drive over the 10 Bowling Pins in the middle of the road (you need to knock them all down)
    - Drive into the Red Cheese Wheel that rolls across the street from the left side
    - Shoot the piano hanging from a window on the right side
    - Shoot the Good Tire Blimp flying across the top of the screen starting on the left

    Reward: Turbo Charger

    Tips: Stick to the right side of the road as I have found that there are more Elmers there, but avoid the yellow ramps since jumping will simply waste time. It took a while for the blimp to appear in my game (4-5 minutes), so if it doesn't appear for you right away be patient.

    Episode 2:
    - Complete Bagpipe Obliteration Ultimate in Bronze Difficulty
    - Complete Bagpipe Obliteration Ultimate in Silver Difficulty
    - Complete Bagpipe Obliteration Ultimate in Gold Difficulty
    - Shoot the Hot Air Balloon flying in the sky from the left
    - Shoot the Safe hanging from a window on the left
    - Drive into (or shoot) the Huge Tire rolling across the street from the left
    - Shoot the Kitchen Sink that is thrown from the right (just keep hitting A to may take a couple tries)

    Reward: Dashboard Hula Girl

    Tips: The Bagpipe Obliteration game on Gold level is the hardest decal to obtain in the game. You need to drive over the bagpipes and avoid the accordians that are often placed right in front of them. Hit too many accordians and/or miss too many bagpipes and you will lose. The best advice I can give is to practice sideswiping the bagpipes so you barely graze them but still run over them. If you attempt to run over the bagpipes head on while playing the higher levels you will make things much more difficult on yourself.

    Episode 3:
    - Hit 15 zombies with SOL discs
    - Hit 20 zombies with SOL discs
    - Hit 25 zombies with SOL discs
    - Run over (or shoot) the Beach Ball that bounces across the road from the left
    - Run over the Beer Keg on the left side pavement
    - Run over the Box Kite in the middle of the road
    - Run over the Satellite Dish on the right side pavement

    Reward: Flame paint job for DeSoto

    Tips: An easy episode once you get the timing of throwing the discs down...if you've played Paperboy before it plays similarly.

    Episode 5:
    - Shoot 25 Evil Rats in 60 seconds
    - Shoot 35 Evil Rats in 60 seconds
    - Shoot 45 Evil Rats in 60 seconds
    - Shoot the Huge Rubber Duck that appears on the left side
    - Shoot the Flying Car that flies over the middle of the road
    - Shoot the Soccer Ball that bounces across the road from the right side
    - Run over (or shoot) the Doughnut that rolls across the road from the right.

    Reward: Demonic Grill Teeth
    Super Upgrade: Police Lights on the DeSoto (if all others collected)

    Tips: When shooting the rats, try to always be ahead of the game and shooting the ones farther down the road - if you wait till they get too close to the car it will be harder to keep up. Don't be afraid to constantly fire as you have no ammo restrictions.

    If you do these out of order just go back to Episode 5 once you have all the upgrades and go to the C.O.P.S. in the garage. Choose to try their game again and once it starts just choose to go back to Straight Street and you will get the final upgrade and the achievement.
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    Malicious FuryIf you're only able to hit 9 bowling pins in episode one, try using your gun to shoot the pin at one of the back corners
    Posted by Malicious Fury on 17 Jul 17 at 17:59
    Malicious FuryI think I'm experiencing a common problem: I did everything on episode 1, but didn't get the turbo charger. If you watch the walkthrough video, you can see what the turbo charger looks like - it's on top of the car. I'll have to go back and get 60 elmos again
    Posted by Malicious Fury on 18 Jul 17 at 16:04
    DancemaniaManiaI did everything but it did not pop in Ep. 5. I noticed I didn't have the Hula girl and the charger. I reloaded my Ep. 1 save and got the charger by just quitting out and I had to restart Ep. 2.
    Thankfully they both appeared by reloading my Ep. 5 save.
    Posted by DancemaniaMania on 21 Jul 17 at 02:21
    MattiasAndersonStupid balloon showed up once in episode two when I was waiting for game to restart/try again and I missed it. Now 30 minutes later or more it has yet to show up again. So stupid! This ruins the whole game to a shitty game.

    After wasting 30-50 minutes I realized that I don't have to shoot the balloon in order to get it. I did not get a message that I got this decal but its on my car. So I have no idea if this is now glitched or not but well it is what it is. Stupid thing!
    Posted by MattiasAnderson on 13 Oct 17 at 17:33
    ChucklestyleThe rats one is the worst. I came 1 away on one of my runs and it took another hour to finally hit it. Best advice I have is to aim downrange, near the horizon. Once you drive over the few close ones to start, most of them will be far away and the auto driving will do most of your aiming for you. I didn't bother adjusting to catch one close to being hit, as I lost too much time then recentering my aim. Still a lot of luck involved as the ones on the sidewalk seem to be harder to hit through the obstacles. An autofire controller would probably make this one a lot easier.
    Posted by Chucklestyle on 05 Dec 17 at 04:03
    STOUTASSASSIN67this achievement defiantly needs to be marked as bugged. At first I beat the game and had all the decals but did not get the item in episode 1 so now i went back to episode one and I've waited 20 mins with no blimp in sight.
    Posted by STOUTASSASSIN67 on 08 Jan 18 at 00:50
    Apostle92627I have every upgrade except the siren now. I'm not even sure why I don't have that.
    Posted by Apostle92627 on 26 Jan 18 at 18:26
    LERISBILLSALOVEjust a heads up for people that might be struggling with the gold medal mini-game in chapter 2: you DO NOT need to hit ALL the bagpipes IN A ROW in order to succeed. You only have to hit them all and not letting the bar completelly decrease. Of course you'll have to memorize the patterns and hit most of the bagpipes in sequence and avoid the accordions since every time you miss a pipe or hit an accordion the bar decreases, but keep in mind that as long as you hit EVERY SINGLE bagpipe, regardless if you hit accodions or not and the bar meter is not completelly empty you'll get the gold medal. I thought it had to be done perfectly hitting all bagpipes in a row and avoiding every single accordion on the road but while I was trying to get it done my bar was almost empty (very close to the bulb at the bottom) but I still succeeded and got the decal. So if someone is experiencing frustration with this challenge don't try to hit all the bagpipes at once, hit the easiest ones and avoid every possibble accordion as you go and hit the hardest pipes when you come to a loop of a pattern instead. Just don't miss too many bagpipes or hit too many accordions at once or the bar will completelly decrease and you'll fail. Hope this tip is helpfull. Good luck everyone!
    Posted by LERISBILLSALOVE on 25 May 18 at 18:00
    psportalThe rubber duck in episode 5 was a pain to get for me, but the final design after getting all the upgrades was a sight to behold. headspin
    Posted by psportal on 29 Oct 18 at 05:29
    GrezzJust a note to confirm that you can go back and complete this after finishing the story. I rushed through the story to get as much as possible, knowing the game might get pulled at any moment and made a save during each driving section to come back to later.

    After finishing, I reloaded each and finished every level of each challenge. Didn't expect it to recognise the completion from each separate save, but it did.

    I.e. Didn't have to finish each driving bit in one save, it pulled them all together and gave me the final upgrade (police lights) after finishing all of them.

    Happy to help with further details/explanation if needed. smile
    Posted by Grezz on 22 Jul 19 at 08:27
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