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Earn 555 Stars in Career

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How to unlock the Shine achievement

  • Harlequin GodHarlequin God100,538
    16 Jan 2010 16 Jan 2010
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    a. You are not good enough to play hard competently
    b. You are not good at vocals (which are pretty dam ridiculous if you ask me even on easy)
    c. you dont have the drum kit

    then if you 6 star all songs, and get a gold star on the first to vocal songs, which can be done with the fan trick even on easy; you should be able to get 555 with roughly 2-4 stars to spare assuming you can essentially go perfect on medium on the challenges
    - of those 4 two I would say are fairly tough, so avoid them as they are not necessary, both of which ask for really long note streaks on bass, but the songs themselves are literally 5 notes longer than the streak, meaning you have to perfect them (on is black cat janent jackson - to get platinum you have to get a 400 note streak but the song is only like 408, this is the easier of the two, i forgot what the other one is called)

    so like i said, if you have no friends with the game, suck at the mic, and no drums, its fairly feasible but you have to be fairly good on medium

    my current total is 556 : i have three songs left, of which one is a very easy star, and the other two are the one i mentioned previously but there really is no point once you get to 555
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    04 Nov 2009 04 Nov 2009
    14 1 3
    This is how im going about this achievement

    Star Count:
    Completed Career (mic cheat + no sponsors) = 390
    If you go back and do all sponsors = 96

    390+96 = 486
    555-486 = 69

    Doing song challenges you'd need Diamond 23 songs to fulfill the requirements

    Good Luck
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    xDOT COMxSwitch to easy and gold star some songs if the challenges are giving you a hard time.
    Posted by xDOT COMx on 10 Nov 09 at 02:28
    kenshinescaThanks for the extra tip xDOT COMx. I have a feeling getting 555 is going to be a bit of a chore for me.
    Posted by kenshinesca on 29 Dec 09 at 14:26
    PugslyPuppyThanks for doing the math for me. I don't think this should be too hard. I was worried because my drums are broken... and I suck at drums, anyway. (And I still have to beat that darned tutorial. %#?*)
    Posted by PugslyPuppy on 09 May 11 at 17:29
  • NickManUtdNickManUtd151,867
    01 Jun 2011 26 May 2011
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    Set up a fan or any noise maker and use the mic (the fan trick). Play on BEGINNER in Career mode and you will score a perfect 6 stars on every song. You will naturally progress through the songs and will earn stars. If you aren't at 555 stars yet, complete extra challenges for more stars.

    Using the fan trick gives 81x6 = 486 stars
    This means that you need 69 more. You can get this by earning 23 diamonds. That is a little time consuming, but easy.
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