A New Challenge Awaits achievement in Band Hero

A New Challenge Awaits

Complete 50 of the Career Challenges at Platinum or Diamond

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How to unlock the A New Challenge Awaits achievement

  • SashamorningSashamorning1,925,391
    08 Apr 2010 08 Apr 2010
    35 4 4
    This will probably be one of the last achievements you earn. There are 81 gigs, and you need to complete 50 successfully. That's a lot more than you'd need to earn the 555 stars for the Shine achievement.

    The good news is that you only need to earn Platinum for the challenge to count for this achievement. The other good news is that most of the Platinum challenges can be completed on medium.

    Cheats do *not* disable your ability to earn stars, which is what this achievement is about. So definitely make use of them whenever possible. For example, the drum challenges that only specify a certain number of kicks can be achieved simply by turning on the auto-kick and no-fail and starting the song on Expert+.

    Some other general pointers: when you can choose a song, longer songs are usually better, especially when the challenge is about a note streak, time to maintain a 4x multiplier, or something similar.

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    Ginuwine AI3I tried a song on beginner and it wasn't even counting towards the achievement. I'm gonna have to avoid vocals completely i think, cause I suck
    Posted by Ginuwine AI3 on 05 Apr 12 at 00:31
    It doesn't count on Beginner Vocals if you're doing a challenge. Anything that is easy or above will count towards the challenge though.
    Posted on 17 Jun 12 at 20:18
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  • phatal1typhatal1tyThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    07 Feb 2010 14 May 2010
    26 9 4
    **note: none of the blow are fail proof like the fan trick, there is still some level of skill involved**

    this is one of the harder achievements in this game (but thats not saying much) so each song has a "challenge" either for a specific instrument or as a band... they mostly fall in to the category of getting lots of notes in general or a certain colour note or high score or string of correct ones or star power score or a specific strum.
    i should mention here that cheats do not disable this achievement (even though the game says so, but i think they mean for the secret notes, so focus on that before following this guide) and these can be done on any level of difficulty so set what you can manage obviously for the lasting a certain amount of time or getting a certain note streak you will need to set it to what you can manage the rest should be easy to figure out.

    if your not great at singing the trick is go in to the equalizer and turn down everything except for the vocal track (not to be confused with your mic feed) and put your mic up to the speakers... while this works if the sound is really loud my tip is to use a pair of head phones (obviously avoid in ear/buds) for your TV's audio out crank up the volume and put your mic inside your headphones this one largely depends on your hardware as there is no accurate calibration.

    the trick to the Guitar/Bass is to turn on the cheat "slider only" this will basically mean auto strumming with the exception of the two/three notes at time and obviously the strumming bar.
    this should turn just about any average player in to an exceptional player

    and if drums are your weak point turn on the auto pedal cheat this should make things slightly easier but unfortunately you still have to have some rhythm, thankfully there are not nearly as many drum ones as any other group

    your other option if your not good enough for any of the above to work for you, hopefully you can find someone to play with you, you must host and be playing career mode (and while we're stating the obvious you can't do this with any one signed in as a beginner either.) and so long someone fulfills the challenge you will have yourself a platinum or diamond.
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    phatal1tyon a personal note, i did all my drums with the auto kick, and i ended up wrapping up the last 10+ guitar/bass songs with slider on... and the last song i did was a drum song that wanted a certain number of kicks so i just put on no fail, and auto kick and at the end of the song as the stats come up this popped.
    Posted by phatal1ty on 07 Feb 10 at 09:58
    MakkerJust to clarify in case there's any doubt, you can do vocal, guitar, base, drum, band and the ones where you choose your own song. I did a combination of every type and it unlocked at bang on 50 challenges for me.
    Posted by Makker on 14 Aug 11 at 20:16
    Achevmenthunterjust to clearify cheats *do not * disable achievement it says on the game if i equip the cheat that it wont make achievements count
    Posted by Achevmenthunter on 26 Apr 17 at 18:26
  • t3chm4nt3chm4n181,119
    22 Oct 2011 18 Oct 2011
    16 2 0
    I found a Challenge Guide on our known site x360a and the credits are all for DJ Satan UK:


    A lot of challenges can be done on medium, but even that which needs expert aren't that hard to do. I'm speaking with my own experience, because I'm very bad with rhythm games, and on Band Hero I can do everything without problems.
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