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The Sort Who Makes an Entrance achievement in Hogwarts Legacy

The Sort Who Makes an Entrance

Complete the introduction and finish the Sorting Ceremony

The Sort Who Makes an Entrance0
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How to unlock the The Sort Who Makes an Entrance achievement

  • Scaredy WolfScaredy Wolf
    11 Feb 2023 11 Feb 2023 11 Feb 2023
    when your options are
    “I can’t wait to start classes.”
    “I can’t wait to explore.”
    (you can pick which ever your like)

    Daring = Gryffindor
    loyalty = Hufflepuff
    Curiosity = Ravenclaw
    Ambition = Slytherin

    don't know if anyone will need this
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  • Moo Moo DairyMoo Moo Dairy
    06 Feb 2023 07 Feb 2023 07 Feb 2023
    Story Related - Unmissable

    Once you arrive at Hogwarts you will attend the sorting ceremony. The hat will ask you questions and will suggest a house to place you in. You can either accept the recommendation or choose your own
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    EffigyWorth noting mine popped on the PC and on my profile, but didn't display ingame. Wasn't obvious it popped, for those worrying!
    Posted by Effigy On 07 Feb at 20:06
    DerSpidymanMine hasn’t unlocked either. Might unlock after the next patch hopefully…
    Posted by DerSpidyman On 07 Feb at 20:56
    STAB x SLiMAbout 7 hours in and mine hasn't unlocked yet. Hoping it's just delayed.
    Posted by STAB x SLiM On 08 Feb at 14:59
  • GrizzBeeGameGrizzBeeGame
    07 Feb 2023 08 Feb 2023 08 Feb 2023
    On my YouTube channel I've created a gameplay walkthrough video covering the first hour of this game.

    In short, for those who want to avoid all spoilers, this unlocks once you are sorted into one of the four Hogwarts houses. The achievement is unlocked at about 50:15 in the video, which lets you know the opening and tutorial for this game aren't short.

    For those who wish to know everything you have to do before unlocking this:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    If you found the video helpful, please consider giving a like and/or subscribe. This is a small channel on YouTube and any support is greatly appreciated. smile
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