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A Sallow Grave achievement in Hogwarts Legacy

A Sallow Grave

Complete Sebastian Sallow's relationship line

A Sallow Grave-1.6
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How to unlock the A Sallow Grave achievement

  • LordacrisLordacris
    15 Feb 2023 15 Feb 2023 15 Feb 2023
    You first get introduced to Sebastian during the main story quest "Defence Against the Dark Arts Class" - shortly after that you'll start progressing his relationship questline. There's a total of 14 quests to complete for his relationship questline:
    1. In the Shadow of the Undercroft (Main Quest)
    2. In the Shadow of the Estate (Main Quest)
    3. In the Shadow of the Bloodline (Side Quest)
    4. In the Shadow of the Study (Side Quest)
    5. In the Shadow of Discovery (Side Quest)
    6. In the Shadow of Time (Side Quest)
    7. In the Shadow of Distance (Side Quest)
    8. In the Shadow of the Mine (Main Quest)
    9. In the Shadow of the Mountain (Main Quest)
    10. In the Shadow of Hope (Side Quest)
    11. In the Shadow of the Relic (Side Quest)
    12. In the Shadow of Fate (Side Quest)
    13. The Final Repository (Main Quest)
    14. In the Shadow of Friendship (Side Quest)
    Note: In most cases you'll need to advance the main story questline before his next relationship side quest will appear.
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    mnc91493I’ve completed the main story and all quest but still don’t have this achievement! Is it glitched?
    Posted by mnc91493 On 17 Feb at 01:25
    OdeioBaconI have the same problem…didnt pop after doing all missions
    Posted by OdeioBacon On 17 Feb at 06:40
    KaiologyyHasn’t unlocked for me either, have all mentioned missions done.
    Posted by Kaiologyy On 18 Feb at 19:15
    MasChooseSame with me, I have completed the final quest but no Achievement.
    Posted by MasChoose On 22 Feb at 08:30
    gunmetaldjsSame. Did everything but last quest didn't register. Got the achievement for doing all the side quests but this one doesn't appear on the list and on the challenges I'm at 31/32
    Posted by gunmetaldjs On 24 Feb at 22:36
    Mr Ick the 1stFor anyone it did not unlock for try going back and speaking to him again in the undercroft. There is some conversation needed to finish it all off.
    Posted by Mr Ick the 1st On 28 Feb at 00:39
    KaiologyyHe isn’t in the undercroft for me ^
    Posted by Kaiologyy On 01 Mar at 13:24
    XyberDAWGI just read an article that says you must be playing as Slytherin to earn this achievement. Playing as Ravenclaw you can’t get any companion Achievements. Where as the other three houses you can only get the achievement for the house companion.
    Posted by XyberDAWG On 08 Mar at 17:45
    KaiologyyI’m ravenclaw and earned the other companion achievements, just not this one. ^^
    Posted by Kaiologyy On 09 Mar at 05:34
    SycomaniaaI'm Gryphindor and I just completed this quest. I had to beat the main story to get Sebastian to come out from hiding in the Slytherin Common Room. It brought me straight into a cutscene with him once I beat the final boss.
    Posted by Sycomaniaa On 01 Apr at 14:36
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