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Collector's Edition achievement in Hogwarts Legacy

Collector's Edition

Complete all collections

Collector's Edition-21.1
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How to unlock the Collector's Edition achievement

  • VinifridaVinifrida
    11 Feb 2023 11 Feb 2023 24 Feb 2023
    First Guide.. be gentle. Will contain spoliers*********

    SeeWaffleRun has created an detailed checklist for any struggling to keep track of your collections as you play.

    Link below - Full credit to SeeWaffleRun for the checklist.

    Download the Google sheets app, follow the link, select ellipsis (⋮) in top right, Share and export then 'Make a copy'. This should allow you to edit your own version.

    If the above link doesn't work try this one:

    As the title implies this is effectively the 100% completion achievement. Kinda.

    Needed for completion includes:
    9 Tools - Focus potion, Thunderbrew potion, Chinese chomping cabbage, Erudus potion, Invisibility potion, Mandrake, Maxima potion, Venomous Tentacula and Wiggenweld Potion.

    These will appear in your collection menu when you find them in game or purchase them from a merchant but for them to count towards your completion you must own the recipe or Seeds for these items which are purchased respectively from J.Pippin's potions and Dogweed and Deathcap in Hogsmeade. You'll know you own them when you have a little tick in the bottom left corner of the icon.

    150 Revelio pages
    Only pages that you must use revelio to reveal count towards this collection, Moth mirrors, flying pages, dragon braziers etc. are not needed for this but I recommend grabbing the ones you see along the way as it will help top off your Field guide challenge as there are only 90 Revelio pages in Hogwarts. And 30 in Hogsmeade. I will show all pages and named locations so you can narrow down the ones you're missing.

    Hogsmeade 30 pages

    Hogwarts 90 Pages

    Highlands 30 pages

    67 Enemies
    These, for the most, will be encountered during normal play.. none are missable. Generic enemies and named enemies both count. If you're missing any zoom out on the map and navigate throughout each region checking on the top right while hovering over a region which areas you have missed an 'Infamous foe' travel to this area, mount your broom then use Revelio, check any Skull you see as this indicates there is an infamous foe in these areas whether it was defeated or not and cycle through until you find any you are missing.

    88/78? Appearances
    These are unlocked via your Challenges and Quests.. Complete all of both and you will have these completed. 2 outfits are linked to exploration, I believe via the Battle arenas. Additional content pieces I'm uncertain but I would assume the 10 dlc outfit pieces are not necessary to complete this collection.

    13 Beasts
    Diricawl, Fwooper, Purple toad, Graphorn, Hippogriff, Jabberknoll, Kneazle, Mooncalf, Niffler, Phoenix, Puffskein, Thestrel and Unicorn.
    These can be found throughout the Highlands in dens, some will be found during either the story or side/relationship quests. Whatever you're still missing will be very easy to track down via the map.

    13 Brooms
    4 Brooms will be related to your challenge to Pop balloons spread throughout the Highlands. I believe 5 Brooms come from Sprintwiches In Hogsmeade. The other 4 are spread throughout the Highlands.
    Leopold Babcocke - Northfield Big
    Arn - Hogwarts valley
    Priya Treadwell - South sea Bog
    Rohan Prakash - Cragcroftshire

    75 Traits
    Traits are found in the chest(s) inside bandit camps, very easy to find using Revelio while on your broom. Keep this in mind while doing your merlin trails and it will be done passively.

    42 Wand Handles
    Wand handles are found in collection chests in Hogsmeade, Hogwarts and the Highlands. Collection chests are gold and are generally smaller then normal chests, they also have a map icon when you get close. You must loot all collection chests in all areas for this collection as some will contain Spellcrafts which are also needed for a seperate collection too.

    16 Ingredients
    This should again come passively if you're looting Dead enemies and grabbing any plants you see while in the move. None are particularly obscure and can be purchased from merchants should you miss any.

    This one was my least favourite by far. You must purchase all blueprints from Tomes and scrolls which can get expensive. Many others are linked to quests and challenges so they come passively doing other collections. Exploration Spellcrafts are found again in collection chests but not all of them. Once you get far enough into your story you will unlock 4 Vivariums for your animals and each has 3 collection chests spread around. Any remaining Conjurations you need will be found via following butterflies that are spread throughout the Highlands.
    Edit: Butterflies are supposedly static and a vague map is made. Purely for ease of reading I'll add it here but credit for finding it goes to RiskyWhy (guide below) and Jordoncoops' post via Reddit for creating it
    One butterfly is unmarked to the right of Hogsmeade on your map in Hogsmeade Valley.

    Challenges/Side quests
    I don't believe these relate to this achievement directly but due to collection rewards being received from completing some of these challenges You will have to complete most of these to 100% either way. From my quest list there are a total of 56 side quests that are very easy to locate via Revelio on the broom, most of which are in towns or marked very clearly. One potential bug I found was when I hit 98% Good Samaritan with zero quests to be found after several rotations of the map. After wasting several hours I figured out Sacking Selwyn did not enter my quest journal and was still waiting to be turned in. I'm unsure if this is because I completed the objective before accepting the quest or another reason but once I spoke to Hyacinth Oliver at Cragcroft It gave me the achievement.

    Anything Inaccurate or missing please let me know, this was written from my understanding as it's a brand new release. Thanks

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    Montero FirmThis is the last achievement I need on 99% missing one conjurations exploration i have 139/140. Like finding a needle in a haystack.
    Posted by Montero Firm On 29 Mar at 11:51
    James IOWYep, last item was the one from the side quest for the forbidden forest. I definitely collected it and completed the side quests but went back at the end game and collected it again...
    Posted by James IOW On 29 Mar at 16:23
    Patto VII was stuck at 99%, restarting my game worked for me. I also had 1 missing page in the bell tower but all pages unlocked in my collection when this achievement unlocked.
    Posted by Patto VI On 31 Mar at 13:10
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  • Life Is A GraveLife Is A Grave
    17 Feb 2023 17 Feb 2023 17 Feb 2023
    I was having trouble with the last 7 chests not showing loot history on screen in the upper right corner, but entries were added on my collections screen. If in doubt, save the game right before you open it. Also, I double checked, and yes, vivariums in the room of requirement have 3 chests apiece. this butterfly video helped me finish up as well:
  • RiskyWhyRiskyWhy
    12 Feb 2023 11 Feb 2023 14 Feb 2023
    This map was made by Jordoncoops (Reddit user) which ill post here so people have a general idea.
    All butterfly locaitons.

    Missing butterfly
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    OnetyrantkingIs that missing location spawn when you get over in that area?
    Posted by Onetyrantking On 14 Feb at 23:53
    vinzladouillepour moi celui qui m'a poser le plus de soucis du au fait qu'il ne s'affichait pas sur la carte était celui de la foret interdite
    Posted by vinzladouille On 11 Mar at 23:04
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