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Going Through the Potions achievement in Hogwarts Legacy

Going Through the Potions

Brew every type of potion

Going Through the Potions-1.3
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How to unlock the Going Through the Potions achievement

  • LordacrisLordacris
    08 Feb 2023 08 Feb 2023 13 Feb 2023
    There are 6 different types of potion to brew in Hogwarts Legacy. Two of which are given to you during Professor Sharp's potion class (Wiggenweld & Edurus). The recipes for the other 4 will need to be purchased from J. Pippin's Potion shop in Hogsmeade. All 4 recipes will cost you a grand total of 3,700 to buy.

    Wiggenweld (Free) - 1x Horklump Juice, 1x Dittany Leaves.
    Edurus (Free) - 1x Ashwinder Eggs, 1x Mongrel Fur.
    Maxima (500) - 1x Leech Juice, 1x Spider Fang.
    Invisibility (800) - 1x Leaping Toadstool, 1x Knotgrass Sprig, 1x Troll Bogey.
    Focus (1,200) - 1x Lacewing Flies, 1x Fluxweed Stem, 1x Dugbog Tongue.
    Thunderbew (1,200) - 1x Leech Juice, 1x Shrivelfig, 1x Stench of the Dead.

    Once we have all 6 recipes we can now look to gather enough reagents to create one of each potion. The potions will need a mix of plants and animal reagents. Both "The Magic Neep" & "J. Pippin's Potion shop" will sell you all the required reagents for a fee. Otherwise you can grow your own or go out and gather them in the world (I'll pop a reagent list below or check my video). When we have enough reagents find yourself a Potion Station - either in your Room of Requirement or in the Potions Class to brew all 6. Once you've retrieved all 6 from the stove the achievement should pop.

    Dittany Leaves (100/Plant) - Grown in a Small Pot.
    Knotgrass Sprig (150/Plant) - Grown in a Small Pot.
    Fluxweed Stem (150/Plant) - Grown in a Large Pot.
    Shrivelfig Fruit (150/Plant) - Grown in a Medium Pot.
    Horklump Juice (50) - Found growing in caves (Caves & Spider Dens).
    Ashwinder Eggs (150) - Found in nests on cliff edges (West of Hogsmeade).
    Mongrel Fur (50) - Dropped by Mongrels (Forbidden Forest).
    Leech Juice (150) - Found on sandy river banks (Rivers & Hogwarts Lake).
    Spider Fang (50) - Dropped by Spiders (Spider Dens).
    Leaping Toadstool (150) - Found at the side of pathways (Forbidden Forest).
    Troll Bogey (100) - Dropped by Mountain Trolls (North Forbidden Forest).
    Lacewing Flies (100) - Found on bushes throughout Hogwarts (Forbidden Forest Floo Flame).
    Dugbog Tongue (100) - Dropped by Dugbogs (Rivers & Hogwarts Lake).
    Stench of the Dead (100) - Dropped by Inferius (North Forbidden Forest).

    Note: Potions brewed during the potion class (Wiggenweld & Edurus) don't seem to count. You'll need to brew these again.

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    NicodamusHade the same issue with max Wiggenfeld potions. Brewing it and destroying it didn’t help. I had to use one Wiggenfeld potion to free some space up. Then brew another potion. Once I removed it, the achievement popped.

    This achievement seem to track when you pick the potion up from the brewing station.
    Posted by Nicodamus On 26 Feb at 17:13
    ZenrahlI have Brewed ALL 6 Potions and Picked them ALL Up No Feat Pop..What am i missing
    Posted by Zenrahl On 28 Feb at 01:37
    micmon83I can confirm that it pops on pickup
    Posted by micmon83 On 12 Mar at 10:11
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  • Lordwinter666Lordwinter666
    Locked 12 Feb 2023 12 Feb 2023
    In this guide we will show you how to brew all Hogwarts Legacy potions and earn the “Going Through the Potions” Achievement/Trophy.

    To prepare the potions you need three things, a crafting bench with at least one cauldron, the recipes and thirdly the necessary raw materials. It is also a prerequisite that you have completed the main quest “Potions Class”.

    After completing the aforementioned main quest, you can visit the classroom at any time to brew potions. Alternatively, you can also brew potions in the Room of Requirement, which is unlocked later in the game. If you have enough money to unlock additional brewing benches from the vendors, you can build seven brewing benches to make all the potions at once. However, you can still earn the Achievement/Trophy with the basic crafting bench in your classroom. This process simply requires a little more time.

    As for the recipes, two of them you learn during the course, while the rest you will have to buy from the J Pippins Potions shop located in the town of Hogsmeade (the 2nd main area of the game after Hogwarts castle). From this shop you can also buy various materials for brewing potions.

    Finally, to collect the necessary materials you should explore the map, kill certain enemies, plant seeds or buy all the materials from the vendors.

    Wiggenweld Potion (Heals you)
    Brewing time: 15 sec
    Ingredients: Horklump Juice and Dittany Leaves

    Edurus Potion (Increases defense)
    Brewing time: 30 sec
    Ingredients: Ashwinder Eggs and Mongrel Fur

    Maxima Potion (Increases spell damage)
    Brewing time: 30 sec
    Ingredients: Leech Juice and Spider Fang

    Invisibility Potion
    Brewing time: 1 min
    Ingredients: Leaping Toadstool Caps, Knotgrass Spring, Troll Bogeys

    Focus Potion (Reduces spell cooldown)
    Brewing time: 1 min
    Ingredients: Lacewing Flies, Fluxweed Stem, Dugbog Tongue

    Thunderbrew (Stuns and damages nearby enemies)
    Brewing time: 1:30 min
    Ingredients: Leech Juice, Shriveling Fruit, Stench of the Dead

    Felix Felicis (Reveals loot chests on your mini-map)
    Brewing time: 1 min
    Ingredients: Lacewing Flies, Fluxweed Stem

  • Darth TigoreDarth Tigore
    08 Feb 2023 09 Feb 2023 09 Feb 2023
    The 6 potions needed for the achievement can be brewed in the Room of Requirement after you unlock the room through the main quest and conjure a potion table.

    Brewing potions only counts if you have room in your inventory to collect them. You will need to use a potion to free up space. If you are full on Wiggenweld Potions, you need to get hurt first, then press D-Pad Down to heal.

    The first Wiggenweld Potion brewed in Potions Class does not count toward the achievement. If you are missing an ingredient, they may be found in the world outside Hogwarts or you can purchase them from either J. Pippin's Potions or The Magic Neep. Both are located in the northwest part of Hogsmeade.

    00:00 - Wiggenweld Potion
    00:35 - Edurus Potion
    00:46 - Maxima Potion
    00:59 - Invisibility Potion
    01:09 - Focus Potion
    01:22 - Thunderbrew
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