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Third Time's a Charm achievement in Hogwarts Legacy

Third Time's a Charm

Upgrade a piece of gear 3 times

Third Time's a Charm-2.7
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How to unlock the Third Time's a Charm achievement

  • LordacrisLordacris
    09 Feb 2023 10 Feb 2023 10 Feb 2023
    During the main story quest "The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and the Loom" you'll be introduced to the "Nab-Sack" for capturing beasts, a Vivarium to house them and how caring for them will provide you with materials. At the very end of the quest Deek will give you the Spellcraft for an "Enchanted Loom." The Loom will grant you the ability to upgrade your "Gear" using the materials collected from your cared for beasts.

    The materials needed to upgrade the gear varies and the rarer the gear the more materials you'll need to upgrade it to the next stage. For example a "Common" set of Gloves may require 1x Jobberknoll Feather, where as an "Extraordinary" set of Gloves might need 3x Jobberknoll Feathers. Also reach rank of the upgrade tends to require an additional material from another beast. So upgrade one might need 1x Mooncalf Fur but upgrade two will need 2x Mooncalf Fur and 1x Puffskein Fur to upgrade.

    As long as you have captured a good variety of beasts and collect their materials regularly it should be pretty straight forward to upgrade an item to level 3. If you wanted to get this achievement out the way, pop a "Common" item into the "Enchanted Loom" and see what beast material is needed. If you don't have said material, head over to "Brood & Peck" the beast shop in Hogsmeade and you can buy the materials needed instead.

    Note: Each beast will give you 3x/5x their material every 25 minutes when fed and bushed.

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    xBecksyJust wanted to update everyone on this achievement.

    It was bugged on my first playthrough and didn't unlock after upgrading like 6 different pieces of gear.

    On my second playthrough while going for the map chamber achievement, I continued further into the game till I got the Nab Sac Quest, this is the quest where you get the loom to upgrade at the end.

    It took me 4h according to the in game save to get to this point just doing the main quests and spell quests I needed to progress, the achievement unlocked on this playthrough!

    Hope this helps anyone who still needs it :)
    Posted by xBecksy On 22 Feb at 11:53
    NikLightningJust want to add to this, having upgraded my gear for a 3rd time I didn’t get the achievement, however after loading my auto save from 2 minutes ago I ran the same upgrade again on the same piece of gear and it popped, obviously a little buggy but reload of the save worked for me
    Posted by NikLightning On 23 Feb at 10:48
    Yage Hells szFinaly popped. Only on a new caracter 6h into the main quests. Just like xBecksy pointed out, thanks for the update.
    Posted by Yage Hells sz On 24 Feb at 19:09
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  • ShummellShummell
    14 Feb 2023 14 Feb 2023 14 Feb 2023
    Progress the main story until you unlock the Room of Requirement and then complete the quest where you learn how to capture beasts with Deek and he will show you how to interact with the animals and then upgrade equipment.

    Groom and feed the animals to get the resources needed to upgrade a piece of equipment (blue being the easiest) three times. Check on the loom to see what item you will need to buy from the vendor and then travel to the vendor to buy it and then finish the third tier of upgrade. (all shown in video)

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