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Room with a View achievement in Hogwarts Legacy

Room with a View

Reach the highest point in the castle, the Headmaster's upper study

Room with a View-1.1
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How to unlock the Room with a View achievement

  • LordacrisLordacris
    09 Feb 2023 09 Feb 2023 21 Feb 2023
    The Headmaster's upper study can be found at the very top of "The Grand Staircase" with the closest Floo Flame being the "Trophy Room".

    Before we can enter the Study we'll need to unlock the Alohomora spell and upgrade it to open level 3 locks. You'll get Alohomora when you complete the main story quest "The Cartaker's Lunar Lament" for Caretaker Gladwin Moon - this will allow you to open level 1 locks. After that Gladwin will give you a side-quest "The Man Behind The Moons" asking you to collect 9 then a further 13 Demiguise Moons. Completing both these side-quest (22x Moons) will reward you with the ability to open level 2 & 3 locks. See my video guide below for all 30 locations. Now we can head to the Headmaster's study!

    Method 1:
    Travel to "Hogwarts > The Bell Tower Wing > Flying Class Lawn", equip your Broom (cn_LB+cn_B) and fly up towards the Grand Tower. As you move around to the back side of it, you should see a small balcony that you can dismount onto. Fly over the lowest part of the balcony to avoid the invisible wall. From here open the level 3 lock and enter the Headmaster's Upper Study.

    Method 2:
    Progress through the main story until you've completed "Poly Juice Plot". Now you can Climb to the very top of "The Grand Staircase" until you reach the "Trophy Room" here you won't be able to get any higher until you've open a level 1 locked door. Once open continue up the stairs until you reach a junction, take the left and you'll reach a level 2 locked door. Open this and head out onto the balcony and you'll meet a level 3 locked door. Opening this door will give you access to the Headmaster's Study.

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    GrawlNLStill works great.
    Posted by GrawlNL On 02 Mar at 19:49
    ThalekoStevensBugged for me March 07, tried the twho methods, didn't unlock
    Posted by ThalekoStevens On 07 Mar at 12:12
    Feenixfire90First method worked for me March 10th! Cheers mate!
    Posted by Feenixfire90 On 10 Mar at 18:18
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  • ShummellShummell
    16 Feb 2023 16 Feb 2023 16 Feb 2023
    You will need level 3 Alohomora to pick the last lock to enter the headmasters office. If you do not know you will need to collect demiguise statues and hand them in to complete the side quest "The man behind the moons". You will need to collect 25 to complete the quest and unlock the final form of alohomora.

    You also need to progress the main story and complete "The Polyjuice Plot" to get up to the grandmasters office. A griffin statue blocks the staircase until then.

    (I tried the method of flying on the outside of hogarts to the ledge and it would not let me dismount off the broom so I believe that method has been patched)

    Fast travel to the Trophy room floo flame in the grand staircase and follow the path in the video to the top.

  • Darkx3noDarkx3no
    21 Feb 2023 24 Feb 2023 24 Feb 2023
    Pretty easy, but if you dont know where to go, here it is. You do need level 3 locks to get to it

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