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Demiguise Dread achievement in Hogwarts Legacy

Demiguise Dread

Find all Demiguise statues

Demiguise Dread-2.6
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How to unlock the Demiguise Dread achievement

  • LordacrisLordacris
    09 Feb 2023 09 Feb 2023 12 Feb 2023
    You'll be introduced to Demiguise Statues during main story quest "The Cartaker's Lunar Lament" for Caretaker Gladwin Moon. He'll also teach you Alohomora (unlock spell) as most of the statues are behind locked doors. You can reach 23/30 of the statues with Alohomora I, however the remaining 7 require you to have Alohomora II. To unlock Alohomora II just head back to Gladwin once you've found 9 or more statues and he'll upgrade it for you. Handing in a further 13 (22 in total) statues to Gladwin will unlock Alohomora III for level 3 locks.

    Note: The Demiguise statues can only be collected at night. Just open the world map and click "Wait" to transition into day/night.

    For the locations for all 30 Demigusie Statues please see my video guide below:
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    THa BaD GuY 619i got all 33, still no achievement
    Posted by THa BaD GuY 619 On 15 Feb at 01:25
    SwordofWhedonThere was a patch today, I got them all and it popped just fine
    Posted by SwordofWhedon On 15 Feb at 03:10
    T1OOOJust got the last one, with 9 in my inventory. Achievement tracker stuck on 96% and no pop
    Posted by T1OOO On 16 Feb at 18:35
    Shadow XBLMine now Demiguise.
    Posted by Shadow XBL On 17 Feb at 19:53
    DmbledoreI recently learned if you bring up the map and keeping hitting LT, it will zoom all the way out so you can see each region. As you hover over region, it shows the count of various things including the number of Demiguise Statues you've collected.

    That is how I found my last one after being stuck on 96%.
    Posted by Dmbledore On 18 Feb at 12:19
    Shadow XBLFYI there were 31. 9, then 13 to get II. Then 9 more. The last three are in the southeast coastal area through the mine.
    Posted by Shadow XBL On 18 Feb at 18:23
    Lee LayfieldSo whenever I find one I can’t pick it up. It does t even have the blue highlights around it either. The character still talks but I can’t pick any up. Anyone else having this issue?
    Posted by Lee Layfield On 20 Feb at 07:55
    Lordacris@Lee Layfield was it night time? You can't collect them during the day.
    Posted by Lordacris On 20 Feb at 09:14
    RagingMattyBDoes anyone else have the issue where you found all in Hogsmeade but it shows 8/9 found. I’ve done multiple laps around all 9 location areas and I know I found all 9 of them but the tracker only says I got 8. It’s preventing me from unlocking the achievement.
    Posted by RagingMattyB On 05 Mar at 03:13
    Minots59@RagingMattyB Yep I'm having the same issue. Hogsmeade showing 8/9 but I've triple checked the area at this point...
    Posted by Minots59 On 07 Mar at 15:59
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