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Raising Expectations achievement in Hogwarts Legacy

Raising Expectations

Reach a combo of 100

Raising Expectations-0.8
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How to unlock the Raising Expectations achievement

  • LordacrisLordacris
    07 Feb 2023 07 Feb 2023 14 Feb 2023
    Method #1:
    A great place to get a 100x combo is in the Dark Arts Battle Arena's. These Battle Arenas consist of 5 waves of enemies, which you can replay as many times as you like. The arenas appear on the map around the time you find the Map Chamber or complete the "Jackdaw's Rest" story quest.

    I suggest going to the Forbidden Forest Dark Arts Battle Arena - directly beside the "East North Hogwarts Region" Floo Flame. Wave 4 in this arena consists of 2x Mountain Trolls which are easy to avoid and if you constantly spam the basic attack cn_RT you'll easily get a combo over 160+ before they die.

    Method #2:
    Find yourself an undead zombie (Inferius) and cast basic attacks cn_RT on them. You'll find your basic attacks do no damage to them but still builds the combo meter. Inferius need to be weakened by fire before you can damage them. Avoid casting any spells, dodge their attacks and you can build a huge combo. Inferius usually lurk around the Forbidden Forest at night.

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    UnbidSoda877843This is exactly what I needed! Go to the Inferi Lair at Northford bog, drop down onto one of the sideways tombstones on the ball cliff wall, and just wail at the inferi with your basic attack.
    Posted by UnbidSoda877843 On 22 Feb at 08:37
    Shadow XBLin case anyone is looking for the Dark Arts Battle Arena and can't find it - you have to have purchased the DLC in order to access it. I didn't, so it's not there.
    Posted by Shadow XBL On 23 Feb at 18:51
    AManCalledBobI went for method 2. Defeated all the other Inferi in one area, leaving just one. As long as it's not on fire you can keep spamming the basic attack and get this achievement in about a minute.
    Posted by AManCalledBob On 17 Mar at 09:35
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  • ChameleonNinjaXChameleonNinjaX
    11 Feb 2023 11 Feb 2023 11 Feb 2023
    100% THE fastest, easiest, cheesiest guide ever...just watch it's so simple it's beautiful.
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    RoDD CahEasy... Discovered this today, but you already put the vídeo Guide, this is the easiest way to got It.
    Posted by RoDD Cah On 12 Feb at 15:10
    ChameleonNinjaXyup, made a quick guide with location found it by chance super simple
    Posted by ChameleonNinjaX On 12 Feb at 19:53
  • Itz TubezItz Tubez
    07 Feb 2023 07 Feb 2023 08 Feb 2023
    While I'm sure there is almost endless places to get this, the easiest and earliest place I was able to get this was during the main quest, "Jackdaw's Rest".

    During this mission you will be in a cave and eventually you will come across a room full of spiders that spawn. You'll know you're at the right part of this when your character says "There's the bridge! It's almost complete!"

    Spiders will start spawning shortly after you say this and this is when you'll want to avoid getting hit. After the 1st wave of spiders, 2 giant red "Thornback Matriarch" spiders will spawn in the 2nd wave. These have a lot of health so combined with hitting them, and also going for the regular spiders that spawn, you'll have more than enough time and enemy hp to get your combo up to 100, assuming you avoided getting hit.

    I'd like to also add that if you don't manage to get it during the spider fight, once the spider fight is complete, the bridge will finish. Upon crossing over it, you'll come into a room full of way more enemies so you should be able to get it no problem. Even if not, there's still several other ways in game for you to get it. Another being any of the arenas you can come across that has waves of enemies for you to defeat.

    I'm about 4 hours into this game at the time of writing this, but I've also been doing every side quest I see so if you only did main missions up til now, it'd probably take about an hour or so to get to this mission from the start. Good luck! toast
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    KandeeRebelHas this glitched for anyone? I’ve done over 250 combo and still no achievement
    Posted by KandeeRebel On 22 Feb at 19:48
    ATR0XYes, has glitched for me. Have had an over 100 combo multiple times and it won't seem to unlock.
    Posted by ATR0X On 22 Feb at 23:43
    ATR0XI got a 100 combo on another save file and the achievement popped.
    Posted by ATR0X On 23 Feb at 00:50
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