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Finishing Touches achievement in Hogwarts Legacy

Finishing Touches

Use Ancient Magic on every enemy in the game

Finishing Touches-6.1
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How to unlock the Finishing Touches achievement

  • The 4k ChickenThe 4k Chicken
    11 Feb 2023 12 Feb 2023 18 Feb 2023
    This is my first guide so go easy on me.

    Ancient magic is the act of pushing both your bumpers (LB and RB) at the same time to do a special attack.

    There are a few things I would recommend doing off the bat for this.

    First I would highly recommend having a good portion of the map unlocked this will allow us to fast travel around quickly to find Bandit camps and Dens,

    My second bit of advice is to have a few of the Ancient Magic spots done as this will boost our charge meter to hold more charges, meaning we don't have to keep grinding to gaining charge. Speaking of which I discovered a very easy way to do this, if you find an Inferius Den you can farm them for charges, one of the fun things about Inferius is that they do not take damage unless you set them on ablaze, so turn down your difficulty to easy or story, to allow for more time to react to counters/dodges and then hit them with basic spells to build up the combo meter and charges at the same time (this is also a really easy way to get the 100 combo Achievement out the way).

    Now for the list of enemies, it can look quite daunting to begin with as the game suggests that there are 67 enemies in it however we can use common sense to discount almost half these straight away, as a chunk of these are boss foes or story enemies that we can only fight once or in specific story missions, we can assume these aren't needed for the achievement, that leaves us with just 37.

    Human enemies are split in to two categories, Ashwinder and Poacher these can be found in Bandit camps.

    Duelist, Scout, Assassin, Ranger, Soldier, Executioner.

    Duelist, Tracker, Animagus, Ranger, Stalker, Executioner.

    Loyalist are the goblin enemies of the game and can also be found in Bandit camps.

    Assassin, Commander, Sentinal, Warrior, Ranger.

    Trolls are interesting as they can be found in both Bandit camps and Dens, I believe the trolls wearing types of armour are in camps only.

    Armoured, Fighter, Fortified these are camp ones.
    Forest, Mountain and River are Den ones
    (The Trolls are potentially also grouped into wild and tamed ones, meaning you only need 1 from the Dens and one from Camps)

    Dugbog are in Dens.
    Stoneback, Great spined, Cotton Grass

    Spider there are two different types of Spider enemies in the game, Venomous (V) and Thornback (TB) along with the Acromantula which is it's own thing they can all be found in Dens.

    Acromantula, V Scurriour, V Ambusher, V Shooter, V Matriarch, TB Scurriour, TB Ambusher, TB Shooter, TB Matriarch.

    That leaves us with just the last two which can be found in their respective Dens they have no sub enemy categories so don't worry about that just go find and use Ancient magic on a single one.

    Dark mongrels and Inferius.

    edit; several of commenters have also informed that a normal mongrel is also needed these can be found hanging around camps with poachers.

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    MattricusI found this list really useful, thank you. One little tip I have which others might find useful - if you put the list on your phone and then just strike off enemies systematically as you use Ancient Magic on them. I went into the Battle Arenas and did this and saw the last few enemies I was missing creep up quite quickly.

    It turned out the ones I was missing were spiders; being so many different types I thought I already had them all!
    Posted by Mattricus On 12 Mar at 19:37
    Subject J80I was missing Acromantula. Came across it on the first mission for Deek.
    Posted by Subject J80 On 18 Mar at 15:20
    james765can confirm mongrel was the last enemy i needed for the achievement.
    Posted by james765 On 28 Mar at 00:17
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  • belgianplayer1belgianplayer1
    02 Mar 2023 25 Feb 2023 25 Feb 2023
    just a list of all animals you need for this achievement. I printed this and mark every enemy i used ancient magic on

    Dubogs (Beasts):
    o Stoneback Dugbog
    o Great Spined Dugbog
    o Cottongrass Dugbog

    Ashwinders (Humans):
    o Ashwinder Duellist
    o Ashwinder Scout
    o Ashwinder Assassin
    o Ashwinder Ranger
    o Ashwinder Soldier
    o Ashwinder Executioner

    Poachers (Humans):
    o Poacher Duellist
    o Poacher Tracker
    o Poacher Animagus / Wolf Animagus (he transforms from human to wolf form, use Ancient Magic on both forms)
    o Poacher Ranger
    o Poacher Stalker
    o Poacher Executioner

    Loyalists (Goblins):
    o Loyalist Assassin
    o Loyalist Commander
    o Loyalist Sentinel
    o Loyalist Warrior
    o Loyalist Ranger
    o Inferius

    Spiders (Beasts):
    o Venomous Scurriour
    o Venomous Ambusher
    o Venomous Shooter
    o Venomous Matriarch
    o Thornback Scurriour
    o Thornback Ambusher
    o Thornback Shooter
    o Thornback Matriarch

    o Forest Troll
    o Mountain Troll
    o River Troll

    Wolves (Beasts):
    o Mongrel (*not listed in “Enemies” Collection Menu but DOES count for Finishing Touches – found randomly in Forbidden Forest)
    o Dark Mongrel

    thanks to powerpyx
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    lildevilbmxeralso fighter Troll counts towards this straight west of hogsmeade . korrow ruins fast travel bandit camp site back left corner you can fly in
    Posted by lildevilbmxer On 09 Mar at 04:35
    MisterYoda13I have web version of this list, so feel free to use it. It uses cookies to hold information, so you can close and reopen it with saved check list.
    Posted by MisterYoda13 On 11 Mar at 20:41
    Subject J80You are missing Acromantula from your spiders list.
    Posted by Subject J80 On 18 Mar at 15:20
  • FranciscoFF90FranciscoFF90
    05 Mar 2023 05 Mar 2023 05 Mar 2023
  • Mister JeevesMister Jeeves
    23 Mar 2023 23 Mar 2023
    The other guides on here are really helpful. I would recommend using one of the check lists that they provided. I used 6 kneazle hairs to give all of my equipment level 3 ancient magic focusing. You can do this using the magic loom in the room of requirement. It helped my ancient magic bar fill up really quick. Then I just went to the arenas and hit every enemy with ancient magic and checked them off the list
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