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The Spell Master achievement in Hogwarts Legacy

The Spell Master

Learn all spells

The Spell Master-1.8
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How to unlock the The Spell Master achievement

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    12 Feb 2023 12 Feb 2023 12 Feb 2023
    While playing through the story, you'll get various tasks from professors and upon completing them you'll get summoned to a class room or office and learn new spells. You have to perform the wandmotion once by pressing the button prompts for X, A, B or Y while following the spell motion.

    You also have the option to learn the three unforgivable (dark green) curses, however refusing to do so does NOT lock you out of the achievement. Feel free to role-play your character how you want and choose the dialogue option to either learn the spell or not. The last one you need to learn is the transformation spell during winter season.
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    BurstGamer JediHey how do I unlock Crucio spell? I miss it out from In the Shadow of the Study quest. Will I able get it in other quest or other way to get it?
    Posted by BurstGamer Jedi On 15 Feb at 02:12
    BurstGamer JediI got Crucio spell now. I missed it first time but after you completed mission where you have optional to learn Imperio spell so once done that mission then go to talk to Sebastian in Undercroft that he asked you to go meet him in Undercroft so go there and meet him and talked to him and you can learn Crucio spell if miss this spell first time. :)

    So Unforgiveable Curse spells is not missable!!! :D yay!!!
    Posted by BurstGamer Jedi On 15 Feb at 16:58
    GryJediEngrDon't know if they'll patch this, but I was able to get this without learning the Unforgivables. I completed a Dark Wizard arena. For the arena it auto loaded the Unforgivables, then removed them when I completed it. It still counted to the achievement progress even though it wasn't a permanent unlock.
    Posted by GryJediEngr On 17 Feb at 08:05
    xSAMMY the SEALYou don't need the unforgivables.For the achievement. However if you missed any of the unforgivables you can return to the undercroft and ask Sebastian to teach you the missing ones.
    Posted by xSAMMY the SEAL On 18 Feb at 16:33
    Kelle1994learned all spells, stuck at 96%...
    edit: got it with a different house character.
    Posted by Kelle1994 On 19 Feb at 17:42
    MurhyMarvThe forbidden spells seems no be necessarry for this achievement. I have just learned one forbidden spell till now and got the achievement.
    Posted by MurhyMarv On 22 Feb at 06:58
    TheScarecrow100Im stuck at 96%...
    Posted by TheScarecrow100 On 26 Feb at 21:38
    KingSuperbiaI can confirm that the unforgivable curses do not count for this achievement which based on the optional quest/relationship and optional nature of learning the spells (you can choose/refuse not to learn them, while still completing the related quests) and the lore (they are NOT considered viable spells by the majority of the Wizarding World, as far as to forbid using them and in turn even learning them) - honestly makes sense. All other spells are ride to quest or side quests… not optional/relationship quests (appear as speech bubble icons)…
    Posted by KingSuperbia On 27 Feb at 22:39
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