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A Forte for Achievement in Hogwarts Legacy

A Forte for Achievement

Reach Level 40

A Forte for Achievement-23.9
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How to unlock the A Forte for Achievement achievement

  • E73RN I ErjE73RN I Erj
    13 Feb 2023 14 Feb 2023 14 Feb 2023
    To reach lv 40 you need to reach 100% overall progress in the challenges section.
    In Hogwarts Legacy you gain exp while completing challenges. For example, one of the combat ones is to defeat Dark Wizards. Once you finish it, defeating Dark Wizards will NOT give you any more exp. You need to finish other challenges if you wanna increase your level.

    The challenges are divided into 5 categories:
    Combat , Quests, Exploration, Field Guide Pages and Room of Requirement

    Defeat Dark Wizards
    Defeat Dugbogs (if you need more just visit some of their lairs around the map)
    Defeat Goblins
    Defeat Inferi (visit lairs if you need more)
    Defeat Infamous Foes (you can spot them pretty easily on the map while casting revelio on a broom. Some of them are TIED to side quests, they won't appear unless you do their quests, but since you have to do all the side quests to hit lv 40, you'll get them all)
    Defeat Spiders
    Defeat Trolls (if you have troubles with them, I'd recommend this video made by me:
    Defeat Mongrels
    Complete Dueling Feats (Some are tricky, some are super easy. Remember that you can change spells midfight, in case they ask you to do something specific and you don't have the right spell equipped)

    Complete Assignments
    Complete Main Quests (yes you need to finish the game to hit lv 40, you can keep playing as much as you want after finishing the main quest line)
    Complete Side/Relationship quests (You need to finish all of them, those are also important because some of them have Infamous Foes that you need to defeat)

    Collect Ancient Magic Traces (they appear on the map with an Icon, in case use Revelio on a broom)
    Pop Balloons (They don't appear as an Icon on the map, but they are pretty big and hard to miss, especially since you have to pop 5 of them each time. Here is a guide with all the location, all credit goes to PowerPyx and the team behind:
    Landing Platforms: They don't appear as an icon, but they do appear with Revelio as a huge blue disk. If you don't want to go around spamming revelio, here's a guide (all credit goes to the creators)
    Complete Merlin Trials: You don't have to do ALL of them (that's another achievement) to finish this challenge, I think it's around 65% of the total
    Find Astronomy Tables: They appear on the map with an Icon, but you need to unlock them through the main quest first
    Solve Hogwarts Mystery: There are 3 Hogwarts Mystery that you need to find: The bridge one, the headmaster key and the Pendulum clock (
    Credit to LunarGaming for the video if you have troubles solving them by yourself)

    Field Guide Pages:
    Hogsmade: You need to collect all the 55 pages in Hogsmade (I used this video for the 4 I was missing
    , all credit to the author of the video)
    Hogwarts: You don't have to collect all of them, but a big chunk of it (
    if you need more)
    Highlands: There are 15 of them and they have an icon in the map, so pretty easy. Use revelio on a broom to find them if you have issues

    Room of Requirement:
    Breed Unique Beasts: It takes 30 mins to breed an animal, you may want to do this when you have all the vivariums available (4) to speed up the process. The easiest one are: Puffskein, Mooncalf, NIffler, Jobberknoll, Kneazle, Giant Toad, Fwooper, Diricawl, Thestral and Unicorns (since their spawn is pretty close to hogwarts and a fast travel point).
    Rescue Beasts: Just use Puffskein dens, it's the fastest way since each den has 7 to 10 beasts and they are very easy to capture
    Upgrade your gear: to be material efficient just do the lv 1 for green items, but you'll do it naturally.

    Once you complete all this challenges, you will hit lv 40! Remember, when a challenge is over, you WON'T get any more exp for it!

    Happy Hunting!
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    E73RN I ErjHave you tried to sign in and out and remove the game from the quick access? Quick access tends to make achievements iffy
    Posted by E73RN I Erj On 19 Feb at 20:32
    xCrazyAnti96I’ve been level 40 the passed 3 days and still no pop for me
    Posted by xCrazyAnti96 On 20 Feb at 20:46
    TernarySauce798It is possible that Natty’s side quest can get bugged making this and a few other achievements void. I’m in that situation at the moment. Hope they fix it so I don’t have to do another near 100% playthrough
    Posted by TernarySauce798 On 22 Feb at 01:32
    WhitestAFI2ICANDo you need all infamous foes? My one in marunween lake seems to have glitched, I’ve already killed them but says 0/1 on the map & I can’t enter the cave to try again
    Posted by WhitestAFI2ICAN On 23 Feb at 21:27
    E73RN I ErjUnfortunately you do! Are you sure you are not missing one, maybe related to some other quests?
    Posted by E73RN I Erj On 24 Feb at 16:09
    MrWhite2UHow am I supposed to reach level 40 when no more side quests are spawning for me in the North Hogwarts Region, South Hogwarts Region, Hogwarts Valley, Feldcroft Region, South Sea Bog and Coastal Region?
    Posted by MrWhite2U On 25 Feb at 01:05
    Dragonborn GearSame thing happened to me as Ontyy. The achievement popped for me early - when I went back to the main menu at level 39. I have everything done except the Take the Biscuit side quest as I'm waiting for that bug to be fixed.
    Posted by Dragonborn Gear On 26 Feb at 13:28
    daveysousLiterally hit level 40 with my last balloon pop. No way around doing all the challenges.
    Posted by daveysous On 27 Feb at 21:44
    MoxAssault517I've found that ONE of the Infamous Foes you encount during the main storyline, although you need to kill him to move through the quest, he does not always count towards your Infamous Foes kill count.

    The specific one in question is located in The Coastal Mine, and is a Goblin by the name of Grodbik(I believe that's the spelling). He is not too far into the mine, so it doesn't take long. Once you ride the "lift" down to the first Troll encounter, he's among the enemies there.

    I hope this helps.
    Posted by MoxAssault517 On 28 Feb at 17:39
    TempleOfFiveAnyone else have troubles with the astronomy tables & merlin trials? I've got no icons on my map for astronomy tables, and I've triple checked it. I've also confirmed via the locations on that I have finished them all, yet it's still showing me missing one. As for the merlin trials, i've got the Keenbridge merlin trial unfinished, however when I walk or land on it, i'm not prompted to give it mallowsweet leaves (yes I have plenty in my inventory).
    Posted by TempleOfFive On 01 Apr at 20:32
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