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Drift Lap achievement in Forza Motorsport 3

Drift Lap

Earn over 100,000 points in a single lap.

Drift Lap0
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How to unlock the Drift Lap achievement

  • NIZZUNIZZU241,035
    02 Nov 2009 18 Jun 2010 22 Jun 2010
    418 14 133
    What to do:
    Go to the main menu and select FREE PLAY, HOT LAP
    Car: Mitsubishi, HKS Time Attack Evolution
    Assists & Difficulty: Turn all OFF. Shifting Manual.
    Track: Fujimi Kaido "Full Circuit".
    -First things first. Right after you start the race, press left on the Directional to bring up the DRIFT POINT box in the upper right.
    -VERY IMPORTANT! The Rewind feature is your friend! Don't forget about it! Use it and abuse it!
    -Manual Drive, keep it in SECOND GEAR. As you go into the turn, lift your finger from the right trigger, hit A to start drifting and gently tap the right trigger to keep the drift going. With practice you will get a feel for it. You don't need to be going all that fast to pull off a decent drift.
    -Shoot for 1000 points each turn to practice. When I finally started to get the hang of it I was getting anywhere between 1500 to 3000 points per turn. Sometimes more.
    -Squeeze the max amount of points you possible can out of each turn. If you feel you could have done better or you hit the side, rewind and retry till you get it right.

    Here are the number of drift points I had at the start of each of the stone tunnels. I feel this is good reference for people on about how many drift points you should have. Restart if you need to.
    This is for Fujimi Kaido "Full Circuit" NOT "Full Circuit Reverse"!
    First tunnel: This is just after first turn in race.
    Second tunnel: 26,197
    Third and fourth tunnel (they are right after eachother): 72,894
    Fifth tunnel (last): 100,019
    Finished with 110,142

    Good luck!

    This is a guide I wrote and posted on back in November 2009. I originally wrote it after purchasing several suggested tuning setup's from the Storefront and having no luck at all. This is the major difference between this guide and others. It requires 0 credits and is done in FREE PLAY! No need to purchase cars, upgrades or tuning setups. It also includes the drift score I had at certain points on this track just for reference.
    This guide has helped many people and you are welcome to visit the original post to view the success stories before you start to invest the time.

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    S P 4 C E YSecond lap of trying: 125,000. Great solution
    Posted by S P 4 C E Y on 09 Apr 20 at 16:16
    Toothless9890YTI got it on my second lap, 101,000 points. Thanks for the solution for this achievement
    Posted by Toothless9890YT on 27 May 20 at 19:53
    SunbearLewisJust got this on 7/19/2020. I tried many solutions but this one was best. A few points of note, as mentioned in the comments upgrading the Mitsubishi, HKS Time Attack Evolution to R3 class was key for me. It means you have to buy the car and then do the upgrades and then select the car in the Hot Lap menu by going left on the menu to the garage icon. The points per tunnel were soooo helpful! Also consider running parts of the track on gear 1 if you are using an R3 modded Mitsubishi, HKS Time Attack Evolution. I think I was on gear 1 most of the time. It also took me 60 minutes to get this achievement. Lots of rewind to make sure I was getting at 1000 per turn. In summary, the things that really helped me was upgrading the Mitsubishi, HKS Time Attack Evolution to R3 and making sure I got at least 1000 on the turns, especially the uphill parts.
    Posted by SunbearLewis on 19 Jul 20 at 11:34
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  • xMP44x PaulxMP44x Paul187,829
    30 Oct 2009 30 Oct 2009
    53 12 10
    This achievement is pretty difficult, and will likely take a few attempts.

    Select the Bugatti Veyron (or experiment and find another car that suits you). Turn off all the assists, and select the full course of Fujimi Kaido. Let it load, and tap the Left Button on the D-Pad.

    Take it easy in the Veyron. It will reach very high speeds very easily. I found it worked best when you kept it below 70MPH, as it is easier to handle that way. Make sure to use the Rewind feature if you feel you could have taken a corner better too - there's no punishment for it, and doing it could be the difference between getting your Gamerscore and failing. I tried to get at least 500 on smaller corners, and on the longer / sharper corners I went for at least 1,000.

    There are some sweeping corners on the downhill area of the course. As fun as it may be, resist the urge to drive at high speed. Take it slow, and hold your drifts as long as possible. I was able to get my drift from part of the downhill section to earn 10,000 points, so trying to do that may help.

    The best way to make the rear end of the car slide out is by tapping the A Button (Handbrake). Don't hold it too long, as you're only aiming for it to lose traction, and not to spin out altogether.

    Remember, don't decide to stop during a drift! This will negate ALL the points in that current drift. If you're going to hit a wall, rewind. Try and find the line that works best for you.

    I know I probably made this sound pretty difficult. If you keep a cool head though, you could possibly do it in one attempt.
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    Becker SWEFeels like most of you who made this achievement used the Bugatti Veyron. Didn't even had it in my mind for this achievment after trying to see what the car is about (TOP SPEED, and nothing else). Handles like... shit. Couldn't even go flat out on Benchmark Speedway -.- That's why I haven't tried this car. But I feel more for the actual "real" drifting (RW car)... But anyway I'm curious so when I wake up I'll try it out in this car ;) /B13
    Posted by Becker SWE on 11 Nov 09 at 06:59
    TheChrisDThis setup was perfect. Stock Veyron with all assists off (bar manual - can't use clutch), running in second gear for the entire lap. Took a fair few rewinds, especially at some corners, but ended up with 115,085 for the lap after a single practice lap to get a feel for drifting and to learn the course.
    Posted by TheChrisD on 27 May 10 at 22:59
    LitaOsirisThe Bugatti Veyron in first gear all the way was perfect for me. It definitely has much better drift handling than the other cars I tried. I didn't even have to upgrade or tune it. Thanks for the suggestion :)
    Posted by LitaOsiris on 12 May 12 at 12:15
  • moraleboostmoraleboost71,265
    12 Apr 2010 12 Apr 2010
    37 6 4
    I'm terrible at drifting, so the above solutions were pretty helpful for me. I got it on Fujimi Kaido with a fully suped-up Bugatti Veyron and just auto-breaking and TCS turned off. The best piece of advice I can give (other than rewind until you make every corner count) is if you don't succeed on the first lap, don't start over; keep the same session going. The longer you're driving/drifting, the more you wear down your tires. Less traction makes it easier to initiate your slide, and as long as it's timed right, you won't have any problems pulling out of it, even with your tires shot. It took me four laps, but my score went up every time until...bleep bloop.
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    moraleboostI just dumped the max amount of cash into it...which makes it an interesting R2 car–insanely fast, but far less maneuverable than most R2s. The Veyron is great for drifting for exactly this reason, especially if you up the horse power. I don't have any significant tuning in it; when not drifting, I have the grip tweaked up a little.
    Posted by moraleboost on 18 Apr 10 at 12:48
    Tuxie DuckI did it with pretty much stock Veyron. With other suggested cars I got around 50-60k, the very first test drive with the Bugatti gave 87k and the next one over 110k and the achievement. Thanks for the tip!
    Posted by Tuxie Duck on 28 Mar 11 at 21:49
    MuddyAmoebaI had the same issue the HKS was just too 'grippy'. I used a fully modded Veyron, didn't need to tune it. This also meant that first gear was perfectly fast enough no need to select second gear. Using Nizzo's scores as a benchmark, I only managed 20k at the first tunnel, 62k at the second tunnel but still cam through with 105k final, and that was on my first lap with the Veyron. I didn't even make the first tunnel with the HKS, way too frustrating.
    Posted by MuddyAmoeba on 15 Mar 15 at 09:30
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