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Year 6

Complete the sixth year of Season Play.

Year 60
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    06 Feb 2010 06 Feb 2010
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    Hi Guys.
    Just thought I'd give you a few tips for this game. I'm chipping away at it, it's one hell of a grind! My hired driver is helping me out as I write this!

    Season 6 in FASTEST possible time!
    Firstly, Level 50 seems to be easy to gain within Season mode, most people I've seen have gained the achievement at Season 4 or 5. My achievement popped at the very end of Season 5. I reckon it could be gained in Season 6.

    Right, the trick is when the computer gives you the choice of three events to fill in your calendar between Championship races, you press the Y button to choose a new car and it will offer up new choices based on the car you are currently in! Then you simply choose an event which has the least races and the least miles etc and off you go!
    If you don't like the choices then just hit Y again and choose a different car class and see what's on offer. Note that it doesn't always change all three events, but there is always at least one better option!
    You won't gain as much experience this way as you would doing the longer races but as I have said Level 50 is easily yours long before the end of Season mode so no need to worry. I would also say it is a good idea to use quick upgrade where available as pushing the car to the top of the class helps to complete races more quickly too!
    The point of all this is to have all Seasons and Levels under your belt leaving you with all the longest races which can be accessed via the Event List where you can choose whatever you need/want to get finished and send your hired driver on his merry way to your Solid Gold achievement while you enjoy other things!

    For information I'm almost done with Season 6 and have used the hired driver to knock out most of the endurance races, longest of which took 1hr 10mins approx- I was out shopping and walked in to watch him cross the line!
    I'm about 32% complete if that gives you an idea of the scale of this game!

    If you need any help then just ask!
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    UK360 COMMANDOYeah you could be right there, forcing the game to give you the shorter seasons with less races might work, although you can't sell the prize cars for money and buying them back would cost millions.
    I can't prove this theory as I've only got Solid Gold left to get and am now up to 53% completion with the hired driver grinding away for me! :o)
    Posted by UK360 COMMANDO on 19 Feb 10 at 14:42
    TheGame1083I also got the achievement this way, Level 50 first then hired driver for the rest of the game, I'm 72% complete
    Posted by TheGame1083 on 12 Apr 10 at 17:32
    sinadoomI drive with all assists off but AI on Easy so I get 90% got to level 50 during Year 3
    Posted by sinadoom on 05 Aug 10 at 20:22
    Mr N Mrs Pacerwill season play ever give sam event twice?
    Posted by Mr N Mrs Pacer on 11 Jan 11 at 02:10
    UK360 COMMANDOI finished the game a long time ago now so can't confirm any more things sorry. But there are so many events that it would be unlikely for Season Mode to offer up the same events unless you played on beyond Season 6.
    Posted by UK360 COMMANDO on 11 Jan 11 at 08:47
    Metroidkillah@UK360 COMMANDO: Not a bad suggestion, but at that point, you're playing specifically for the sake of the cheev, and not the game itself. Sort of defeats the purpose- especially since this is one of those "you're guaranteed to get it if you keep playing" kind of things.

    @sinadoom: Unless Turn 10 changed something since the game came out, turning off assists does not increase your XP reward, only your money. The XP reward is the same as the base money prize, and doesn't change according to difficulty. However, by choosing the more rewarding races, I imagine you could hit Lv 50 fairly quickly.
    Posted by Metroidkillah on 23 Jan 13 at 16:29
    UK360 COMMANDOI agree, but this is a solution for that specific achievement and enables you to quickly get to the stage of being able to hire a driver for the remainder of the game, if that's what people choose to do.
    Posted by UK360 COMMANDO on 23 Jan 13 at 16:37
    Mat VoyzeyOnly two years after the question but Yes I think it can repeat events. On the last season I focused on R1 races, I checked my events list to check my progress to find that I'd completed all the R1 races and it started repeating them.....
    Posted by Mat Voyzey on 07 Aug 13 at 20:11
    Good tip, I've been doing this anyway, or choosing new tracks if they are short to help with the Gold medals later. I really wanted to know when the Seasons begin and end, is it always a specific month, different for everyone or different depending on which season? I'm on Season 6 in September and I thought it was over in August!?
    Posted on 26 Mar 14 at 00:19
    shadowninja25A little late to the party, but yes, events do repeat themselves if you're sticking to doing the same class of races. Like Mat Voyzey, I was mostly sticking to R1 races so far in season 6 (not quite done it yet) and my most recent event just repeated itself.
    Posted by shadowninja25 on 14 Oct 16 at 08:43
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