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Strike achievement in Atomic Heart


Kill Hedgie without making a single shot / destroy all statues

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How to unlock the Strike achievement

  • LordacrisLordacris
    20 Feb 2023 20 Feb 2023 23 Feb 2023
    Hedgie can be found at the entrance of the "Exhibition" during the mission "The Brave New World." As you enter the boss fight arena you'll find a upgrade station and save point. I suggest storing all your firearms (you won't be shooting) but keeping hold of a melee weapon (allowed). Fill the remaining inventory slots with health capsules to keep yourself alive. Run speed and dodge upgrades under the "Character" category are also useful for evading attacks.

    To start the boss encounter you need to raise a statue out of the floor using your electric attack cn_Y. These are the statues mentioned in the achievement description. Stand behind this first one and Hedgie should charge into it, crashing to the floor and exposing a weak spot. Here you can get a few blows in with the melee weapon hitting the orange nodes. Now we have to try our best to stay alive until we can raise another statue. Hedgie will do various charge attacks which can be dodged cn_B and ground shock waves which you can jump over cn_A. Keep your distance and heal where needed until another terminal pops out the ground you can zap with the Electric Shok. Once zapped another statue will raise out of the ground, use this as cover again to block a charged attack. Hedgie will crash to the ground, where you can hit another weak point. Rinse and repeat this technique until you've smashed all 5 statues and killed Hedgie.

    If you failed to destroy all 5 statues during the fight reload your save and try again. Try your best to remember what statues you didn't destroy and target smashing those first as this does seem to be cumulative over multiple reloads. (e.g. First run you destroyed 4/5, Second run you destroyed 3/5 but the achievement still pops because you've destroyed each unique statue).

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    xSAMMY the SEALI can attest to that do not hit it with any weapons Let the statues do all the damage
    Posted by xSAMMY the SEAL On 28 Feb at 16:15
    GR34TD3STR0Y3RBuggy as fuck.
    3 times now. Didn't even bring a gun the 3rd time. Had him break all the statues. Not popping .
    Posted by GR34TD3STR0Y3R On 14 Mar at 06:05
    Captain HeroicI used this guide and it worked for me. First run I was hitting the glowing weak points on Hedgie. However, this killed him too quickly when combined with the statues.

    Next run I just concentrated on not getting hit too much, and where the next post appeared. First time I have been annoyed at killing a boss too quickly!! However cheevo popped no problem.

    So my advice is have no weapons at all, just health etc and focus on damage avoidance and posts (to raise the statues). I was playing on "normal".
    Posted by Captain Heroic On 18 Mar at 14:18
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  • Rhodium LynxRhodium Lynx
    24 Feb 2023 24 Feb 2023 24 Feb 2023
    This battle is just before entering the museum area and I recommend you to explore the free world to find upgrade parts and update your axe or any melee weapon as much as you can.
    Although the description says that destroy all the statues, you only need to kill Hedgie without using any firearm, in my case I only destroyed 3 statues counting the first that you activate and even so the achievement exploded.
    This is the only chance you have to get it unless you have a save before this part then you can go back.
    if for some reason the achievement didn't unlock for you reload the checkpoint and face hedgie again.
  • ShummellShummell
    21 Feb 2023 21 Feb 2023 21 Feb 2023
    This achievement is missable

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Do not attack Hedgie with anything. To get the achievement you will need to get him to roll into the five pillars/statues you can spawn in the arena. After he hits the fifth pillar he will die.

    In the video I show some recommended upgrades to get before attempting this and of course I recommend trying this on the easiest difficulty.

    Spawn the pillars by shocking them and get Hedgie to dash into them to damage the boss.

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    E vee dub22 Feb 2023
    Please include the "recommended upgrades" in the actual guide.

    Some would consider that omitting the information was purposeful just so people would HAVE TO view your video for cheap views. (The current guide leaves out potentially useful information to more easily unlock this achievement, and instead directs the player off this website to a video.)

    Posted by E vee dub On 22 Feb at 11:03
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