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Medium Rare achievement in Atomic Heart

Medium Rare

Kill Belyash

Medium Rare-0.2
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How to unlock the Medium Rare achievement

  • LordacrisLordacris
    22 Feb 2023 22 Feb 2023 22 Feb 2023
    Checkout missable achievement "Chop Chop Chop" to kill Belyash in a specific way. However the "Medium Rare" achievement to simply kill him is non-missable.

    You encounter Belyash during the mission "The Show Must go on" as you reach the Theatre. The Theatre entrance looks suspiciously like a boss arena and this is where Belyash will spawn.

    Thankfully Belyash is a relatively easy boss fight. He has slow obvious melee attacks and lunges, the only thing that might catch you out is the ground pound similar to what Hedgie used. Just jump over the orange shockwaves to avoid damage. Once Belyash drops down to 50% health he'll start using a flamethrower attack that also sets the grass on fire. While he's spraying try to get behind him to land a few blows.

    Once he goes down, you should get the achievement. If not, load a previous save to try again and hopefully it pops the second time around!

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    E vee dub25 Feb 2023
    I found/fought a robot called a Belyash in a large box on the side of the road. Defeated it with nothing but the SWEDE, and evidently, that's not the Belyash to which this achievement refers.

    26 Feb 2023 ... UPDATE
    Yep, has to be the Belyash at the theater (the open area by the water with high columns).
    My Swede (axe) did have an electric cartridge installed and the achievement still unlocked. I used no guns and no other powers.

    Thumbs 👍 up #1.

    Posted by E vee dub on 25 Feb 23 at 07:23
    RadgetaTo confirm Feb 27 I exited an area and had to fight two Belyash at the same time. Brat both with the ZVEZDOCHKA, no pop.
    Posted by Radgeta on 28 Feb 23 at 14:21
    ToMiSIavThe area you exited was a bunker on the hill. Any freeroaming belyashes do not award the cheevo.
    Posted by ToMiSIav on 11 Mar 23 at 10:12
    Captain HeroicDefeated him on normal with "Swede", I got both the achievements, although during the fight I kept going under the map, but always came up, and the final kill was odd as i was under the map when he died, be aware the elevator is hidden behind a door which is down some stairs behind the arena.
    Posted by Captain Heroic on 19 Mar 23 at 22:23
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