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Chop Chop Chop achievement in Atomic Heart

Chop Chop Chop

Kill Belyash with a melee weapon

Chop Chop Chop-27.1
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How to unlock the Chop Chop Chop achievement

  • LordacrisLordacris
    22 Feb 2023 22 Feb 2023 22 Feb 2023
    You encounter Belyash during the mission "The Show Must go on" as you reach the Theatre. The Theatre entrance looks suspiciously like a boss arena and this is where Belyash will spawn.

    To get the Chop Chop Chop achievement to pop pop pop you'll need to complete this boss fight with Melee weapons only. Using any form of elemental damage or firearm seems to void this achievement, so suggest using melee throughout.

    Thankfully Belyash is a relatively easy boss fight. He has slow obvious melee attacks and lunges, the only thing that might catch you out is the ground pound similar to what Hedgie used. Just jump over the orange shockwaves to avoid damage. Once Belyash drops down to 50% health he'll start using a flamethrower attack that also sets the grass on fire. While he's spraying try to get behind him to land a few blows. I found charging a heavy attack and hitting him when he lunged worked well for me throughout the fight.

    Once he goes down, you should get both achievements. If not, load a previous save to try again and hopefully it pops the second time around!

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    SwaRoDia XPThey really need to word their achievement hints better. Kill Beylesh boss using only a melee weapon. That would be less confusing, made me think the first time I just had to get the final hit with a melee weapon, and there are other Beylesh you can encounter so without the boss added you could assume any Beylesh could give you this achievement. It's Kingdom come deliverence stay awake for 3 days all over again
    Posted by SwaRoDia XP On 01 Mar at 14:27
    Yu Silly GooseUsing the ranged attack from the Zvezdochka melee weapons alt attack works with this, makes the fight extremely easy even on Armageddon difficulty (used a fully upgraded one with the lower blade which gives two blades to the ranged alt attack... frankly a must for making the Armageddon difficulty run much easier).
    Posted by Yu Silly Goose On 04 Mar at 05:51
    lucylu1983The zvezdochka fully upgraded definitely makes this fight so easy even on armageddon although it did take me a while to realise actually holding LT down makes all the difference with a full green bar
    Posted by lucylu1983 On 04 Mar at 23:41
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  • Rhodium LynxRhodium Lynx
    26 Feb 2023 01 Mar 2023 01 Mar 2023
    Belyash is the second main boss in the game and you face him before entering the theater area. Like the strike achievement, we must defeat him only with a melee weapon, in my case I used ZVEZDOCHKA but any works fine. It's an easy battle even playing on Hardcore, just use your charged attack to do more damage and learn its patterns to dodge it.
    I leave you a video with the battle in the highest difficulty.
    01 Mar 2023 01 Mar 2023 01 Mar 2023
  • ArenafighterArenafighter
    22 Feb 2023 22 Feb 2023 22 Feb 2023
    It doesn't not work to shoot the Boos down to low Helath and finshining it with an Meele Weapon.

    You need hit the Enemy from start to finish with an Close combat Weapon.

    Tip for Hardcore Players: If you try to get this one on your Playtrough and you need this a little bit easier than made a manual Save bevor the Boss fight.
    Kill him on Armageddon Difficulty. After that you have a Manual and an Autosave on Armageddon.
    Quit the Game out so automatic Save transfer to Cloud will triggered.

    Load in your Manual Save, switch to Easy Mode, kill the Boss (only Melee Weapon) get Achievement and than press Xbox Button, delete your Local Save.
    Game will Quit automatically to Dashboard.
    Start Game again and here you get your Save back after you killed the Boss on highest difficulty👌😉

    !!! This solution is on your own Risk!!!!

    For me it works perfectly👌
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