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Atomic Heart achievement in Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart

Complete the game in Hardcore mode

Atomic Heart0
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How to unlock the Atomic Heart achievement

    23 Feb 2023 23 Feb 2023 27 Feb 2023
    *Comments are saying this has been patched, this will now only work if you play an unpatched version of the game,

    Credit to REA AONO on the forums.

    After beating the game on ANY difficulty return to the main menu and start a New Game selecting Armageddon difficulty. Upon getting into the game, pause and load your save from before fighting the twins.
    Defeat the twins and the achievement will pop.

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    x55StarGeneralxThe cheese method definitely works as of April 7th 2024. I just got it. I had to start a new game on Armageddon and do the boat ride sequence as stated above. Once you step off boat and game auto saves, I hit pause and loaded my game save at the boss fight. Finish the twins and the achievement popped once they exploded.
    Posted by x55StarGeneralx on 07 Apr at 05:50
    RvR PhilComentário em Português
    O método funciona ainda 26/05/2024
    O meu funcionou quando comecei um novo jogo na dificuldade Armagedon e logo após descer do passei de barco no início da jogada ira aparecer JOGO SALVO. Logo depois carregue o save para antes da luta contra as Gêmeas, recomendo que recarregue o save na casa da Vó zina! Depois é só esperar a conquista pipocar!
    Posted by RvR Phil on 26 May at 17:14
    TheOneRedSmurfJust got this as of 06/02/2024. It wasn't the smoothest of unlocks so ill explain what worked for me.

    -Beat game and skipped end credits.
    -started new game on Armageddon and waited to end of boat ride till auto save
    -loaded checkpoint just before twin fight. (I check difficulty here to see it was still on Armageddon)
    -I did the QTE and fight and the achievement didn't pop.
    -So I closed the game entirely (PC so to desktop) and relaunched. I loaded up my last auto save which was just before the QTE.
    -For some reason this skipped the QTE and got right into the twin fight (not sure why, music was bugged as well). I beat them again and this time I got the achievement to pop.

    So overall just keep trying and hopefully it will work eventually. This was the 3rd attempt. First time I didn't let the end cutscene play out and tried to rush it.
    Posted by TheOneRedSmurf on 03 Jun at 03:04
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  • PickleNickPickleNick#5965
    12 Apr 2023 12 Apr 2023 12 Apr 2023
    Been trying other methods for days and finally got it to pop waiting till you get out of the boat before loading to granny's house. This is what worked for me and builds off comments from @iitsStatic and @lB r o IL y I in @GMERSCORE JUNKY's solution.

    If anyone is having trouble:
    -Beat game on any difficulty (I did this weeks ago and am even missing half the story achievments at time of getting this achievment)
    -Quit game
    -Restart console
    -Start a new game on Armageddon
    -Let the opening scene play until you get out of the boat and get an auto save
    -Load a save to Granny's house before twins fight (A lot of people say to load straight to the final twins fight, but I think the first time I played through I had died at the quick time event and that might be messing some people up)
    -Beat both twin boss fights without dying (recommend quitting game and restart the process from there if you die, even in the quick time events).
    -Should pop after beating twins and they explode, had to wait like 15 seconds for mine to pop

    Tips for killing twins:
    -Use rail gun and fat boy
    -Bring as many rockets as you have
    -Bring 2x dynamo (recharges energy significantly faster) and 2x condensed milk (increases damage), use one of each at the start of each fight.
    -Bring lots of large and medium heals
    Use the rail gun and shok as much as possible. Use fat boy when energy is recharging. Should be a piece of cake. Hardest part is the quick time events.
    Hope this helps those struggling!
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    Stevo6483Still working January 2024
    Posted by Stevo6483 on 22 Jan at 23:00
    danfreitas90Confirmo que ainda funciona em janeiro de 2024.
    Posted by danfreitas90 on 27 Jan at 02:23
    Dragos119This works as of 04/24/2024, even with the patches.

    I finished the game on Normal, loaded it and change the difficulty to Armageddon. Then closed the game out and restarted the console. Started a new game with Armageddon, then after the boat ride, loaded the now "Normal>Armageddon" save to outside the office for the last Boss fight. Defeat the Twins and the achievement popped.
    Note: Dont die, in QT event, just load save if you do (if you see the unskippable cutscene your good). Use maxed out Polymer Jet, Shock and fat boy to win. Use condense milk if you are having trouble with the twins.
    Posted by Dragos119 on 24 Apr at 19:20
  • Dirty GeneDirty Gene
    24 Jun 2023 24 Jun 2023
    Not sure if this will help anyone but it worked for me. I didn't need to start a new game on Armageddon and play another save or anything. All I did was load the save I beat the game on (for me it was on the easiest difficulty) right before the twins boss fight (Chelomey: High-Rise Final Floor), go into OPTIONS, tab over once to GAMEPLAY, and the fourth (4th) setting is game difficulty. I switched mine from "Peaceful Atom" to "Armageddon" and simply went on to beat the twins. The achievement popped for me as soon as they died. Below is the loadout I used and was able to beat them first try with although I ran out of heals right at the end so I would recommend subbing out the medium capsules with more large ones. If you do not need the loadout, I hope this helps a little bit for those still struggling to find a way to get the achievement without doing the entire game on the hardest difficulty!


    KALASH -
    level 4 conventional stock
    level 4 electromagnetic polarizer barrel
    level 4 cartridge module (I used one (1) electric cartridge because I forgot to put in more in my gun during the fight so bring about 3 or 4 and remember to use them when you run out!)
    Basic magazine
    Collimator sight

    All I needed it for was to hold down the left trigger (LT) to release a pulse that did a fair bit of damage so I would HIGHLY RECCOMEND upgrading this gun if you can as it will help you out tremendously. If you cannot afford to fully upgrade it, try to upgrade the emp generator stunning head as much as you can. ALSO, if you're going to be relying on this gun, bring LOTS of electro and dynamo as they both will help with your energy recovery. This is an absolute must if you're going to be using the electros' charge ability since I was only able to get two charges out of one full bar of energy. One more thing, I DID NOT have ANY of the energy management upgrades either so if you have these I'm sure they will help you out a ton!

    six (6) large neuromed capsule
    three (3) medium neuromed capsule
    one (1) small neuromed capsule (right before the fight to get my health to full)
    I did not use any electro or dynamo as I previously mentioned but I would definitely recommend if you have the space.
    four (4) condensed milk - (increasing damage)
    one (1) vodka - (significantly reduces incoming damage)
    NOTE: You can but the milk and vodka in your weapon wheel by holding your reload button to open your weapon wheel, hovering over an empty slot (or any slot you prefer) and selecting it with your fire button (for me it is RT). Once there, simply hover over the desired consumable and install it. ***PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU MUST HOVER OVER IT AND HIT RT AGAIN AS SIMPLY RELEASING THE RELOAD BUTTON WILL CAUSE YOU TO USE THE ITEM YOU WERE HOVERING OVER AND ALSO NOT PUT IT IN YOUR WHEEL***

    AMMO -
    Since I only used the kalash and electro, the only ammo I needed was for the kalash and I carried seven (7) stacks of 90 equaling a total of 630 rounds which was a bit overkill but better safe than sorry.

    - I had a fully upgraded character
    - I had an almost fully upgraded SHOK and used it about 2 or 3 times throughout the fight in total. I would totally recommend using it as much as possible to keep your dps up while your two skills recharge!
    - I used FROSTBITE with only the horizontal row of upgrades for it and only used it about twice, however, I noticed it did help stop them in their place so you can keep the damage on them but it did not apply a frozen effect to them.
    - Finally I used a fully upgraded MASS TELEKINESIS except for "energy vampire (226 neuropolymer)" This skill is INCREDIBLE against the twins as it will not only keep them in the air for you too shoot them with your other hand and negate any and all attacks they were going to do, but it will also deal a significant amount of damage when you slam them to the ground! I suggest using this one the most while also cycling your other skill with UP on the D-Pad and using SHOK as well.

    If you read this far, you're a legend and I hope this helps a little bit in some way shape or form!
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    Gamers CoopI can say that this solution was the simplest and most objective, I just got this achievement, but it didn't unlock right away... closing and opening the game, I waited a few minutes and the achievement unlocked
    Posted by Gamers Coop on 04 Oct 23 at 18:48
    FloopFlarpThis worked for me on the PC version with Game pass for PC. I loaded up my save at the save point outside of the office, changed difficulty, and equipped just Zvezdochka fully upgraded with saw dance and loaded my inventory with large meds and electro. It helps to have the juggler perk to do one handed refills, the perk to prevent damage while dodging, and your energy management maxed out. Just strafed in circles holding left trigger to spam saw dance until my energy ran dry then used electro to refill. Rinse and repeat until done.

    I can confirm I died once and let it reload from auto save then finished the game and the achievement still unlocked.
    Posted by FloopFlarp on 29 Jan at 23:53
    shellshockzer0As of 2024/05/20 this is still working on XSX Console.
    You don't need to start a New Game as suggested by @Dirty Gene.

    This is what I did:
    1. Complete the game on normal difficulty, and got 'Murderous Beauty' achievement.
    2. Skip the Credits.
    3. Load the last save game (just before the final Boss). No need to restart/close game (I did not restart)
    4. Pause the game, goto 'Settings' > 'Gameplay' > 'Difficulty' and change it to 'Armageddon'.
    5. Defeat the final Boss, and got 'Atomic Heart' achievement.

    Loadout & Skills (only for the final Boss)
    * Fat boy (18 ammo)
    * Mass Telekinesis
    * Polymeric Shield
    * 6 Medium Meds (you may only need 2-3)
    Posted by shellshockzer0 on 19 May at 21:48
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