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Atomic Heart achievement in Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart

Complete the game in Hardcore mode

Atomic Heart-44.2
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How to unlock the Atomic Heart achievement

    23 Feb 2023 23 Feb 2023 27 Feb 2023
    *Comments are saying this has been patched, this will now only work if you play an unpatched version of the game,

    Credit to REA AONO on the forums.

    After beating the game on ANY difficulty return to the main menu and start a New Game selecting Armageddon difficulty. Upon getting into the game, pause and load your save from before fighting the twins.
    Defeat the twins and the achievement will pop.

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    KILLAchievementThis is still glitched. I started a new game and played through it all (never switching difficulty) and beat it on Armageddon, and the achievement has not popped. Tried closing the game and reloading saves and beat it again, still nothing.
    Posted by KILLAchievement On 20 Mar at 19:28
    SpeedyFox1105still bug
    Posted by SpeedyFox1105 On 23 Mar at 09:00
    J4YC00MB3SFinished the game numerous times, deleted and re-installed, started from fresh. Unfortunately still won't pop.

    Pretty much seems broken. Will wait for a update.
    Posted by J4YC00MB3S On 26 Mar at 15:47
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  • LordacrisLordacris
    25 Feb 2023 25 Feb 2023 28 Feb 2023
    Save Scum method has now been patched. The only way of getting this currently is to complete the game on Armageddon difficulty from the outset. I'll leave the old save scum video attached for anyone interested in how that was done.

    This achievement may also be falling victim to the tracking bug wipe. A lot of people are reporting finishing the game on Armageddon and it still not popping! It's unrealistic to assume you can finish the game in one sitting to get this.

    Note: I couldn't get this achievement to pop with the weak ending (Option #1). It needed to be done on the true ending (Option #2) where you fight the Twins. You only need to kill one Twin to defeat them both. I suggest fully upgrading the "Fat Boy" and it should take 5-6 rockets to kill one of the Twins.

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    NicholasKidman@starXlord007 March 1st few days old update in Manage game is listed as Version
    Posted by NicholasKidman On 01 Mar at 13:20
    dane2kI started playing my second play through on Armageddon and got to right before the open world is opened and thought the game looked dark and turned up the brightness and saw in the pause menu it was set to Local Malfunction. Not sure if this is something where I changed it without knowing but I swear I didn’t. Not sure if this is a problem with the game but I thought I’d share
    Posted by dane2k On 02 Mar at 20:21
    Buachaill DonaYet another achievement failing to unlock after completing iit.
    Posted by Buachaill Dona On 16 Mar at 14:35
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