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Lord of War achievement in Atomic Heart

Lord of War

Collect all weapons

Lord of War-55.0
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How to unlock the Lord of War achievement

  • LordacrisLordacris
    25 Feb 2023 25 Feb 2023 27 Feb 2023
    There's a total of 11 weapons in Atomic Heart to collect, however only 10 of them have blueprints you can craft. You only get 1 Shotgun in the entire game and no blueprints exist to recreate it. So if you happen to dismantle the Shotgun and have your achievement tracking set back to 0% you won't be able to get this achievement. Do not dismantle the Shotgun!

    Blueprints are found in the grey/yellow chests throughout Atomic Heart. The individual weapon blueprints appear to be in different locations for different people. Where I found the Railgun blueprint won't be the place you'll find it. However I did see messages on the side of the screen stating I already had certain blueprints, so it's possible you might be able to find multiples of them.

    No Shotgun? Tracking bug workaround:
    Collect all 10 available blueprints, gather crafting materials so you can create each of them at least once. When you have enough materials, create each weapon ensuring it goes into your Inventory and not the storage (this wont count). If done correctly and you've had all 10 weapons in your inventory/hands, the achievement tracking should sit around 91%. Now start a "New Game" and proceed through to where you first meet Granny Zina and enter Vavilov. Soon as you get "gifted" the Shotgun you'll also be gifted the achievement - All this must be done in one session! Closing/reopening the game will reset progress.

    KS-23 Shotgun
    MP Handgun
    Fat Boy

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    xUND3RTAK3RxRKOAnyone know how or where to get the railgun blueprint I've found other ones since the patch but still no railgun
    Posted by xUND3RTAK3RxRKO On 11 Mar at 06:51
    SSSteinManJust unlocked Lord of War and 'Unlock all achievements' achievement didn't pop. What a joke!

    Got it! It popped at the title screen
    Posted by SSSteinMan On 11 Mar at 08:39
    Mr SpinelesSBuilt every weapon, had them all in my inventory but still no achievement.

    Guess I will have to do the new game route... Can you start a new game without losing your current game progress?
    Posted by Mr SpinelesS On 11 Mar at 11:50
    MethodicBR77Same as Mr Spineless, have all the weapons (after the last patch 1 3.5 the neuromodule bug is fixed) and nothing on Lord of War achievement. Have all the 12 weapons at the same time in the inventory and nothing. Tried deleting and recreating one by one and...nothing. Stuck at 91%. And I've never dismantled the shotgun.
    Posted by MethodicBR77 On 11 Mar at 14:07
    SSSteinManI don't think people have notice but you can now craft the shotgun.
    Make sure to save your game first before dismantle the shotgun or move shotgun into storage, then go to crafting and see if it let you craft the shotgun.
    Posted by SSSteinMan On 12 Mar at 12:36
    DaChiefOfOwnageFor those struggling to get the railgun... Pretty sure all of the weapon unlocks are tied to opening RED chests such as those in Vavilov safe rooms (first major area of the game). The red chests after Vavilov are not found in safe rooms anymore and you actually have to go find them in the game world/testing grounds/story levels. You need a certain number of red chests opened to get the railgun, which is why everyone seems to get it at different points in the game. For example, I did a LOT of exploring and got the railgun before even going into VDNH after defeating Hedgie. But tbh the railgun is pretty useless as it stops enemies from dropping loot, and fat boy does crazy damage when upgraded so you can cheese pretty much any enemy. The fat boy ammo is also very plentiful you will never run out.
    Posted by DaChiefOfOwnage On 14 Mar at 01:05
    Alias DJAOK - I’m gonna flag 2 points.

    1. The Railgun

    It’s not a guaranteed drop EVER in this game. It’s pure RNG based on your current progress, so the more you progress through the game through testing grounds - it’s gonna take longer to appear. On my first playthrough on normal - I did ever ground early - and it never dropped. On my Armageddon playthrough - it dropped in a random box while collecting robot parts to activate drill mode. Any of these videos on YT showing guaranteed spawns is complete BS.

    2. The Achievement Itself

    IF like me, you started another playthrough to get your missing gun and it’s still not unlocking - I managed to get mine to unlock just now doing this…

    Proving you have all the necessary blueprints - you’re going to need to unlock the perks on the character for max inventory space first.

    Then create a save wherever you want as long as you’re next to a Nora. Transfer all your inventory items over to storage. Now, one by one transfer your weapons back you already have made. Then, create the missing ones as they will go straight into your inventory and track correctly.

    Achievement will pop after you pick up the last gun. Hope this helps
    Posted by Alias DJA On 16 Mar at 17:02
    Sosa AdlibsWas stuck on 91%
    Did the dissembling as I have all weapons
    Cheevo unlocked when I crafted the fox
    I kept the shotty in my inventory btw while doing the dissemble and crafting process
    Posted by Sosa Adlibs On 19 Mar at 19:24
    daeVaViciousi got the railgun blueprint at the top of the exhibition center - there's an electric grid puzzle at the top and the mission tells you to go back to the exhibit (the whale i think) but i continued outside instead and i got the railgun blueprint in a chest up there :) my friend said he also got it there but who knows how accurate that is :) i re-crafted everything (except the shotgun) and i have all 12 weapons and no cheevo 😾 i also didn't get the kill the twins one and the craft all consumables one and i should have those too 😾😾😾
    Posted by daeVaVicious On 24 Mar at 22:29
    EI Bikerboy25-Mar: the no shotgun tracking bug workaround doesn’t work anymore.
    Posted by EI Bikerboy On 26 Mar at 08:45
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