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The Necromancer achievement in Atomic Heart

The Necromancer

Talk to every dead

The Necromancer+3.6
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How to unlock the The Necromancer achievement

  • Rhodium LynxRhodium Lynx
    Locked 23 Feb 2023 27 Feb 2023
    We know that this achievement is broken, although it can only be that the tracker does not work, in any case I will be making guides with all the collectibles and I will tell you if collecting them all unlocks the achievement. There are some talking dead that you can't interact with, I don't know if they really count towards the achievement or if they are just a bug but I included them in the guide in case they fix this so I recommend having save points in each area of ​​the game.

    Vavilov Complex and Forester Village:

    VDNH Complex And Plisetskaya Theater:

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    ToMiSIavFor Necro im at 84% and Chirpers at 97% Apple pie 86% and Armaggedon didnt unlock, i believe i collected everything thru my playthrough. Several dead bodies either not interactable or are but dont register as progress
    Posted by ToMiSIav On 12 Mar at 18:55
    Mz NeyZercreate a new game and recover talk to the dead again, me the progress increase it again after that
    Posted by Mz NeyZer On 14 Mar at 13:51
    ZotossThis game has so much potential, but also it is a shitshow of missed opportunities and poor testing. The tracking of many achievement in my current playthrough is completely broken (Burning Ears and Necromancer). One achievement does not want to pop (Below Zero). I am playing at Armageddon difficulty and I just hope the achievement will pop at the end. Luckily this game is on GamePass, because if I had to pay 60 bucks for a game in such a poor optimization status, I would probably sue the developers. Holy crap.
    Posted by Zotoss On 14 Mar at 22:20
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  • LordacrisLordacris
    21 Feb 2023 20 Feb 2023 28 Feb 2023
    Started a new game yesterday 27/02/23 to see if I could record some footage for a guide on this. Unfortunately the tracking is still an issue and multiple Bodies couldn't be spoken to or the tracking didn't progress. What a joke!

    Missable: If you leave a mission location such as Vavilov, VDNH, Theater or Pavlov having missed a Dead Body there's no way of returning to these areas to talk to them.

    There's around 50 Dead Bodies in the game to talk to, although documented online it's still broken. Due to the issue with achievement tracking resetting to 0% this looks nearly impossible to do in its current state. You'd have to find all bodies in one sitting without closing down the game.

    The people that currently have it unlocked like myself, managed to save glitch it until the recent patch stopped that.

    Marking this one as broken until it's patched.
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    DE4N MUFCGame has just received a new 12+GB update today and it still hasn’t solved the issue for this achievement, not while I was using the save scum method on the bodies outside the Lesnaya Maglev train station anyway.
    Posted by DE4N MUFC On 26 Feb at 13:06
    Sonic6LI'm seeing lots of bodies I can interact with (come up as green on the scanner) not giving me an option to interact with them. Is this normal? Anyone else have this problem?

    Do some just show up as green on the scanner and you can't interact with them?
    Posted by Sonic6L On 03 Mar at 08:14
    ManicMetalhead@Sonic I had this exact issue too. I couldn't work out if they were meant to be interacted with, as even though some appeared green, they didn't seem to have a THOUGHT device on.
    Posted by ManicMetalhead On 03 Mar at 09:10
  • TheRealJoeSchmoTheRealJoeSchmo
    Locked 04 Mar 2023 07 Mar 2023
    So after playing through the game once and getting at least half of the dead bodies (give or take), I decided to start a new game to see if talking with the dead bodies will continue to track toward the achievement. Lo and behold, it appears to work! I talked with the first 2 dead bodies and my tracker continues to tick up each time. Note: I am continuing the game from a Quick Resume state so I am not entirely sure if this would work if I quit the game and started fresh (and I am not risking it to find out). So in essence, you can get a good bit of the bodies the first go around, then mop any of the remaining you need on a subsequent playthrough. Hopefully this continues to work even when all of this achievement mess finally gets sorted out.

    Update: So after playing through the game a second time, I am stuck at 80%. It appears the remaining ones I need are the ones currently bugged or are not tracking properly.
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