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Avatar achievement in Atomic Heart


Kill 10 burning enemies, 10 electrified enemies, and 10 frozen enemies

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How to unlock the Avatar achievement

  • ShummellShummell
    21 Feb 2023 22 Feb 2023 22 Feb 2023
    For 10 frozen enemies buy the first two upgrades in the frostbite category from a Nora machine and equip the frostbite ability. Then freeze 10 enemies and kill them while they are frozen.

    For 10 burning enemies I crafted and equipped the fire cartridge to the Makarov Pistol (second video is a more detailed process on how to do this) and then killed 10 enemies.

    For the 10 electrified enemies I could not get the achievement to unlock by shocking them with the shock ability and then killing them. However, as soon as I switched to a shock cartridge on the Makarov Pistol and then killed ten enemies with it the achievement unlocked.

    A more detailed guide on how to craft and equip elemental cartridges to a gun

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    KaykyEleuOreoto stuck people, if you leave, the progress will reset, you have to do all in one sitting
    Posted by KaykyEleuOreo On 24 Feb at 04:10
    jimmy0brienYou may also want to try to have the absolute zero frostbite, I was going for the below zero and that helped me complete this after it was stuck
    Posted by jimmy0brien On 24 Feb at 21:13
    JHSX231What do u mean if u leave it will reset
    Posted by JHSX231 On 25 Feb at 20:59
    ManicMetalheadIf you fully close the game, all your achievement progress resets, for this and every other cumulative achievement. If you’re going to do it, get all of one achievement in a single session.
    You can try using quick resume to go over multiple days but if any patches come out, the game will be force closed and that progress is lost.
    Posted by ManicMetalhead On 25 Feb at 21:53
    Pink Freud PhDEven after doing it all in one sitting and a good 20+ of each type, my tracker froze just like the above people mentioned and will not progress. Shame this game has so many achievement issues because it was a blast to play, I just wanted to wrap up this misc achievement but time to move on. Maybe it'll get fixed one day.
    Posted by Pink Freud PhD On 28 Feb at 03:30
    SoulEngineerHypothesis: you can't one-shot enemy.
    At least one shot to apply the effect, then finish them off.

    I was using the shotgun with elemental canisters and killing loads of the flying bots in one hit and my tracker wouldn't increase. Occasionally an enemy I couldn't one shot wandered nearby and I killed them and that seemed to progress the tracker.
    Posted by SoulEngineer On 01 Mar at 04:17
    PinkyDemonTRStuck at 60% this game very broken
    Posted by PinkyDemonTR On 01 Mar at 16:29
    Mr MahHaI love all the warnings that certain achievements have to be done in one sitting and if you close the game the tracker will freeze. Unfortunately that’s almost impossible to do because the game crashes so frequently haha
    Posted by Mr MahHa On 02 Mar at 06:01
    Mr SpinelesSFound it easier to get using canisters on a melee weapon (used Pashtet) and just swinging away with the basic attack.

    Also freezing an enemy and then shocking them seemed to be the only way I could get electrify enemies to work without a canister.
    Posted by Mr SpinelesS On 06 Mar at 08:05
    Teflon CamelI thought my tracker was bugged as well. I was able to get the achievement this morning by attempting the cheeve in one sitting. I attached cartridges (fire, electric, freeze) to my melee weapon and killed 10-15 of each to be sure I reached 10. I can't confirm reanimated enemies count toward tracking or not so I made an effort to kill enemies in different areas. Hope this helps someone.
    Posted by Teflon Camel On 16 Mar at 09:15
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