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Hothead achievement in Atomic Heart


Make 25 aimed headshots from Makarov pistol

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How to unlock the Hothead achievement

  • LordacrisLordacris
    21 Feb 2023 22 Feb 2023 22 Feb 2023
    The Makarov Pistol is abbreviated to "MP" in game for whatever reason. So ensure it's the MP gun your using to do the aimed headshots.

    I found the best mobs to headshot were the white Vova engineers. Either freeze or electrocute them so they stand still - then with the Makarov Pistol aim down sight with cn_LT and put a few round into their heads to kill them.

    Due to Atomic Heart having achievement tracking reset issues it's best to do all 25 in one sitting. The best way to do this is find a save point within a few yards of a Vova engineer. Save, then kill him with aimed headshots. Reload and kill him again. Rinse and repeat 25 times to unlock the achievement.

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    HotRodZoidbergAs of 3/8/23, reloading doesn't work for me--loading a previous checkpoint or save reset the tracker just like closing the game out completely. To get the achievement, I had to get 25 headshot kills in one continuous run, no loading, etc. Hope this helps someone else.
    Posted by HotRodZoidberg On 08 Mar at 16:36
    MisterWinkyFaceAs of March 10, 2023 with update on Xbox Series X, this is not tracking for me at all. I was locked at 36% before the update this morning and worked a good dozen (at least) in one run in the hospital basement against mutants. The tracker hasn't moved. Neither does the Railgun achievement. I zapped six in one shot. No pop.
    Posted by MisterWinkyFace On 10 Mar at 14:52
    Captain HeroicAfter the big update tracking seems to be working except for apples.

    A great place to get a load of headshots is the bridge. I equipped the thermal sight as it makes it much easier. Loads of sprouts, plus a couple of harder enemies.

    I also did the vodka and take down the owl cheevos at the same time.
    Posted by Captain Heroic On 23 Mar at 09:29
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  • Mr SpinelesSMr SpinelesS
    21 Feb 2023 21 Feb 2023 10 Mar 2023
    EDIT: Unsure if you can still get this via reloading a checkpoint, so check the progress on the achievement if you attempt to do so. That said the latest patch says they fixed the single session issue, so you may be able to get this legit over multiple game sessions now.

    Apparently this is glitched and you need to get 25 aimed headshots in a single sitting.

    Luckily it's possible to get this by exploiting the checkpoint system.

    Simply find a Vova near a checkpoint, Freeze/electrify them (may as well work on the Avatar achievement while doing this) Aim at their head and kill them.

    Then just load your previous save and repeat.

    I did this in the room with the locked door to the seed bank (you collect 3 moon samples or something for a lock)
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    HerrKätzchenStill broken - along with literally all the collectibles cheevos and god knows what else.
    Posted by HerrKätzchen On 22 Feb at 15:53
    KaykyEleuOreoconfirmed still broken the tracking angry surprisingly, why the "platinum (all achievments)" achievement don't have a unobtainable flag?
    Posted by KaykyEleuOreo On 22 Feb at 17:39
    BAK3D B34NThat’s annoying, you’d think a 60gb update would cover these things. I enjoyed the first few hours of the game but I’m slightly put off playing if things like the test chambers or getting all the weapons isn’t going to track properly
    Posted by BAK3D B34N On 22 Feb at 21:37
  • Nikarg06Nikarg06
    Locked 19 Feb 2023 19 Feb 2023
    Tip: for the achievement to count, always hold the pistol while aiming after getting a headshot. If you stop holding LT right after getting a headshot, it won't count.

    Pretty simple achievement, mostly aim for the simple Vova enemies, since they have the least amount of health.

    You can turn on Aim Assist if needed.
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    KaykyEleuOreoIt stops if you leave the game, then to you get progress you need do the all HS you got again. if you gave 20 HS, then leave you have to get 20 HS again plus the remaining so i gonna wait a patch to fix
    Posted by KaykyEleuOreo On 21 Feb at 09:15
    SangueXRuimX219This sh*t dont working, need att
    Posted by SangueXRuimX219 On 27 Feb at 00:34
    MisterWinkyFaceHolding down LT the whole time did not make a difference on my Series X for GamePass version. It updated to this morning and the tracker still does not budge.
    Posted by MisterWinkyFace On 10 Mar at 14:54
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