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Below Zero achievement in Atomic Heart

Below Zero

Freeze a Vova mid-air

Below Zero-15.7
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How to unlock the Below Zero achievement

  • ManicMetalheadManicMetalhead
    24 Feb 2023 23 Feb 2023 24 Feb 2023
    A big thanks to Clad Master for finding the solution to this and to Lordacris for refining it

    You'll need to have unlocked your freeze ability and must have upgraded it until you unlock the perk called Absolute Zero.
    Without the Absolute Zero freeze upgrade, this will not unlock even if you successfully freeze a Vova in mid-air.

    A Vova is the basic humanoid moustached robot that you encounter a load of.
    One of the attacks it does is a charging kick attack. It will change into a running stance and come charging towards you, then when near it will launch into a flying kick.

    You'll need to time this perfectly. As the Vova runs at you, you need to start freezing them at the exact second their feet leave the ground (half a second or so before the red circle telling you to dodge appears) and keep freezing until they're frozen solid.
    You'll need to take a step back or to the side just as they leave the ground too, in order to avoid being damaged by the attack.

    Old info that may be of use, so I'll leave it here:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
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    Posted by Lordacris On 24 Feb at 20:01
    NicholasKidmanI've even had them freeze in the air and FALL the game knows to apply gravity but still hasn't popped - sometimes they'll also freeze mid-air and stay in the air levitating - nothing has popped though.

    Going to try with Frosbite Fully upgraded, I'd kept everything upgraded except the passive damage that may trigger the pop lol.
    Posted by NicholasKidman On 25 Feb at 02:13
    RiverSquash99Tried without AZ, with just AZ and with all upgrades. Froze enemies in different stages of the jump kick. Also froze the jump punch attack a couple times. Still not unlocking for me. If anyone is in the same boat as me and finds a solution feel free to share.
    Posted by RiverSquash99 On 25 Feb at 02:41
    NicholasKidmanRiverSquash99 I'm currently in the same boat, fully upgraded right now and still not popping after multiples tests, going to test with restarting and rebooting to see.
    Posted by NicholasKidman On 25 Feb at 03:04
    E vee dub25 Feb 2023
    CRISPY CRITTERS, I can't get this to unlock either now that Frostbite is all upgraded.
    The black VOVAs that shoot lasers probably aren't the best choice. Nor the VOVAs with shields.

    CRISPY CRITTERS! (that's right, I said it)

    Finally unlocked!
    The white VOVAs with the porn staches that try and drop kick work best.
    Posted by E vee dub On 25 Feb at 11:10
    KuullWarriorDO NOT MAX OUT THE FROSTBITE TREE! If you have anything else in the frostbite tree upgraded that doesn't lead directly to the Absolute Zero skill, RETURN IT! The achievement popped right after I returned those skills and attempted the achievement again.
    Posted by KuullWarrior On 26 Feb at 05:42
    Odysseu129I tried to do this in the open world and it didn't worked, them restarded the game and entered a test camp, it worked in the first try. Only had the necessary to Absolute Zero.
    Posted by Odysseu129 On 04 Mar at 19:18
    I was not getting this to pop even with MANY repeated attempts that should obviously have popped this.
    So I deleted everything in the Frostbite Tree, made a save, then completely closed out the game.
    Rebooted the game & loaded my save. Then activated everything in the right side of the Frostbite Tree again up to Absolute Zero.
    Went to the white VOVAs with pors-stash, got a distance away to trigger that crouch & sprint that precedes their jump kick. This time he didn't even get off the ground on my first attempt freezing him and the trophy popped (previously I often got them mid-air and no trophy).
    So rebooting the game and possibly deleting & reapplying the Frostbite tree seems to be the workaround if this is not popping.
    Posted by MdMaynard On 08 Mar at 00:41
    Raptures LostMy turn to chime in - I tried all of the solutions commented here, none worked. The time that it did unlock for me I did as follows -

    Reset every ability.
    Rebooted Game.
    Upgraded Frostbite to Absolute Zero - Still didn't work.
    Upgraded Frostbite Completely - Unlocked Achievement for fully upgrading an ability.
    Got the Attention of two White VOVAs with Stash.
    One did the diving dropkick at me, froze it in the air - Didn't unlock.
    Second VOVA jumped at me and I froze it at the last possible moment, its body was fully stretched out as far as it could go in the air = Achievement Unlocked.

    Translation - Most likely bugged but try everything and it should unlock.
    Posted by Raptures Lost On 09 Mar at 13:07
    ZotossI have tried everything, followed all suggestions (remove all frostbite upgrade, and then install only the right branch up to Absolute Zero), and did it multiple times with all possible white VOVA. I have freezed them in all possible poses mid air, but nothing. This is very frustrating,, and I am tired of such a broken game. Please help! I am on Xbox.

    EDIT: It popped this morning when I restarted the game.
    Posted by Zotoss On 14 Mar at 20:46
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