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Assimilation Procedure Interrupted achievement in Atomic Heart

Assimilation Procedure Interrupted

Donʼt let a sprout grow into a mutant

Assimilation Procedure Interrupted0
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How to unlock the Assimilation Procedure Interrupted achievement

  • LordacrisLordacris
    20 Feb 2023 20 Feb 2023 23 Feb 2023
    While in Vavilov you'll need to collect 4 canisters to bring a tree back to life. Earliest opportunity to unlock this achievement is during the mission "March of the Flowers." Which is to collect the 3rd canister from the Cryo Labs. Near the start of the mission you'll enter a large room filled with green plants, if you scan the room you'll see "Mothers" sat amongst the plants. These "Mothers" will spawn the Sprouts so don't kill them just yet!

    Once you've completed the battery puzzle and powered up the room the Mothers will wake up and start launching Sprouts into the air. When a Sprout comes into contact with a dead body it'll transform it into a Mutant. The key here is to stand near a dead body and wait for a Sprout to enter it. Soon as the Sprout enters the dead body quickly hit it with a melee weapon to kill the host. If killed before turning the achievement should pop.

    You'll get several other opportunities to get this achievement while inside the Theatre and Pavlov.

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    Meta1ingusNot missable! I got it way passed this area
    Posted by Meta1ingus On 21 Feb at 11:23
    CheesierJointYou can also get this in The Major the Witch and the Wardrobe
    Posted by CheesierJoint On 17 Mar at 21:42
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  • VudixVudix
    16 Feb 2023 16 Feb 2023 21 Feb 2023

    Best obtained inside of Vavilov during the Cryo section with all of the planters. You’ll face an onslaught of Sprouts. There are several corpses around. Wait by one of the corpses and get a Sprout to infect that corpse by luring it towards it. When the body starts to wiggle/the spout enters destroy the body before it gets up as a full fledged mutant.

    Edit: There are plenty of opportunities to get this elsewhere though!
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    Meta1ingusNot missable! I got it way passed this area
    Posted by Meta1ingus On 21 Feb at 11:23
    VudixI’ll refine that. Still missable, but hard to miss considering you have so many opportunities.
    Posted by Vudix On 21 Feb at 12:08
  • Rhodium LynxRhodium Lynx
    23 Feb 2023 23 Feb 2023 23 Feb 2023
    There are many opportunities to get this during the course of the game but you can do it for the first time in the pesticide lab, I chose the area just before the fight with the giant mutant since there are no enemies around and you can save in the room where you blow up the tank just in case.
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