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Alcoholics Anonymous achievement in Atomic Heart

Alcoholics Anonymous

Get drunk with vodka and kill 5 enemies

Alcoholics Anonymous-6.3
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How to unlock the Alcoholics Anonymous achievement

  • LordacrisLordacris
    21 Feb 2023 22 Feb 2023 24 Feb 2023
    You'll start finding Vodka in desks within the Exhibition complex. Finding two during the missions "Hands Off! & A Glass Darkly". Vodka can only be accessed/used from within your inventory. It doesn't seem to appear as a use item on your item wheel.

    Open your inventory from the menu (cn_back) and press (cn_X) on the Vodka will drink it. You only need to drink one bottle to get "Drunk." The drunken state lasts anywhere between 1-2 minutes giving you plenty of time to kill 5 enemies. I managed to kill 5 of the white Vova engineers before it ran out.

    The easiest location is during your second encounter with Sprouts, in the Exhibition halls. Just drink the Vodka before walking into the "Mother" filled rooms. Shoot a few Sprouts/Mutants and the achievement should pop.

    Vodka Locations:
    2x Exhibition Complex Entrance (Desks)
    1x Pavlov Medical Wings (Desk)
    Testing Ground Lootyagins

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  • ShummellShummell
    22 Feb 2023 22 Feb 2023 22 Feb 2023
    I have found 2 bottles of Vodka in random desks/cabinets and 1 in a chest in the quest "A Glass Darkly" (shown in video) so far.

    If your inventory is full it will go to your storage. To equip it find a Nora machine, move it to your inventory, and then add it to your weapon wheel like you would any consumable (holding x button, go up to consumable, edit with RT).

    I did this in a room after the boss fight against Plyusch where there were about 8 novas but this can be done anytime you find 5 or more enemies grouped up. (I recommend trying to do it somewhere close to a manual save though in case you use vodka and don't get it).

    When you find 5 enemies open your weapon wheel and drink the vodka and kill 5 enemies and achievement will unlock.

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