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Triple Penetration achievement in Atomic Heart

Triple Penetration

Kill 3 or more enemies with a single Railgun shot

Triple Penetration0
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How to unlock the Triple Penetration achievement

  • LordacrisLordacris
    22 Feb 2023 22 Feb 2023 22 Feb 2023
    I found the Railgun blueprint under the first room turning puzzle in the VDNH Exhibition complex. Once you own the blueprint head to a crafting station and get the Railgun crafted. Unlike other weapons the Railgun will need 1x Neuromodule which only drops from boss fights. You'll need to kill Hedgie or Belyash to aquire one. With the Railgun in hand head out and lure 3-4 enemies together and run backwards until they start to line up. Fire the Railgun through them all and the achievement should pop. I did this with mutants due to where I was. But you could quite easily do this with any of the other mob types.

    If anyone has spotted the Railgun blueprint elsewhere please let me know in the comments:

    Blueprint Locations:
    1. Under the first room turning puzzle in the VDNH Exhibition complex (Lordacris).
    2. On the dock where you first activated the Hawk to get into Hedgie's arena (Nesmaster).
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    SquashyButtonFor whatever reason, I literally never was able to obtain the final material I needed to craft the railgun. Enemies just never seemed to drop the neuromod crafting material, even ones that were supposed to.
    Posted by SquashyButton on 27 Feb 23 at 01:58
    LV DrejzSquashyButton you probably played pre-patch, I had the same issue where I didn't get last 3 blueprints when finished game, after latest patch I played new game and got Railgun pretty early in the game, Mundfish claimed to fix the drop but only for new game unfortunately.
    Posted by LV Drejz on 01 Mar 23 at 07:12
    MisterWinkyFaceThis achievement is not working for me on Series X GamePass as of March 5, 2023. I am in the hospital and can line up five mutants and zap them all in one shot. No achievement. Tried multiple times. This game is so busted...
    Posted by MisterWinkyFace on 06 Mar 23 at 18:15
    NesmasterNeuromodule glitch fixed, I was able to get Lord of War and Triple Penetration finally.
    Posted by Nesmaster on 10 Mar 23 at 20:02
    Well after giving up searching and progressing the story I finally got the railgun! It was in a gold chest in the Pavlov Complex. From the start I went all the way down the stairs and followed the linear path to a bathroom with the chest and a chirper in the toilet next to it. Yay lol
    Not really sure about that, I think it's just randomized but also could be on a set chest loot number, idk. As soon as I had access to the surface I began playing RPG style and exploring/looting everything in sight. I did ALL of the testing grounds (except for 12) BEFORE I fought Belyash, and I had EVERY weapon unlocked. I have just now reached the Infirmary and completed all test sites, and have EVERY weapon upgraded to max and all but 2 polymer abilities maxed out (shield and Jet). I must mention I was playing on the next to highest difficulty, after Belyash I switched to Armageddon difficulty, so loot drops are much lower now. Don't skimp on farming Hives/Drones (yes I forgot the name of those little pests) for near infinite resources.
    Posted by MADGamer1977 on 13 Mar 23 at 11:31
    Alias DJAFor anyone struggling to still find the Blueprint for the Railgun - please see my comment ref “ Lord of War “ achievement.

    Best spot to get this once you have it - is while crossing the bridge on the way to the hospital. Save before you cross - plenty of opportunity for 3,4,5 Mutants to line up if you pull a few from the bridge and keep walking backwards.
    Posted by Alias DJA on 16 Mar 23 at 17:05
    Captain HeroicI did not realise this was an achievement until after the bridge. In fact I had not bothered with it until after completing the main story. I used the option to revisit the facility and found many enemy still in their inactive state, so it was really easy to find targets. Mine was 3 of the little hovering repair bots.

    I had no problem finding the rail gun blue print but I only started playing post patch.
    Posted by Captain Heroic on 29 Mar 23 at 09:57
    BlackxRyanFound a very easy way to do this achievement after you got the Railgun. In the Theatre where you fight a Plyusch, you will see a lot of Mothers, don't kill them yet and kill the Plyusch first. Then you will see they spawn a lot of Sprouts, just gather them in one spot and shoot, got it first try.
    Posted by BlackxRyan on 09 Apr 23 at 11:46
    Tha Playah360My progress stop at 41% Few new achievements pop bit progres for this one stop at 41%
    Posted by Tha Playah360 on 10 Apr 23 at 09:59
    UnderMyWheelsFor the record, the easiest way to get this achievement post-game in the overworld is to trigger a level 2 alarm (kill an enemy in front of a camera), then hide inside the grey relay hut. Just wait for 5-6 enemies to pile up in front of the hut, set the difficulty to easy, and fire the railgun into the mob.
    Posted by UnderMyWheels on 27 Apr 23 at 05:10
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