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Item Connoisseur

Obtain a Rank S Item in Scenario Campaign Mode.

Item Connoisseur+1.0
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Achievement Guide for Item Connoisseur

  • WolfiexeWolfiexe49,696
    10 Apr 2010 10 Apr 2010
    18 0 1
    The best way to go about this is to do Nightmare Train on Medium (after you have finished the game).

    Make sure both you and your partner have items that will increase drop rate and then items that will increase your health, health regen, defence and perhaps elemental. It's most likely you will die the first few tries of the level but sooner or later you'll get a drop, usually B, A or hopefully S. The more items you get, the easier you'll find the level and just repeat until you get what you need.

    As soon as you pick the item up, the achievement will pop.
  • AmendocremAmendocrem28,774
    17 Apr 2011 11 May 2011
    6 3 0
    The achievement is self-explanatory,but if you want a boost strategy,here it goes:

    I got it while farming itens for beat the nightmare train level.Just load the Millenium Tower stage on hard difficult and start killing all enemies.Yeah,it's a bit tought but you can die and reload as many times you want until the achievement pops.
    One tactic is to block a lot and land some low kick attacks,and collect the enemies loot.If you do this continuously,when you open the rank S chest the achievement will automatically appears.

    OBSERVATION: you can equip itens to your character that boost the chance to drop better itens from enemies.

    If you preffer visual help,here it is an youtube video guide made by TrophyHunters79:
  • Ghenghis AlexGhenghis Alex350,191
    28 Oct 2009 29 Oct 2009
    4 5 0
    Pretty much a fluke the best time or the easiest time to get this is after you beat the campaign you can play the "Nightmare Train" level just equip a high percentage item drop clothing (pref. 70% or higher) and just play over and over again. You will get the achievement before you know what rank it is. You can die during the level and still get the item.
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