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Heavy Artillery

Defeat 100 enemies with the Gatling Gun in Scenario Campaign Mode.

Heavy Artillery+0.3
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  • EndodroidEndodroid547,339
    06 Jul 2011 06 Jul 2011 13 Nov 2011
    19 0 0
    The best level to do this on is "Mishima Zaibatsu, Central Subway Line". It's located on the bottom right side of the map in which Nina is the boss.

    You'll be on a train and within a few seconds 2 crates will fall and smash. One will always be a Gatling Gun and the other a random weapon - which can also be a Gatling Gun.

    Try to kill as many enemies with single shots as possible - at the beginning you can get around 6 kills. Once you've depleted the ammo, jump off the train and retry or just quit and replay.

    I suggest you do this achievement once you've completed scenario mode since there will be plenty of opportunities in other levels.
  • no higginsno higgins60,853
    01 Nov 2009 31 Oct 2009 31 Oct 2009
    8 1 0
    You need to be in scenario campain mode to recieve this achievement.
    The gatling gun doesn't appear often during scenario mode so to get the achievement faster make sure to break every crate along the way incase it reveals one. Also because you can only fire the gatling gun for a limited time and in uncontroled bursts, make sure to only use it in areas densely populated by enemies to get the most kills from each gatling gun. if a few enemies try to attack you, press 'A' to drop the gatling gun to fend them off, or have Alisa do it. In this way your ammo is better reserved, and better utilised
  • x2ix2i123,563
    03 Nov 2009 29 Oct 2009
    6 4 0
    When playing through Scenario Campaign Mode, you will at some points come across a Gatling Gun. Tap A to pick it up and the X to fire it. Defeat 100 enemies with it to get the achievement but bear in mind that you can only use each it a certain amount of times before it runs out so try and hit as many people as you can with each shot.

    For me the Gatling Gun didn't appear that often and it seemed that a few levels were random in terms of which weapons you recieved but I did notice that the first dock level at night has a guaranteed Gat Gun which you can use so pick it up and get as many kills as you can and then repeat the level.
  • Ghenghis AlexGhenghis Alex350,160
    28 Oct 2009 29 Oct 2009
    7 6 1
    Play the "Nightmare Train" level there is one there just play over and over again takes about 20 times if you didn't use it all during the campaign.
  • Vr EnglishVr English622,157
    31 May 2013 31 May 2013 31 May 2013
    2 2 0
    Do the level against Tekken force,4th operations command, the boss is eddy Gordo, its a very short easy level with a gatling gun early on. Its a drop off a white soldier. I disliked all the other guides despite there being five. Honestly this will save you time smile
  • JoninJoeJoninJoe144,606
    30 Jun 2012 28 Jun 2012
    1 4 0
    While they are stages with more gatling guns than others and some with more enemies than others, there is a little trick to take out more enemies with the small bursts the gun gives. While you are locked on with the red circle, press X to fire and quickly press RB to lock on to a different target. Anywhere where there are normal sized enemies, you can kill more in one burst. With slightly larger enemies like Jacks and such it might be harder. Just sway the gun with RB however many times you must along different enemies and try to line enemies up also as much as possible.
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