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Alien Hunter

Defeat 10 aliens in Scenario Campaign Mode.

Alien Hunter+0.2
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Achievement Guide for Alien Hunter

  • Bullet SharkBullet Shark42,530
    31 Oct 2009 31 Oct 2009
    33 0 0
    The best level in which to get this achievement is one of the G Corporation levels. Specifically the G Science and Technology Research Building 3. As you are approaching the second corner of the level (where you may notice red lasers ahead of you) you will be forced to fight a string of enemies, ending in a group of Jacks and two large metally opponents.

    As soon as the last of these are defeated, 3 aliens will drop down by the red lasers, and you will have a few seconds to kill them before they dissappear. It may be a good idea to let Alise take on the last of the enemies, this way you can position yourself near the lasers ready for the aliens, and also so Alise doesn't kill the aliens, because that wont count.
  • True XenoBladeTrue XenoBlade439,564
    02 Oct 2010 31 Dec 2009 02 May 2011
    12 3 2
    I found another two places where you could spam this achievement. One being the Seahorse Grand Hotel - Christy boss, where if you take the right path in the split in the road near the beggining of the level you'll come across a wave of girl thugs. After beating them stick to the right top corner and youll see a van. An Alien crawls out from underneath the van which u can kill. Note it 'CRAWLS' out from underneath the van giving you more than ample time to woop its behind back to outer space. Since its so close to the start of the level just restart and do it again.

    The other place being Subteranean Pavillion - Mokojin boss, where maybe half way through the level you'll venture into a circular room with collapsing floors which you'll have to fight down, after a few floors down you'll land with about 5+ aliens wandering around and no enemies to distract you, now its highly unlikely you'll get the all but considering the achievement is for 10 thats more than half just there.
  • Sandwich LadySandwich Lady465,149
    21 Aug 2014 21 Aug 2014
    5 0 0
    The way that I got this achievement was pretty pain free but only works if you have a buddy with the game. If you go onto Co-op Campaign mode and choose stage one (not sure of the name) there are at least 6 aliens in this level (i wasn't counting). If you can catch the slippery so and sos you should only have to do the level a few times.
  • bam maximusbam maximus283,322
    05 Nov 2009 05 Nov 2009
    5 5 0
    the Kigen island level (where you fight Yoshimitsu) has 6 aliens, 3 at the bottom level of each tower you fall through. while getting all of them in one go is difficult, you will probably not find so many in any one level
  • x2ix2i123,544
    29 Oct 2009 29 Oct 2009
    8 8 0
    During various parts of the Campaign mode you will come across small aliens which jump around - usually by breaking open crates. Defeating the aliens causes them to drop items. Simply kill 10 of them. What I did was to find a level with an alien in (I found the first docks level at night had one pretty early on), and kill him then purposely die. When you start from the beginning again, to the same until you get the achievement.
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