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Scenario Expert

Clear all of the stages in Scenario Campaign Mode.

Scenario Expert+1.6
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Achievement Guide for Scenario Expert

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    03 Nov 2009 03 Nov 2009
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    Complete the campaign, then complete the following achievements with the guides from this site:

    What a Nightmare
    No Key For Me
    Wooden Warrior
    Eastern Explorer


    Set the game to Hard, then go to scenario campaign lvl were you fought christie. Once you get to a split-section take the road to the right. Keep following the path beating everybody who stands in your way. Eventually you'll get to a fight with a kangaroo. Beat him and complete the rest of the level. When you get back to the map you'll see a brand new hidden level. Beat that level and welcome your achievement.
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    08 Feb 2018 10 Feb 2018
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    To unlock this Achievement, you must complete every stage in Scenario Campaign mode, and that includes the hidden ones that unlock Devil Jin, Yoshimitsu, Roger Jr, and Mokujin.

    The easiest way to do this is to complete the tutorial, then when the game offers you a free character to play as instead of Lars, choose Devil Jin.

    When playing as Devil Jin, you can press X+Y at the same time to use his laser attack which usually KO's enemies in one shot in the beginning of the game and 2 or 3 shots later on (this can stay one shot if you find attack increasing clothing and equip it.) Make sure you press start in the world map screen and customize Devil Jin and Alisa will the best equipment you find to keep them up in attack and defense as it will get harder as you go. You'll have to select Devil Jin with the X button on the character select screen to get your specific version playable and make sure to equip 1P Alisa with the items as 2P will do nothing.

    Devil Jin's laser should easily be enough to defeat everyone and everything throughout the stages until you reach the Nightmare Train which will require either luck or Co-op. (I got it through lucky lasers, and using the machine gun to shoot Devil Jin (it's his stage) over the railing).

    Once you've cleared all of the stages, the Achievements will unlock.

    Hidden Stages:

    Devil Jin - Stage unlocks by completing Scenario Campaign mode, completing SC mode will also unlock the ability to play on Hard mode. You do NOT have to play Devil Jin's Stage on Hard.

    Yoshimitsu - Go to Steve's Stage and play it on Hard Mode (you can back out to the main menu and go back into SC mode after selecting your character to choose between Medium and Hard). Once the stage starts, break the crate to your left at the start and a ninja pill pop out. Defeat him and he'll drop a scroll which will unlock Yoshimitsu's Stage (you do NOT have to complete Steve's Stage on Hard, nor do you need to complete Yoshimitsu's Stage on Hard)

    Mokujin - Go to Leo's Stage and complete it on Hard Mode to unlock Mokujin's Stage. You do NOT have to play Mokujin's Stage on Hard.

    Roger Jr. - Go to Christie's Stage on Hard, and take the right side path right at the beginning of the stage. Fight your way through until you find Roger Jr, then defeat him. Complete the rest of the stage and defeat Christie as you normally would to unlock Roger Jr's Stage. You do NOT need to complete Roger Jr's Stage on Hard.
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