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King of the Hill

Knock 10 enemies in the water in Scenario Campaign Mode.

King of the Hill+0.6
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Achievement Guide for King of the Hill

  • JayourJayour850,292
    14 Jun 2010 09 Dec 2010
    11 0 1
    You have the opportunity to get this achievement very early on in scenario campaign, specifically the "South Bay Warehouse Area", during this level you'll have plenty of people to hit into the water, the best thing is, in this level you actually progress alongside the waters edge!

    Try and lure some enemies toward the ledge, these enemies are pretty weak and will die within a couple of successful attacks, so lure them toward you, quickly step to their side and then use "B" to perform a high kick which with a little luck will send them flying into the water below.

    As I said there are plenty of enemies during this mission, it also seems to count toward the achievement if your AI partner hits an enemy into the water and if an enemy somehow falls into the water by themselves!

    * Credit to RoosterTeeth for the video
  • WayensWayens120,836
    28 Oct 2009 28 Oct 2009
    7 0 1
    If you're having trouble achieving this move, keep these tips in mind.

    1) Be mindful of target. Press RB until you target lock your um target. And be sure to face that enemy as well, as target lock really only controls the camera, not exactly the direction your character will face. (Though the character will be more direct-ed towards the target, making expected aimed attacks very disconcerting due to lack of focus.)

    2) Lead the enemy to the edge of the water. That may seem obvious but again keep in mind direction so that you don't get off-target.

    3) Use a strong attack to knock back the enemy. I prefer the strong high kick (B button). That would most often send the enemy spinning away from you in a twirl. And you'll more often see that swan dive into the waves... ;p

    One last tip, knocking an enemy into water automatically defeats him. Even bosses... ;) This may come in handy for those tougher fights.

    Fight hard, stay dry! ;) Good luck!
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