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Moving On Up

Win a Ranked Match in Online Mode.

Moving On Up+0.4
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  • LV 1 Blue SlimeLV 1 Blue Slime905,588
    01 Jun 2010 10 Oct 2010
    10 0 3
    This achievement is for winning a ranked match in online mode. In order to get this, you can't use a player match, and you obviously have to win. You could boost this, as there aren't a lot of people on, especially at night. I would suggest tweaking the country settings to aid in getting you and your friend in the same game.

    I did this legit, and most of the people that were playing were brutal. I mean, I do suck at fighting games, but I think it took around 15 matches to find someone that didn't obliterate me with ridiculous combos.
  • ViZaRd16ViZaRd1672,787
    22 Oct 2011 22 Oct 2011
    6 0 1
    If you're having problems winning an online Ranked Match, and don't have a friend who lets you win, try doing this:

    Use Kuma/Panda and stick with his X+Y,X+Y, X+Y combo. It does A LOT of damage and downs the rival character, waiting for more of your combo. It really helped me to get this achievement to do that combo.

    Alternatively you could use Kazuya with his Forward+Upward diagonal BBB combo. Like Kuma's, it does a lot of damage and down the rival.

    I also found Lars's Forward+Upward A Move, pretty useful, as it can be chained infinitely. You could begin with Forward+Upward B (strong kick attack) and then immediately begin with the Forward+Upward A Move infinitely to max your damage.

    Try doing this and, if you have have luck and don't have an Uber-player rival that owns you in no-time, you'll get the achievement at the end of the match.

    Good luck everyone :)
  • Vampyrion7Vampyrion7237,164
    05 May 2013 05 May 2013
    3 0 0
    Like the description says, you need to win a ranked match and it cannot be a player match. All you need to do is find a boosting partner and set up the search priority to "Rank" and area to "Japan". Then you select start match. Once you are at the character select screen, tell you boosting partner to select the fighter at the same time. These are the settings my partner and I searched with and found each other right away. Once you win the match, the achievement shall pop right away. Do the same thing with your partner and you both will walk away with "Moving on Up."
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