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Arcade Addict

Clear the Arcade Battle in Offline Mode.

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  • StopCollaborateStopCollaborate114,233
    07 Nov 2009 07 Nov 2009
    19 2 5
    I just found that Lee works pretty well against Azrael because of his Forward + AAAAA multikick...add in a B at the end and you have a finisher that knocks him down. If he stands still for a bit, press the attack with a dashing slide and repeat. Otherwise block and watch for his attacks and wait for him to get within close range.
  • FailedSeppukuFailedSeppuku1,022,628
    18 Dec 2009 17 Dec 2009 17 Dec 2009
    17 3 0
    An uber cheap way to do it is to use Bob and push Back and hit X and Y together. You'll do a 3 hit combo that's awesome, i tried all of the other methods here and they were good but not as cheap as this :o)

    Infact you can use this very cheap combo all the way through Arcade mode, it starts with a headbut, a big hit and then a low dig finish that'll knock them down.

    I also used mostly this combo in Suvival to get 15 wins.
  • Kiwi SoldierKiwi Soldier471,406
    01 Jun 2010 01 Jun 2010
    15 2 1
    I got this one the same way Grizzlegrom advised us on the "Survival of the Fittest" one.

    "set the settings to easy and one round and pick Kazuya and spam his Forward/upward diagonal BBB move. He should do a spinning kick move and this is the only move you will need"

    I got through arcade without dying once. And even beat Nancy too
  • Elephant GhostElephant Ghost237,871
    24 Feb 2010 24 Feb 2010
    9 1 0
    Basically, the Jack-6 method worked really well for me (forward+B kick,) another cheap little trick that worked for me was as soon as Azazel was knocked down from the kick, use Jack's takeoff move (A+B together) to hit for mad damage, he almost never blocks or counters this after a knockdown, or he didn't for me anyway. Hope this helps!
  • Molloy2006Molloy2006361,483
    03 Nov 2009 03 Nov 2009
    7 2 0
    Just an alternate guide for the final boss. I could not for the life of me beat him with jack 6, but managed to perfect him first time this way. Firstly for ease set it too easy and 1 round then pick lars. Lars up+a spinning kick move acts almost like an infinite combo against the boss, and indeed all bosses in senerio mode, only walls can really break it up.
  • ro455BRro455BR76,296 76,296 GamerScore
    29 Jan 2012 25 Jan 2012
    1 1 0
    Select Jin and make quick and strong attacks as in the video, do not forget the customization, because it is essential, at the end this achievement it's super easy and fast.
  • 1 1 0
    I made a video of how to kill Azazel an easier way, and make Lee choose to hold the sequence AAAAA then forward + B. I made a video of how to kill Azazel only the rest is pretty easy, excuse the English, I'm from Brazil.
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    6 8 3
    This seems like a VERY difficult achievment.
    But by using the right character, it will prove to be a breeze.

    Make your way to The Final Boss using whoever you want.
    You will most likely die by him anyways.
    This is one the cheapest Bosses I have ever encountered in a fighting game. Take The Apprentice from SC4, and multiply that by a very high number.

    I am assuming you have fallen to the Boss by now so here is how you do it the Semi-Easy way.

    Character: Make sure you use Jack-6 against him. He is the only one I have tried that is super easy to win with.

    To make this even easier, you can change the round time to Infinite and Rounds to 1.

    Now the trick with Jack-6 is to get as close as possible to the Boss. Then continuously use his Right + B Kick. (Opposite if you are on the right side) More than half the time you will knock the Boss down by doing this. It also does a good bit of damage. Even when he is down just continue to do this. When he dissapears make sure you run forward so he won't hit you and he will be left open for a quick kick.

    This is by far the easiest way that I have found to beat him.
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