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Achievement Guide for Gallery Completionist

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    Probably one of your last and most time consuming achievements, this will be either very frustrating or long.

    To do this you must finish the games gallery which consists mostly of Journals and videos.

    The Gallery consists of:
    Opening Movies
    -Tekken 6 Opening Movie
    -Tekken 6 Arcade Version Opening Movie
    -Tekken 6 BR Opening Movie
    -Scenario Campaign Opening Movie

    Ending Movies
    -40 Ending Movies, there is 1 movie for every character except Jin and Armor King who have 2 each, you unlock these by either finishing arcade mode with each character or by unlocking them randomly. The game seems to reward you with these when you play any game mode long enough.

    -39 prologues, 1 for each character. Unlocked by entering(you dont have to finish)the arena in Scenario Campaign Mode. Note: There is a prologue for both Kuma and Panda, when selecting your character press X over their picture to select Kuma and A to select Panda.

    Scenario Campaign Prologue
    -Tekken 2
    -Tekken 3
    -Tekken 4
    -Tekken 5
    -Tekken 6
    All of which are unlocked by watching one long cinematic.

    Scenario Campaign Cinematics
    -There are 34 in total, these are the videos that feature Lars and are unlocked by playing and finishing Scenario Campaign Mode.

    Alisas Journals
    47 in total. Unlocked by finishing every stage in Scenario Campaign Mode.

    I suggest that you finish every level in Scenario Campaign Mode because by the time your done with the story and all of the secret levels youll have unlocked 90% of the Gallery minimum.

    Good Luck!
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    After playing a bunch of missions to get items and opening up some of the movies in the process, I saw "You have unlocked xxx ending movie" at the start of the level. Then it dawned on me.... YOU DON'T NEED TO BEAT THE LEVEL!!! All you need to do is enter the level.
    Once in, quit out to the world map and re-enter the level. After every few entrances (about 5-7), another ending movie pops.

    It might be a little cheap, but if this is all your looking for its much faster than going through the entire level.
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    In my own opinion, i believe this method is by the fastest and easier way to obtain this achievement.

    First off go to setting
    :: Set the CPU to easy
    :: Set the Rounds to 1
    :: Set the Rounds timer to 30 seconds.
    :: Go to scenario campaign mode, then play the ARENA with each character.
    :: The first few fights are extremely easy, the ONLY hard part is when you versus the chicken.
    :: But here is the good part, there is only 30 sec. and it's only 1 round.
    :: So quickly attack with either a X or Y. Then for the remainder of the time just block. (It may take 1-3 tries depending on skill)
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    This is a guide by nicobest573 from
    Original forum thread:

    I have followed this guide and it is the easiest and fastest way to earn the achievement! I have just earned the Gallery achievement by doing this. Even the prologues unlock.

    "Here is what I have done to get the trophy under a couple hours.

    - First complete Scenario Mode.
    - Play [Central Subway Line] (the stage with Nina as the boss) and as soon as the level begins, jump off the train (run towards the edge and press A). Repeat that over and over until you unlock the trophy.

    Because the loading time is much faster when retrying this stage, and because it's really quick to just jump off the train, this is the fastest (and yet easiet) way I have found to get the trophy.

    If you need some explanation as to why this works, know that once the Scenario Mode is completed, the game will unlock endings as you play. Unlocking of those is not random however. I found that they unlock in the same order as you unlock the characters in Scenario Mode. More importantly, I found that the game counts how many matches you play and awards you with an ending every 25 matches. That means that if you go play some Arcade Mode, every 25th match you play will get you an ending unlocked. Now, if you play Scenario Mode, you only need to play 6 levels (in most of the cases; sometimes you need a bit more, when unlocking dual endings such as Jin's) to unlock an ending (obviously because a Scenario level takes longer to complete than a regular match). The key though is that the game does not care if you win or lose, as you long as you play. So keep losing a Scenario level as fast as you can and you'll get the trophy in no-time."
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    Introductions can be earned by starting the arena in scenario campaign or by beginning arcade mode with each character. Endings can be earned by completing these modes, or by using the method below.

    Spoiler alert, this is a guide primarily directed towards owners of a turbo controller. From messing around just a bit on a secondary account I have realized that if you simply turbo the X button upon starting a mission, you can keep resuming it and gradually unlock the endings this way. Every few failures you will see a message pop up that the ending was unlocked for a random character upon the start of the retry.

    This being said, it saves you the hassle of arcade/arena playthroughs for each character. If you do not have a turbo, you could still do this only you'd have to watch the screen and simply click retry if that were easier though I personally would just rather play through as it would become rather boring.

    Make sure you have nothing but default gear on both your primary character as well as your partner. Personally I allowed the game to run on Nightmare Train on hard and that gave me some quick failures. Once it starts up, just turbo X and you can leave the PS3 running knowing that you're gradually earning endings and not having to face Azazel. laugh

    There were a couple things I found when trying this again, however. At first the game would not give me any endings despite me failing multiple times in a row. I'm not sure about this, but I believe I had to complete and arcade run before attempting to earn the endings this way. It may seem stupid but it hadn't worked until I did this, perhaps the game wants you to at least earn one ending before getting it the easy way?

    Also, if you want quick losses and don't have a turbo nor do you feel like waiting simply boot up the stage with Anna or any other stage that starts you near a ledge and jump off by pressing back and up near the ledge. Doing this will take a bit longer and quite a bit more effort, but it's still easier than the arena.
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    To get this Achievement you must unlock all of the Gallery Cinematics.

    The Scenario Campaign Prologues (Tekken, Tekken 2, Tekken 3, Tekken 4, and Tekken 5) will unlock the moment you see them during the beginning of the Scenario Campaign. The remaining Scenario Campaign Cinematics will all unlock as you complete Scenario Campaign Mode. The same can be said for Alisa's Journals, these update after every stage you complete (including the hidden ones for Mokujin, Roger Jr. and Yoshimitsu)

    Character Prologues are unlocked by heading to the Arena in Scenario Campaign Mode, selecting the character you want, then exiting to the World Map as soon as the first fight starts. You do NOT need to fight through the Arcade or the Arena to unlock these. Do this with all characters (including both Panda and Kuma. Press X over Kuma to play as him, and press A over Kuma to play as Panda) to unlock their cinematics.

    Character Endings will be a bit trickier as there are two ways to get them. The first is the obvious way, to beat the Arcade/Arena with that character and I promise you Azazel will NOT make that easy for you. The other way is to beat the Scenario Campaign mode, then head over to Nina's Stage (the train, NOT Nightmare Train though) and purposely turn around, run to the edge and press A to jump over the side and KO yourself. You might have to press A a little early to jump before hitting the barrier. After doing this 5-7 times you will begin by unlocking the Arcade Credits Cinematic, then on your next 5-7 run and the following runs you will unlock the character ending in the order you fought them in Scenario Campaign mode. This means you'll likely unlock Bryan's Ending first, and get Yoshimitsu's last. I specifically did this on Hard mode if that makes a difference, each run of 5-7 KO's took about 2-3 minutes or so.

    Once you have all of the endings the Achievement will unlock!
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