Gallery Completionist achievement in Tekken 6

Gallery Completionist

Complete the Gallery.

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How to unlock the Gallery Completionist achievement

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    Probably one of your last and most time consuming achievements, this will be either very frustrating or long.

    To do this you must finish the games gallery which consists mostly of Journals and videos.

    The Gallery consists of:
    Opening Movies
    -Tekken 6 Opening Movie
    -Tekken 6 Arcade Version Opening Movie
    -Tekken 6 BR Opening Movie
    -Scenario Campaign Opening Movie

    Ending Movies
    -40 Ending Movies, there is 1 movie for every character except Jin and Armor King who have 2 each, you unlock these by either finishing arcade mode with each character or by unlocking them randomly. The game seems to reward you with these when you play any game mode long enough.

    -39 prologues, 1 for each character. Unlocked by entering(you dont have to finish)the arena in Scenario Campaign Mode. Note: There is a prologue for both Kuma and Panda, when selecting your character press X over their picture to select Kuma and A to select Panda.

    Scenario Campaign Prologue
    -Tekken 2
    -Tekken 3
    -Tekken 4
    -Tekken 5
    -Tekken 6
    All of which are unlocked by watching one long cinematic.

    Scenario Campaign Cinematics
    -There are 34 in total, these are the videos that feature Lars and are unlocked by playing and finishing Scenario Campaign Mode.

    Alisas Journals
    47 in total. Unlocked by finishing every stage in Scenario Campaign Mode.

    I suggest that you finish every level in Scenario Campaign Mode because by the time your done with the story and all of the secret levels youll have unlocked 90% of the Gallery minimum.

    Good Luck!

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    Ownonthx man, that helped a lot
    Posted by Ownon on 08 Sep 13 at 21:19
    JamesGames83thanks for the list, but you really should add that the character endings can all be unlocked by beating the arena with each character. with the way you have worded it, I ended up wasting time beating arcade mode with a character only to find out that that doesn't unlock the ending movies.
    Posted by JamesGames83 on 11 Jan 14 at 20:45
    Kaplan Dascinice guide, thanks amigo
    Posted by Kaplan Dasci on 21 Jul 14 at 18:11
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  • Ghost1082Ghost108259,663
    06 Jan 2010 05 Jan 2010 05 Jan 2010
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    After playing a bunch of missions to get items and opening up some of the movies in the process, I saw "You have unlocked xxx ending movie" at the start of the level. Then it dawned on me.... YOU DON'T NEED TO BEAT THE LEVEL!!! All you need to do is enter the level.
    Once in, quit out to the world map and re-enter the level. After every few entrances (about 5-7), another ending movie pops.

    It might be a little cheap, but if this is all your looking for its much faster than going through the entire level.
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    HumpyrtonOnce you have the prologue you will be able to unlock the ending for that character. This is still much faster than actually playing each character in that terrible arena
    Posted by Humpyrton on 18 Feb 15 at 17:55
    MC PHILABUSTAFor people with turbos , put it on hard turbo a on the nightmare train level .. I got this done with an hour of turboing and I was missing slot at the end for the final two chevos.
    Posted by MC PHILABUSTA on 09 Mar 19 at 09:47
    DeadlyCarpetSo, I'm not going to unlock Devil Jin because fuck this game and fuck a fighting game thinking it can have two different play styles in it when they're only good at traditional tournament fighting. Anywho, rage over with, can I still unlock DJ's ending without unlocking the bastard?

    Sorry for any crude remarks towards the game that may have offended anyone, I just think any Tekken Beat-Em Up mode is a real piece of garbage
    Posted by DeadlyCarpet#245 on 15 Apr 19 at 19:15
  • witter56witter56686,223
    16 Mar 2016 16 Mar 2016 27 Sep 2016
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    This is a guide by nicobest573 from
    Original forum thread:

    I have followed this guide and it is the easiest and fastest way to earn the achievement! I have just earned the Gallery achievement by doing this. Even the prologues unlock.

    "Here is what I have done to get the trophy under a couple hours.

    - First complete Scenario Mode.
    - Play [Central Subway Line] (the stage with Nina as the boss) and as soon as the level begins, jump off the train (run towards the edge and press A). Repeat that over and over until you unlock the trophy.

    Because the loading time is much faster when retrying this stage, and because it's really quick to just jump off the train, this is the fastest (and yet easiet) way I have found to get the trophy.

    If you need some explanation as to why this works, know that once the Scenario Mode is completed, the game will unlock endings as you play. Unlocking of those is not random however. I found that they unlock in the same order as you unlock the characters in Scenario Mode. More importantly, I found that the game counts how many matches you play and awards you with an ending every 25 matches. That means that if you go play some Arcade Mode, every 25th match you play will get you an ending unlocked. Now, if you play Scenario Mode, you only need to play 6 levels (in most of the cases; sometimes you need a bit more, when unlocking dual endings such as Jin's) to unlock an ending (obviously because a Scenario level takes longer to complete than a regular match). The key though is that the game does not care if you win or lose, as you long as you play. So keep losing a Scenario level as fast as you can and you'll get the trophy in no-time."
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    skylinesendI upvoted this, but you may want to edit. On the Xbox you need to press the cn_A button, not cn_X. Once I figured that out it worked perfectly.
    Posted by skylinesend on 16 Jul 16 at 20:08
    romisthebestQuickest solution!
    Posted by romisthebest on 04 Jan 20 at 23:27
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