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Machine Crusher

Defeat NANCY-MI847J.

Machine Crusher+1.4
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  • Sheamus OBoyleSheamus OBoyle432,895
    09 Nov 2009 07 Nov 2009 28 Nov 2013
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    After over 50 attempts of the forward + A kick method, all fails, this worked on my second try, so it's by far the easiest and most effective method.

    All credit goes to MrCopyrightViolater (Youtube name) so thank him.

    Also a tip is to turn on a second controller, and if you fail you press start on the 2nd controller, after the game with the 2nd controller, it's Nancy again, you can do this as many times you want.

    {FORWARD} {B,X}
    If you dont know how to do the move from the video or my description, just pause the game and go to moves list.

    EDIT (02/11/2011): Some of you guys seem to be having problems with this second controller method, personally I haven't played Tekken 6 in 2 years, so I'm unaware of any changes etc. that have taken place. I will try to help people within reason. If somebody could completely confirm whether it is still possible that'd be great :D.

    EDIT (04/05/2012): Many of you confirm that you can still use the 2nd controller method, but you must hit Start on the 2nd controller before you're KO'd.

    EDIT (15/12/2012) Okay, so the guy has removed his video from Youtube unfortunately. But the jist of the method is to spam the Dark Greeting move at Nancy. It was out of my control whether or not the video stayed up so I apologise.
    23 Jun 2012 23 Jun 2012 01 Jan 2020
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    I was really finding this hard as I am awful at beat em ups. I've tried many of the other guides which are great between, but they was more complicated then they really needed to be lol. The Jack-6 method is ok, but if you want the far easiest method, then Devil Jin is the character to go with. If in doubt, read this solutions comments and see what other people think of this method.

    - Put the game on easy, single round.
    - Select offline arcade mode
    - Now play through arcade mode until you get the bonus fight with Nancy
    - Plug in a second pad. If it looks like NANCY is going to KO you, hit start button on this pad. This will initiates a Challenge, beat the challenger and then after, it will give you another shot at the bonus stage (Repeat as many times as you need)

    Beware if you hit start after KO in Nancy stage, you will have to start all over from the beginning again.

    - Now use DEVIL JIN
    - At start , get as close as possible to Nancy, and keep spamming cn_right + cn_A over and over. It's that simple!

    Don't worry about side stepping, as this move will do it for you.

    It took me two attempts personally.

    Have a try and let me know what you thinktoast
  • l Concetto18 ll Concetto18 l349,764
    10 Aug 2017 14 Aug 2017 14 Aug 2017
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    This achievement can be a bit frustrating to get this, but i made a video guide to make it easy to get.
    YEAH very easy smile

    You have to play on the ARCADE mode to reach a battle to the NANCY, so you can fight with whichever character of you preference but i highly recommend use DEVIL JIN to make it easier.

    The only you have to do is cover ( PUSHING BACK cn_left) and stay alert of the movements of the NANCY!.

    Character: DEVIL JIN.

    You have to spam cn_up + cn_X cn_Y, you can practice this attack, so to avoid the missile and laser attack you have to press cn_down two times, you can practice it, i highly recommend practice before to attempt.

    Here is the video i make for it

    And done, i hope this guide will help, leave a like please wink
  • LETS HUG BROLETS HUG BROThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    03 Nov 2009 03 Nov 2009
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    Couple of extra ideas:

    - Put the game on easy, single round.
    - Plug in a second pad. If it looks like NANCY is going to beat you, hit start. This initiates a Challenger and lets you start back at the Extra Stage rather than having to slog through six fights again.
    - Pick Jack-6.
    - Rather than using the FF+RK kick, use Flight (LK+RK) and stomp on NANCY. This also puts you behind her, allowing you to follow up with FF+RK and avoid the one-hit KO laser.
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
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    Like the Final Boss trick.
    You need Jack-6.
    Right when the match starts get as close as you can to Nancy and continuously use Jack's Right + A Kick. This will do a high amount of damage and will make Nancy shutter more often from so many powerful blows.

    I haven't tried the Right + B Kicks to see if they work any quicker. But the Right + A Kicks generally do more damage.
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