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Journey's Beginning achievement in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Journey's Beginning

Awaken from the sleep of death at the sound of the Blindfolded Boy's voice.

Journey's Beginning0
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Go into battle prepared with an early 4* gear set in Wo Long.

How to unlock the Journey's Beginning achievement

  • E73RN I ErjE73RN I Erj
    02 Mar 2023 03 Mar 2023 03 Mar 2023
    Hey everyone,

    To unlock this achievement you need to defeat the first boss of the game Zhang Liang. Imho is one of the toughest in the game, so don't worry, it gets easier after.

    I made this video to help you understand better how to defeat it:

    Aside from the video, some general info that are worth mentioning: you have two main stats, your attributes (wood, metal, water, gold and fire) and your morale.
    Your morale is set to the area you in (in this case it's 10 if you start straight from the resting flag and you have unlocked all of them). Morale determines how much damage you suffer and how much damage you do: higher morale means higher damage. So if you find yourself in a predicament, you can farm a bit some of the mobs outside his area to start the fight with 11 or even 12 morale. You can make the boss drop some of his morale when you deflect his red attacks (in the video it'll drop from 10 to 9). So that means deflecting red attacks is very important!
    Be aware of your ki bar (the one you have in the middle), if you are in the left side of it, you do LESS damage and you can't use your spells in some cases, as well as you may get stunned if it's too far on the side. On the contrary, if it's on the right side, you deal more damage overall, crits included. So try not to spam too many spells, unless you are very sure of your dodge/deflect game.
    Wo shares some similarities with Sekiro, which means it's better to be on the offensive (deflections and counters) rather than dodging a lot (like Elden Ring/Dark Souls).
    Hope this video and those general tips helped you!

    Happy Hunting!

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    AzzaNobbsyCannot get 2nd stage to half health, struggling with the parry timings, shame cos I really wanna play this game
    Posted by AzzaNobbsy On 22 Mar at 20:46
    AzzaNobbsy2nd phase is really pissing me off lol, I enjoy the game but struggling with this, anyone wanna log on and do it for me haha
    Posted by AzzaNobbsy On 27 Mar at 11:22
    AzzaNobbsyFinally did it! Found absorb vitally spell to heal when damage made it a breeze
    Posted by AzzaNobbsy On 27 Mar at 18:59
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  • meyerparkXmeyerparkX
    02 Mar 2023 02 Mar 2023 04 Mar 2023
    This achievement unlocks after you beat Zhang Liang boss finishing Chapter 1: The Encounter. For those that did chapter 1 and 2 from the demo that carries over progress, story achievements for chapters 1 and 2 unlock at the same time you beat chapter 3, but sometimes it could become missable as it doesn't unlock chapter 1 and 2 cleared achievements if you continue from the 2nd demo save progress. Also here is how to beat Zhang Liang both forms, was from the first demo in 2022
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    xx Kenshira xxi honestly have no fkn idea how people think this boss is hard. it's on par with the 1st actual boss in DS. took 3 attempts. 1st, i was like erms smashed, 2nd watch him and try to counter, 3rd, put all to practice.
    Posted by xx Kenshira xx On 11 Mar at 14:15
    meyerparkXThey just whining and they didn't have experience with soulsborne or ninja gaiden
    Posted by meyerparkX On 11 Mar at 17:16
    meyerparkXAlso Zhang Liang vine arm thats incoming glowing red arm you wait to critical blow is like a practice to teach ppl to sometimes wait abit to counter certain situation.
    Posted by meyerparkX On 11 Mar at 17:18
    03 Mar 2023 04 Mar 2023 04 Mar 2023
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