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Wizardry Master achievement in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wizardry Master

Learn all Wizardry Spells.

Wizardry Master-32.6
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Go into battle prepared with an early 4* gear set in Wo Long.

How to unlock the Wizardry Master achievement

  • CrypticCryptic#5867
    08 Mar 2023 08 Mar 2023 08 Mar 2023
    Wizardry spells are the closest thing you’ll get to a mage in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. As you level up your character and progress the game, you’ll receive skill points for acquiring said wizardry spells.

    **Note that a lot of these spells are progress-gated, so you’ll need to play up to around “Part 6” of the game in order to have everything available for unlocking.

    You can unlock around 50% of the skills before being locked off for further progress. More info below.

    There are two Sub Battlefields on the “Other” section of the travel map, which can be accessed from any Rally Flag (main flags for resting).

    • Wizardry Spell Mastery - Recommended Lv. 32
    • Unlocks sometime late in Part 3 / early Part 4

    • The Scarlet Crystal - Recommended Lv. 76
    • Unlocks sometime in Part 6

    Completion of each will unlock a few skills each time for each elemental phase.

    ***I have discovered that it’s very common for the achievement counter to get stuck at 98% after acquiring all spells This happened to me. The quickest, guaranteed fix has been to go into the Wizardry Spell learning tab and spamming A on any spell, as if you’re trying to learn it, until it unlocks.

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    RoboDyn0Could you elaborate on the fix for the achievement. Do you just go over any spell in any tree and spam A or do you hold A. Mines bugged
    Posted by RoboDyn0 On 11 Mar at 19:51
    ChaosSlayerX187Close down the game completely, load it back up. Go to any flag then wizard spells. Click A rapidly on any spell ( don't hold A ) and it should pop. Hope that helps you.
    Posted by ChaosSlayerX187 On 12 Mar at 21:53
    Cryptic@RoboDyn0, as the guide states, spam A on any spell in the learn wizardry page, it doesn’t matter which one.
    Posted by Cryptic#5867 On 13 Mar at 02:11
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  • TalanzinhoxTalanzinhox
    19 Mar 2023 05 Mar 2023 08 Mar 2023
    Wo Long contains 70 Wizardry Spells. They are mystic techniques that can cast powerful elemental spells or buff you in battles. Wizardry Spells consume Spirit and require specific Morale Ranks to cast.
    As you play through the story, you will earn Wizardry Points that you can spend to unlock new Spells. To do so, head over to any Battle Flag and choose the Wizardry Spells menu, then Learn Wizardry Spells. To unlock this achievement you need to learn all Spells for all Five Phases, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. On your way to level 80, you will get enough Wizardry Points to unlock them all, so don’t even worry about this achievement. It should also be pointed out that for this achievement unlocking the Spell is enough. A Spell’s required Virtue level isn’t needed.
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    AceBlueJuiceI figured it out. If your tracker is stuck at 98%, quit out of the game, restart your console, jump back in to the game and open up the learn wizard spells section. Achievement popped right away.
    Posted by AceBlueJuice On 08 Mar at 13:48
    Ink Splitters@AceBlueJuice Thanks it worked, I noticed that my tracker on all achievements stopped progressing yesterday, hopefully it won't glitch the collectibles.
    Posted by Ink Splitters On 08 Mar at 23:45
    Ithillienxb@AceBlueJuice thanks! Can confirm this works, just got it!
    Posted by Ithillienxb On 09 Mar at 13:40
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