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How Precious! achievement in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

How Precious!

Feed all of the Shitieshou.

How Precious!-93.0
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Go into battle prepared with an early 4* gear set in Wo Long.

How to unlock the How Precious! achievement

  • The S bot 9000The S bot 9000
    25 Mar 2023 06 Mar 2023 20 Mar 2023
    There is no in-game tracker to know which ones you have missed so I would HEAVILY recommend tracking them manually or getting them on your first playthrough as you progress through the game. The Shitieshous do "migrate" over to the Hub village once you find them and the achievement tracker works as well to give you an idea of your raw total number.
    Also All flags, items and Shitieshou picked during a playthrough counts for the overall play even if you quit the battlefield mid-map (Thanks GoH Sticky for the confirmation!)

    Shitieshou are the Snuggly from Dark Souls equivalent of this game: They are meek panda demons that kinda just hang out and will eat an item you drop in return for another item of AT LEAST the same level of rarity so sometimes for example sometimes you can get a 4* out of a 3* item (thanks to Freud & Wyatt for the info). I believe anything can be fed to them but I usually just feed them a random weapon that I don't want. Ensure that you DROP the item, do NOT discard as discarding permanently removes the selected item. Once you drop the item you will have to wait a few seconds for the Shitieshou to eat it and burp out a trade.

    There is a total of 23 of them spread across the entire game. Since you can replay missions at will you do not need to worry about "missing" any of them as well! Below is a video showing all locations(All video credit to 100% Guides):

    If you would prefer a text guide:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

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    Sneaky G WizardThey aren't traceable by position like that (although that would have been much better). It's purely by number, so that only really tells you that you're missing the last one but not it's location
    Posted by Sneaky G Wizard On 26 Mar at 17:49
    WhyattThrashYeah being able to track which ones are missing by empty locations in the hub would’ve made too much sense, that’s not how we do things around here
    Posted by WhyattThrash On 26 Mar at 22:23
    SaP RaZzorThat would be so great indeed, or a number on their back 😆
    Posted by SaP RaZzor On 26 Mar at 23:26
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  • DannyJuteauDannyJuteau
    26 Mar 2023 19 Mar 2023 19 Mar 2023
    I made a spreadsheet that can be used to track all of the collectibles, including the location for each:

    Just click on "Use Template" and you can add a copy to your own google drive.

    If you are looking for just the Shiteshous, you can filter by collectible type. When you are at these little panda dudes you need to drop an item and wait for them to eat it, then spit out a new item for you. Make sure you "drop" the item and don't "destroy" it.

    If you find any issues with the spreadsheet please let me know and I will try to keep it up to date!
    17 Mar 2023 28 Mar 2023
  • ShummellShummell
    19 Mar 2023 20 Mar 2023
    There are 23 Shitieshou in the game to feed. To feed them go to your inventory, select a weapon or armor, then go down to drop and drop the item near the Shitieshou. Wait a few seconds and the Shitieshou will eat it and spit out a relic for you to grab

    There are 13 in Main Missions & 10 in Sub Battlefields. If you miss one you can replay any battlefield by fast traveling from any battle flag.

    Unfortunately there is no in game menu option to track which ones you've fed so I suggest using a word document or pen & paper to track which ones you've fed.

    This is my first Collectibles video and I hope it helps. The video shows all shitieshou locations in order, starting with the 13 in main missions and then the 10 in sub battlefields all from the nearest battle flag in that mission.

    Click spoilers for timestamps to video

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

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