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Heroes Will Rise achievement in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Heroes Will Rise

Repel Xielong in "Centuries of Glory Burned Away."

Heroes Will Rise-15.4
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Go into battle prepared with an early 4* gear set in Wo Long.

How to unlock the Heroes Will Rise achievement

  • JanenzkiJanenzki
    05 Mar 2023 05 Mar 2023 05 Mar 2023
    Xiealong is a giant dragon that is located in slum part of the burning capital on mission called "Centuries of Glory Burned Away" on Part 4 Tyranny. You cannot miss this enemy.

    In order to get this achievement you have to "repel" Xiealong, dragon that calls down lightning from heavens onto you. This can be done by aiming it with any ranged weapons since it is standing still in one of the tallest rooftops of the slum part of the burning capital. I personally lost about 20 throwing knifes, 6 poison knives and about 10+ arrows (I used Bamboo bow *3 +2). Just get close to Xiealong on one the closest rooftops and start shooting it but just remember to avoid it's thunder attack since this can kill you during one sequence. There is always three aoe lighting strikes in one sequence.

    After Xiealong has a little under halfway it will fly away and achievement should unlock soon after this. If you have died from it's lighting strikes you will get your revenge status back from it after it has flew away.

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    WhyattThrashThe area around the dragon is also positively littered with ranged ammunition and throwing weapon pickups if you run out. Almost like the devs were trying to tell us something...
    Posted by WhyattThrash On 12 Mar at 12:26
    phsycodelicDid anyone else not have this unlock for them? So annoying. He flew away but no achievement

    edit: I ran back through the level after completing it and it worked this time.
    Posted by phsycodelic On 14 Mar at 07:09
    VanGekoposition with roof and ice bolt.
    Posted by VanGeko On 23 Mar at 15:49
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  • ShummellShummell
    15 Mar 2023 20 Mar 2023
    During the mission "Centures of Glory Burned Away" shortly after the second battle flag you will see a dragon (Xielong) sitting on a platform. Before you enter the area damage Xielong by shooting all of your arrows & crossbow quarrels at him and then enter the area, and use all of your throwing knifes to damage him to under 1/2 HP and he will eventually fly away and the achievement will unlock.

    Having an upgraded bow & crossbow is recommended. If you missed this you can fast travel back to the battlefield from any battle flag in the game.

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