BEAT THE RUSH achievement in Left 4 Dead 2


In a Survival round, get a medal only using melee weapons.

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How to unlock the BEAT THE RUSH achievement

  • JediJohnny7JediJohnny7108,109
    24 Dec 2009 05 Dec 2009 31 Dec 2009
    104 11 33
    Okay guys here is a fool-proof achievement guide, basically guaranteed to get the achievement first (or maybe second) attempt.
    You can actually do this with bots by the way so this method is INCREDIBLY effective! TRUST ME AND TRY IT =)
    What you want to do is load up the Dead Center campaign on survival, choose the only option there is.

    From then on use this video below to guide you, it'll take you to a special place where it's very easy to camp your way to 4 minutes with a melee weapon.

    You should not have a difficult time with this solution if you follow the video =)

    If it gets to around 3 minutes and it looks like the rest of your team is f**ked then leave them and jump down to the floor below, then just run around until 4 minutes. This is what I did, and I actually did it on my own too.

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    Paul ZapThanks for posting this method. Got it on my first try with 3 bots.
    Posted by Paul Zap on 21 Dec 14 at 17:53
    JordanTheBigBoyI know it's been 2 years since anybody's commented on this, but I have done this 3 separate times now and it still won't unlock. All I use is a katana, the shove, a health kit, and pain pills. I don't shoot guns, or interact with any grenades or canisters, but the achievement still will not unlock. Does anybody know why I am forced to endure this suffering?
    Posted by JordanTheBigBoy on 07 Jul 16 at 20:57
    JordanTheBigBoyNever mind. I helped my friend with the achievement first by shooting while he used the melee weapon and got the bronze medal. Apparently you can't get bronze twice on the same level. Dang it.
    Posted by JordanTheBigBoy on 07 Jul 16 at 21:16
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  • Greggie SmallzzGreggie Smallzz119,279
    15 Dec 2009 01 Jan 2010
    39 1 1
    I agree with all of the above solutions, but I have a few bits to add.

    First, if you have already gotten a bronze medal on a level in survival using weapons, you will not be able to get this achievement on that level in 4 minutes (bronze medal). The idea behind that is you have already gotten the medal using weapons other than the melee weapons. So you can try for the seven minute mark for the silver medal with melee weapons only, but that will be much more difficult so keep this in mind.

    Second, this achievement was much easier for me and my friends to achieve when there was 2 human survivors and two AI survivors. We tried with three humans and it was unreasonably difficult, 2 seemed to be much easier.

    Third my strategy was on bus depot in the Parish. We started by setting up all of the gas and propane tanks in the narrow walkways between barriers parallel to the scaffolding with the button. This was in prep for the tanks, we could fall back around the 3.5 minute mark through these "hallways" firing on the cans and propane tanks creating a wall of fire and explosions to slow down and damage the tanks to make it to 4 minutes. We also setup the explosive and incendiary ammo (found at the entrance to the bus station) on either side of the bus which is parked perpendicular to the bus station. Each grab a molotov (for the tanks) and start it up.
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    gregocelt84thanks for that, i was doing it on dead center over and over again with no cheev! but after reading this switched to Parish and got it second go
    Posted by gregocelt84 on 23 Aug 12 at 09:16
    15 Mar 2010 15 Mar 2010
    31 4 5
    i got it in the parish- the bridge map. i played with three ai characters. all i did was i got myself a machete and i hung out at the helicopter, kind of in between the helicopter and the water. the ai would take care of all the zombies, except for a handfull of them that would get past them. inside of the helicopter there are two extra first aid kits if you need them. i used a pipe bomb (which dosent disable the achievement) and a shot to get to my ai teammates and heal them up after they all got downed by the second tank. the ai did most of the damage on the tanks, but i still had to finish off the second one on my own. the one thing to look out for if hanging out where i did is that the zombies that come at you on the opposite side of the helicopter's front end from where you are standing will duck down to get on the same side as you, so you will have to aim low to kill them.
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    Wanderer128+1 from me.
    It's worth noting that the machete is next to a porti-potty, I gave my team explosive ammo and I picked up boomer bile rather than a pipe bomb.
    I hung out by the left missile pod of the helicopter (left assuming you are piloting the helicopter) and it worked pretty well. When the tank comes still hang their until he gets close, when he is close you want to go to the front of the missile back in the little corner that it forms so that he can only knock you into the helicopter when he hits you, rather than the water which happened several times.
    I used the boomer bile after the 2nd tank to get some time to heal an AI parter and pick up a molitov and health back at the cargo area of the helicopter.
    I ended up making it to 5:11:?? where I saw all 3 of my AI teammates knocked off the edge in a single charge of a charger, which should be watched out for.
    Posted by Wanderer128 on 06 Jun 12 at 18:18
    Jibbermidget+1 from me, was trying the above solution for about a half hour with absolutely no progress, couldn't make it passed 2 minutes. Got it your way on my second try, and that's only because the bots were unbelievably stupid on my first try. One of them actually died before the first tank even arrived, and then when it did, it knocked my other 2 bots into the water. Shouldn't even have given it a second try after that attempt, but I'm glad I did. Worked like a charm. Thanks alot!
    Posted by Jibbermidget on 10 Apr 13 at 03:10
    Hawaiianruler+1 Got it on my second try. (first try got pulled by a smoker and dropped into the water for instant death). I picked up the bile from near the radio and used it on the second tank (getting the septic tank achievement as well), used the fire ammo, and the three Molotovs right next to the helicopter. Around the 3:45 mark I booked it towards the radio as I saw the third tank take out two of my people. Very nice solution for solo play.
    Posted by Hawaiianruler on 23 Jun 13 at 02:11
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