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Form a team and beat an enemy team in 4v4 Versus or Scavenge.

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How to unlock the STRENGTH IN NUMBERS achievement

  • T0rtureTacticsT0rtureTactics465,110
    25 Nov 2009 25 Nov 2009 26 Nov 2009
    75 9 9
    **only if willing to boost**

    find 3 other friends. run 2 controllers per xbox. separate yourselves into two teams of four (with your guests). pick a more obscure level with higher round setting (less people playing). then hope that you find your other group. i did it this method and matched up with my friends on our 2nd try. then, once the game is over and one group has the achievement, select rematch, and the other group of 2 will get the achievement. too many people quit out of legit matches, got fed up. good luck.

    i chose hard rain, 5 rounds, local server. most people online seem to be playing 1 or 3 rounds, so less people will be searching for those settings.

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    GutshotStraightTo anyone still going for this after January 11, 2012. After an hour of failing, my group finally got our teams to match up by switching to a local server, with every other generic setting (any campaign, any chapter, 3 rounds). We then had it so the hosts were from the same country (Australia for us). Finally we had to stagger the search times, so the first group hit "begin search", while the second group hit "begin search" about a minute later. This was the only way the Valve servers were able to match us up.
    Posted by GutshotStraight on 11 Jan 12 at 21:23
    oXxBadBarbiexXoIm still looking to get this one done, if anyone else is, please add me.
    Posted by oXxBadBarbiexXo on 12 Apr 16 at 20:46
    BqtistaStill looking for players to do this !!!!!!!!!

    Gamertag = Bqtista MSG ME!!
    Posted by Bqtista on 13 Oct 18 at 19:38
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  • Gx Ox Rx ExGx Ox Rx Ex86,729
    20 Nov 2009 21 Nov 2009 21 Nov 2009
    34 3 8
    First you must find 3 other friends that are willing to play a game of scavenge or versus. Then while on the main menu click on which ever mode you want to play, then look down the list of options for "Team Versus" or "Team Scavenge". Press this option and it will prompt you to start your own team, do so and it will take you to a lobby with 4 slots. Invite your friends and hope that your skills are better than the people you are matched with because you must win the match in order to unlock this achievement! I'm not sure but all 4 people on each team might have to stay in the game or else the achievement might not unlock... So I recommend scavenge since the games are way quicker than versus and you stand a better chance of everyone sticking around for the whole game, I might be wrong about the last bit though.
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    WookieKiller247Found out last night you can get this by starting on the finale, that way there's only 2 rounds. Good way to quickly get the corresponding avatar achievement too.
    Posted by WookieKiller247 on 01 Dec 09 at 22:54
    BothTriggersI've recently done this with the team I usually play with and found out that the whole team doesn't necessarily need to play the entire game. I have somewhat unreliable internet and got booted back to the lobby 5 or 6 times but simply rejoined the game and kept playing, won, and still got the achievement.
    Posted by BothTriggers on 02 Dec 09 at 00:34
    Haseo ATCThis achievement requires me to have 3 other loser friends to help... Only my friends just aren't as lame as me (no Xbox LIVE). And people I meet online either a) aren't intersted in getting the achievement, or b) already have it, and therefore aren't interested in helping.
    Posted by Haseo ATC on 26 Dec 09 at 23:02
  • Greggie SmallzzGreggie Smallzz119,112
    03 Dec 2009 04 Dec 2009
    22 4 0
    Get 3 people who know how to play. Start up a match in Dead Center (the car level). When you are the survivors, have two people go to the top floor and work their way down to the bottom, throwing the gas cans down to the other two members of the team. For the two filling the car, throw pipe bombs when you hear the horde coming. Keep the gas cans out of the spitter acid as they will blow up and your teammates will have to go back for them when they respawn.

    When you are the infected, smokers and jockeys immediately go to the third floor and wait for survivors to come to you. When they do, gang up on them. Boomers wait behind the car until a survivor show sup with a gas can and puke on them. The resulting horde should keep them from emptying the can. Chargers wait by the elevator until the survivors go for it, and then charge all the way down at them by the car. You should be able to grab them and carry them to the far wall which is hard to hit by other survivors upstairs. Spitters should sit on the second floor above the car and spit 2-3 seconds before a survivor gets close enough to empty their cans. Hunters should try to catch a lone survivor or gang up with a smoker or jockey on the gatherers.

    As the survivors you should have no problem getting 16 cans each time, and then you just need to keep the opposing team from doing the same. Keep in mind hat playing against teams of people usually means they will be well coordinated together, and is much more difficult than random matchmaking.
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