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Navigate the sugar mill and reach the safe room without killing any Witches.

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How to unlock the SOB STORY achievement

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    This one is a little more tricky than you might think, especially if you do not have a group of four.
    You have to go through Capter 2: Sugar Mill in the Hard Rain campaign. Even though you backtrack through all this, you only have to do this one level. Having at least one partner on this one makes it a great deal easier and just to make sure that your AI teamates dont trigger a witch, switch the difficulty to expert and kill them off, then switch back to easy. (Do this every time they come back just to make certain they dont spawn at an inoppurtune time.) Try to have at least one person with a melee weapon at all times just so you dont hit a witch randomly.
    Chargers and Smokers are your worst enemies here as they can ram/pull you into a witches area. Turn your subtitles on and whenever they are "heard" stay back until you can see them and kill them. Try to only throw your pipebombs and molotovs into areas you KNOW there are no witches as a close explosion will trigger her. Now, if a witch kills one of your players that is ok, as long as you do not kill her, your are alright. So you may be able to get really lucky and just book through an adrenaline.
    The biggest problem area for people trying to sneak through is the small cornfield. The easiest way is to walk on top of the pipe through the middle of the field and stop as soon as you exit the field to look around as there is usually a witch or two right outside the final building. Any questions or specifics you need help with, comment.

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    Mobius EvalonI did this with bots and went through twenty-four witches! There was a huge bunch of eight of them right by the sugar mill ramp and I was sure I was toast, but I somehow managed it. Maneuvering around the witches isn't really the hard part (since there's a 'buffer' of only about ten feet to alert them, and it takes several seconds of staying that near), it's staying away from the other special infected that are going to take you over to them to say hi.

    As far as the sugar cane field right at the end, a good headset will easily save you. I spotted a witch as we were going down in the elevator idling right near the beginning of the pipe so I went wide to the right side, and using only their crying as a guide I avoided running afoul of at least four witches in there.
    Posted by Mobius Evalon on 02 Feb 11 at 11:12
    willow vejust a note, if you're close to the end and a witch is alerted just run into the safe house and close the door before she is killed.

    did a playthrough last night with 3 AI partners. we avoided all witches until the gas station at the very end (there were 3 witches roaming around the gas station). when an AI alerted a witch i shot out a window, jumped into the gas station, and closed the door on the safe house. the achievement popped right away, before the level was over.

    i could then open the door, walk out, and kill the witch that was attacking the AI.
    Posted by willow ve on 05 Jul 11 at 18:51
    A4L ParalyzEThis achievement was very easy for me. I did it with all 3 AI's as long as you walk way around the witches and are patient at some points until they move out of your direct path the AI's will follow you. I actually found the AI's helpful because they're very good about killing the other special infected that could lead you into a witch. They're also insanely accurate shots so you don't really have to worry about them shooting a witch by accident.
    Posted by A4L ParalyzE on 26 Aug 13 at 21:49
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    Although everyone says this is hard with bots, I beg to differ it's just a matter of controlling them.

    What I did was when I got to the first section of where the witches first appear I got my melee weapon out like others have stated.

    Next I made sure of where the witches were and tried to identify what were good routes to take. Now when I got near one and knew where I was going, I ran as fast as I could around the witch and tried to put as much distance between me and the witch as possible. Because I ran so quickly, My bots were following me and didn't go near any witch. They will always follow you so try to run far enough for you to see where the next witch is and the bots won't be able to startle any witch. Just keep trying if it doesn't work out but if you go through it witch by witch it should be a cake walk.

    btw I did it on easy as I got it on my first play through of the 5 campaigns.
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    Haseo ATCI've tried that strategy multiple times. Every time, one of the bots will literally run themselves into the witch while trying to catch up to me.

    The sad thing is, there are so many people who play this game online that are just as stupid as the bots. Human or bot, one player always has to frickin' startle a witch.
    Posted by Haseo ATC on 10 Jan 10 at 02:50
    guthrum06I also did this on single player with 3 AIs, it did take about three tries, but it really wasn't that difficult as long as you quickly move past witches, as you stated.
    Posted by guthrum06 on 15 Jan 10 at 21:04
    SwervinCurvinTook me two tries with the bots. Just have to make sure you avoid shooting near the witches...
    Posted by SwervinCurvin on 21 Feb 10 at 04:41
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    06 Jul 2010 06 Jul 2010
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    Guide courtesy to Achievement Hunters/RoosterTeeth. He plays with players and you should do that to because sometimes one of the bots will just walk up to them and stand there for a couple seconds and startle then you gotta restart.
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