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Defend yourself at the crashed airliner without taking damage.

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How to unlock the WING AND A PRAYER achievement

  • ZementhZementh416,676
    23 Nov 2009 23 Nov 2009 09 Dec 2009
    96 8 19
    The easiest solution to this is to load up the map with friends on Easy difficulty. Then the person who wants the achievement stays in the Saferoom while the rest of the team goes and does the event. Boom. Achievement.

    The alternative is to load it up in Splitscreen with a second controller and use the second controller to go and do the event. This requires some controller juggling as your first may go idle and start to move; also your AI teammates will be constantly running back and forth between both players and opening the Saferoom door so being quick about it is advised. When the event starts the AI will join up with the second controller so just make sure the first stays in the Saferoom with the door shut.

    EDIT: Thank to bobrepuS LOL for pointing this out a few comments down, DO NOT HEAL when you start the event, it voids the Cheevo.

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    XabaduI tried this one a couple of times with no luck, with the same amount of health at the start and end of the event. I finally got the chievo offline, cleaning the cache. Popped right up, so if you have problems getting it, try that.
    Posted by Xabadu on 09 Mar 13 at 18:45
    zacattack5000You can do this alone, work slowly and carefully killing all zombies towards to plane, open the emergency door and book it back to the safe room. Lock yourself inside and let the bots kill the horde that comes. the achievement should pop up in 2-3 min.
    Posted by zacattack5000 on 26 Jun 13 at 09:51
    JayD101Thank you Aerodynamo for actually saying the campaign and chapter!
    Posted by JayD101 on 26 Mar 15 at 13:40
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  • JediJohnny7JediJohnny7107,992
    26 Nov 2009 24 Nov 2009
    66 5 24
    Just watch this video =)
    Step by step awesome guide, basically guaranteed to get you the achievement first go!
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    JediJohnny7Finally another positive comment! Thank you!!! :D
    Posted by JediJohnny7 on 08 Jan 12 at 12:48
    itz waz meSo i did this amazing thing, i initially followed this video, i did not find a single pipe bomb or boomer bile at both of those areas pointed out so i had to go with molotov,
    after i opened the door and went in behind the seats and realized that there was a tank in the plane, so i decided to run all the way back to where he switched to the boomer bile and just fend off everyone including the tank, and also there was a witch sitting in the river besides the boomer bile location but i didn't piss her off.
    and i anyways managed to get this, that was amazing laugh
    Posted by itz waz me on 12 Sep 14 at 21:51
    itz waz mealso +1, got it on my first attempt.
    Posted by itz waz me on 12 Sep 14 at 21:52
  • xBrushedRedxxBrushedRedx88,404
    22 Nov 2009 22 Nov 2009 05 Jul 2012
    28 4 12
    Reading the description of this achievement sounds like this would be hard & you're probably thinking "OH NO, NOT ANOTHER UNTOUCHABLES ACHIEVEMENT!" But really, this is much easier.

    This is what I did: I played on single player, once I got to the airliner I opened the hatch and quickly ran up the fallen tree to the left. (The AI will usually distract the zombies while you make it to the top of the plane.)

    Now, make it to the top of the plane, run to the tail and get on the end of the wing. Now this is not a glitch, this is legit, so zombies can make it to you, but since you are way up and at the edge, then nothing will come from behind you and nothing can come beside you, so all you gotta do is worry about your front.

    The view from the wing is really great, so you can kill everything quite easily. Just survive without taking damage for about a minute and a half to two minutes & the achievement will unlock. At first I thought that my achievement was ruined when one of my AIs got hit by a hunter, but I still got the achievement, so I actually think that the AI or the other players on your team can get hit by infected and you can still get the achievement, unlike Untouchables. So really, this isn't as hard as it seems.

    Edit: I had to clean up this and organize it. It looked horrible.
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    IxI KILLINGThis method worked great, as others have said though, I had to be disconnected from XBOX LIVE to get the chieve to pop.
    Posted by IxI KILLING on 07 Jun 10 at 16:17
    WarrantedMoss60Great solution. Got it on the second try, though, presumably because some of my AI friends got incapacitated by the Tank which spawned suddenly on the first try. Thought the achievement was glitched, but tried the same method again and it worked.
    Posted by WarrantedMoss60 on 10 Jun 12 at 22:12
    xBrushedRedxThe achievement is known to be buggy. You still should've gotten it even if your AI went down. It's based only on you taking damage.. Unlike Untouchables from L4D1
    Posted by xBrushedRedx on 10 Jun 12 at 22:24
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