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Kill a Charger with a melee weapon while they are charging.

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How to unlock the LEVEL A CHARGE achievement

  • machmota9machmota9241,934
    22 Nov 2009 22 Nov 2009 14 Dec 2011
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    Here's a real easy way to do it in versus by yourself and a guest. Make sure the guest is infected and you are a survivor. Kill all the AI first. Then keep killing the guest until they are a charger. Shoot the charger while he is alive in the leg with a pistol until they are down to about 4 health. Then set up the charger to charge, then stand behind the charger with your melee weapon of choice. Pull both right triggers at the same time and you should get it. Hope I helped everyone.

    UPDATE: try this on THE PARISH - THE BRIDGE just keep jumping off the bridge untill you get the charger.. and then follow procedure above^^..(just dont let the bridge down)
    Credit goes to - VETTE BOM NL (thanks).

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    Fate WolfAnd here I thought I'd never get this one, great solution!
    Posted by Fate Wolf on 28 Jun 13 at 00:11
    XmaniaXMethod on the Bridge - Parrish, works perfect. No need to clear your cache. Just kill the AI in the safe room. Down them all at the same time. While the AI is bleeding out, try to spawn the charger. Set the charger in the doorway and stand behind him with the fryingpan. Easy chievo!
    Posted by XmaniaX on 11 Aug 13 at 20:09
    A4L ParalyzE@XmaniaX - Method worked great. Followed everything you said and got it on the first try.
    Posted by A4L ParalyzE on 29 Aug 13 at 20:51
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  • BetrugerBetruger204,703
    01 Mar 2010 27 Sep 2010
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    credit goes to machmota9 i just put it his words into video form I think this is the easiest way of getting this

    [Re-posted from site failure, His post isn't here right now but it may be soon]
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    Betruger-The game mode is offline versus mode. The player getting the achievement should select a survivor and a second controller signed into a guest account should be on the infected team

    -I cleared all the zombies that were are there (you can find a pipe bomb on the stage) and then waited for the game to send a horde then i started to record the video.

    - When the game begins switch it the difficulty to Hard and grab the shotgun from the table on hard it should only take a few shots to down them, and few more to finish them off
    Posted by Betruger on 04 Jan 14 at 23:35
    Draxler Knight7thanks so much :)
    Posted by Draxler Knight7 on 05 Jan 14 at 02:30
    TSGTDRAGONWorked perfectly! Best solution for this achievement! Thanks!
    Posted by TSGTDRAGON on 10 Aug 14 at 01:37
  • Aura of HeroismAura of Heroism328,368
    18 Nov 2009 18 Nov 2009
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    You can get lucky and try this in the campaign. If you are looking to go this route, keep these things in mind.
    Any melee weapon will do.
    The charger spawns on every level so there is no specific place that is best for this.
    If he is coming straight at you, you will have a very hard time doing this, so when you see him start to charge, swing out to the side and try to melee him.
    One hit may not do it, so most times you may not get this even if you manage to hit him while he is charging, but if you have AI or partner controlled teamates, they can put a round or two in him before you hit him.
    If your going to soften him up, best to use an uzi or pistol, only a few bullets each will be enough to make a melee fatal.

    If you wanna make this really easy on yourself, go into versus with one friend, kill all your AI teamates, have your friend continue to spawn and be killed until he is the Charger. Have your friend aim his charge slightly to the side of you and melee him as he runs past. Have him aim at you so his targeting reticle is slightly past you so he is close enough for you to strike.
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    QuarantaneI actually managed to hit a charger while he was charging but it wasn't fatal, I was so disappointed in that.

    Nice guide, positive vote.
    Posted by Quarantane on 26 Nov 09 at 22:45
    Aura of HeroismThanks dude. That seems to be the problem most people have, I actually now recommend people just fire up a chainsaw and have a charger run past in versus. Works bette b/c you dont actually have to be moving. lol
    Posted by Aura of Heroism on 27 Nov 09 at 02:16
    Greggie SmallzzNice guide, eff boosting the versus cheeves, get em legit with this guide. I got it and I was so frustrated in all of my attempts that when it finally popped (absolute luck) I was ecstatic.
    Posted by Greggie Smallzz on 01 Jan 10 at 19:53
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